Rogers Idea Box

This could be a step forward for customer service.

Rogers has launched an add-on to their Community Forum called “Rogers Idea Box.” The basic premise behind the Idea Box is a forum where customers can submit ideas (big or small) that will enhance any of their Rogers services or improve overall customer service.

Rogers notes that their team “reads every idea and brings them to the appropriate internal team. When an idea is acted upon, its status changes to in progress. When an idea is implemented, it is marked as launched.” There’s also a voting system in place that community members can vote up, but not down, on the potential idea.

Some of the ideas that have been posted by customers are “Eliminate data caps for a fair price,” improving the Rogers website, “Move Rogers to an online ticket system,” and “Stop raising dividends and invest in infrastructure.” Apparently one of the ideas is already in progress, which will give customers the ability to use their MyAccount app on WiFi.

It’s an interesting initiative to take on. Check it out here at Rogers