LG debuts 5.5-inch 2560×1440 pixel LCD screen for smartphones

LG Display has debuted the highest-density LCD display ever, and it may be primed for your next smartphone.

The company behind the upcoming ultra-thin LG G2 debuted a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 pixel IPS display, which equates to a monstrous 538ppi pixel density.

While the industry just now seems to be coming to terms with 1080p as the norm, there is no rest in the spec race, and LG intends to lead it. The resolution is referred to as QHD, or Quad High Definition, as it equates to four times the number of pixels of a regular 1280×720 HD screen.

There is no question that the industry does not need such a high-resolution smartphone display — the human eye can only discern so much detail before the extra sharpness becomes superfluous — but this the reality of competition. We’d rather companies focus on contrast ratio, colour accuracy and improved viewing angles, but resolution is the easiest spec to market, which is how we got to this position in the first place.

The prototype display boasts a smaller bezel than the G2, at 1.2mm. The screen is also 1.21mm thick, making it possible to pair with a smartphone logic board to achieve incredibly slim devices. According to the press release, the screen has improved colour reproduction and maximum brightness, maxing out at 430 nits.

The screen uses a Low Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) substrate, which is expected to be used in over 750 million smartphone displays next year.

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