Nova brings more natural flash photography to the iPhone, now live on Kickstarter

A cool little Kickstarter from a couple guys from Chicago hopes to yield the successful funding for Nova, a wireless iPhone-compatible flash.

While it’s expected that the iPhone 5S will have an improved flash over its predecessor, most LED-based phone flashes are unnecessarily stark, and lack the ability to adjust the intensity for specific lighting situations.

Nova connects wirelessly to an iPhone, with a range of 20 feet, and fires a flash at the precise camera shutter interval. This ensures well-lit, warm photos that lack the stark deer-in-headlights look of many smartphone shots. At $49 for early backers, Nova promises to be the size of a credit card and has three intensity settings: warm, cool and brilliant.

The actual flash is built with 40 small lights, “gently diffused behind a white panel.” It pairs with a companion camera app, which bears a resemblance to VSCO Cam, and allows users to manually adjust the flash’s intensity.

Eventually, the team promises Android 4.3 support, which makes sense since the device uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which is only natively supported by the next-to-latest version of Google’s OS.