TELUS to launch the LG G2, says it’s ‘coming soon’


  • Savbers

    Meh. Telus has the most expensive plans… I thought they “listened” to their customers.

    • Reagan Podelec


    • Plazmic Flame

      I’m sure he’s probably referring to the new 2-year plans that are ridiculously priced.

    • Reagan Podelec

      I guess people shouldn’t have whined to the crtc about the year terms to pay off the hardware. Personally I have always purchased my own hardware. There is some price to be paid for the latest phones. Wake up people! Lol

    • MrGreen72

      Reagan, congratulations! You’re the kind of clueless customer these corporations count on!

    • Reagan Podelec

      No you anus, I buy my hardware via private shops or kijiji. Never from a dealer. I prefer them unlocked and not tied down. Also for the people that can’t afford to buy new hardware, the three year contract at least made it affordable for most consumers that are to cheap to buy hardware outright, or shouldn’t buy the latest and greatest because they technically afford one. It’s amazing how many people sign up for cell phones and they can’t even pay their rent or put food on the table…

    • MrGreen72

      The 2 year limit should only have increased the amount of money you pay upfront to get your phone, sweet cheeks, but these freaking thieves increased the monthly fees as well. Even the BYOP plans are way too expensive. Is that also the CRTC’s fault?

      And you’re the one telling people to wake up. Oh the irony…

    • Reagan Podelec

      The crtc listened to the whiners and changed the regulations. Therefore all of the providers changed their pricing to circumvent the cost. To remain affordable is easier increase the monthly payments instead of the upfront cost. It simple math considering more than half of the costumer base shouldn’t be packing a 700 dollar smartphone any ways.

      Wake up, bitching on a public forum isn’t going to help your cause. Go to your provider and let them know! It’s shocking these guys put out news that a carrier brings in a good smart phone is coming, then someone like you hiding behind a pseudo name mocks and complains. Oh the irony….

    • MrGreen72

      My provider isn’t all that bad but thanks for caring.

      I’m merely stating facts because I’ve been shopping around since Videotron doesn’t carry the phone (HTC One) I’d like to upgrade my S3 to, and HTC doesn’t sell them unlocked here like they do in the US. Also, the only Canadian online shop I’ve found selling it is charging an extra $130. Feel free to point me where I can get it if you know better.

      To get the kind of plan I get for $50/month (Unlimited Canada+US calling/3Gb data) with Videotron, Telus is charging $105, without the US part, mind you. And it would still be $85 with your own phone.

      If pointing that out makes me a whiner bitching on a public forum hiding behind a pseudo name to you than so be it. I can live with that.

    • Kenny G

      So did I….so did I. :-/

  • Michael Bazdell

    I’m guessing it’s going to be $650 outright and $250-$299 on contract. A bit disappointed there hasn’t been any mention of a Play Edition.

    • Kevin Mendoza

      Will the new Play Edition of the G2 be the Nexus 5?

    • Plazmic Flame

      I think Google is going to do the same thing that they did with the new Nexus 7. Keep the same name and just have the year beside it:

      Nexus 4 (2013)

    • Eluder

      Unlikely, the Nexus 7 is named that because of the screen size, while the Nexus 4 is named that because it’s the 4th gen Nexus phone.

      Nexus One
      Nexus S
      Galaxy Nexus
      Nexus 4

      So logic dictates that the new device will be the Nexus 5.

    • Tom Adams

      but what will they do then when they hit the 7th generation? Nexus 7 phone and Nexus 7 tablet?

    • Michael Bazdell

      Actually logic dictates that the new device will be the Potato Nexus Fart

    • silver_arrow

      LG was asked if they are planning a GPe of this phone and they said not at this time.

  • Kenny G

    Ah well. I guess I’ll get the unlocked version and go with someone else. There’s got to be an international version.