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Update: Flipboard for BlackBerry 10 now available to download

One of the most beautifully designed apps has finally arrived on BlackBerry.

Flipboard, the popular magazine-style news aggregator, can now be downloaded for those using the BlackBerry Z10. The app itself allows you to ‘flip’ through trending news in various categories, plus gives you the ability to create your own magazine based on your interests and share it with your network (which somewhat competes with BlackBerry’s BBM Channels initiative).

It should be stated that Flipboard has just ported their Flipboard 2.0 Android app over to the BlackBerry World, but it’s still incredibly clean and useful.

Update: Looks like the app has been pulled from BlackBerry World. Now we wait.

Update #2: Flipboard has taken to Twitter and stated “Flipboard will be coming to select 10.2 OS Blackberry phones soon. Stay tuned for the launch of Flipboard on Blackberry.”

Update #3: BlackBerry announced the Z30 yesterday, plus that BlackBerry OS 10.2 would be available mid-October, but checking out BlackBerry World shows Flipboard already available to download. Unfortunately, it’s only available to those who have the Z30.


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