Bell Sony Xperia Z Hands-on


  • Eric Tang

    It’s a very nice phone and I just wish it would be released earlier here in Canada…

    • Nathaniel James


  • Peter

    What the hell do you people do with your phones? Almost every picture of the Z has dust and “crud” lodged between the screen and one side of the bezel. My goodness, I can have a phone for at least a year without anything like this.

    Then again, if it’s simply dust, please clean the unit before taking pictures of it. Very unprofessional, if you ask me.

    • Fawoo

      Was wondering the same thing… especially when you’re doing a “photo-op” shouldn’t you wipe the phone down (or in Xperia Z’s case, wash it) to make it look new?

      Maybe the dust thing will be explained in the “full review”?

    • Peter

      Couldn’t agree more. Explanation or not, it reflects on the integrity of the the reviewer/writer.

      You know, being in Canada, I generally come to MobileSyrup before going anywhere else, but seeing things like this really makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing, or simply wasting my time.

    • Fawoo

      True, not only that but then it also shows up as a negative on Sony’s behalf (if someone was unaware they could easily just see this phone for the first time and think “Wow it’s that dirty?! Not for me”).

      So I mean really all they had to do was clean it. That’s all and I’m sure someone somewhere is kicking themselves over the “dusty” photos.

    • TomsDisqusted

      What? That’s your benchmark of a news/review site – how good they make the phone look in promo pics?

      And you think “it reflects on the integrity of the writer”, WTF! There is an enormous scale of integrity in this industry that revolve around real issues. Integrity is about not taking goodies for a good review, about not letting advertisers and their bucks influence reviews, about also distinguishing between editorial content and ad content, about buying the devices you review, about showing the phones as they really are (which seems to be the opposite of what you want). Integrity is not about making sure the phone looks pretty for every shot.

    • Peter

      Aww, shucks … thank you.

      A little story for you …

      You walk into a high-end grocery store, a store that only sells the highest quality products, the freshest meat, the tastiest bakery items, deli products that are second to none. You then finish buying all the items you need and head to cash. In fact, you bought more items than you had originally thought. The cashier says hello, treats you with dignity and respect, and puts through all your items quickly. Not only that, but the cashier also quickly bags your items so that you can leave as soon as possible.

      All well and good. That’s what you expect, right? After all, this particular grocery store is high-end. You pay more for the great products and equally great service.

      However, I guarantee you that, when you’re on your way out, and you have more bags than you can easily handle, the ONE AND ONLY thing you’ll remember is the floor-cleaning newcomer who suddenly drops his/her mop, runs to the door to hold it open for you for your convenience.

      At the end of the day, when all is said and done, we all expect the important things to be done right. What really matters in life is how people handle those things that aren’t really that important. THAT’S integrity!

    • Guest

      So by that logic, whatever you said holds no water just because you wrote a couple of sentence fragments in your posts. After all, what really matters in life is how people handle those things that aren’t really that important.

    • Supa_Fly


    • Daniel Bader

      Peter, this was a live demo. The Sony rep, Farhad (who is a lovely man, full of integrity), was putting the phone in artificially harsh situations, such as dumping it in sand and then in water and back in sand. I didn’t have a chance, during my small window to take photos, to clean the phone.

      Not sure what this has to do with integrity. Nor will the sand be there in the full review.

    • Jeremy PHAN

      During the demo, they were rolling it in a fishbowl full of sand and then dropping it in a tank of water to show off its IP57 rating.

    • Peter

      Then CLEAN THE DAMN THING before you start taking pictures. Geesh!

    • Gabe

      peter relax a little bit of sand never hurt no body. if you don’t like the phone don’t buy it. Don’t speak on behalf of what others might think. you stated your opinion now SHUT UP

    • Peter

      And I love you, too.

    • jroc

      “Hey Sony! Great demo and all, but we can just hold up for a second so I can clean the phones and take some shots? We have a reader on our blog that will NOT stand for this sort of filthy journalism.”

      Get a grip dude.

  • Darth Paton

    Too late to the game I’m afraid, this phone doesn’t stand up to the HTC One and the S4.

  • rgl168

    While it is a nice phone on its own right, my concern is regarding future Android updates. It’s somewhat of a guessing game when you talk about non-Nexus devices.

    • p_lindsay

      They just announced that it will get 4.3 for sure, but beyond that who knows.

    • avenuePad

      It’s true. If you want timely updates throughout the life of your phone the Nexus is really you only option – Google Experience phones aside. That said, Sony has already announced phones in their lineup that will be receiving 4.3 – Xperia Z included. Not too shabby.

  • God

    Our rep just came by today for a demo. Pretty good phone overall, looks great, but I picked the Optimus G for that same look.

    I am pretty sure that he said it was 250 on a two year. If that is what it ends up at, that would be very, very dumb. I did read 150/200 on other docs before.

    He didn’t do the sand demo (and lol at people bitching about it in the pictures), but he did the water. Still tempted to just get liquipel from the mall though.

  • Marsha

    I’d to see it compared to the HTC One and the Sony ZL. I’m actually considering
    getting this phone by September, but I’m still apprehensive. What if HTC
    deploys something better!!! What are the customizable and unique features of the new Z?

  • Kilololi

    The Front of the ZL looks better. Less frame/bezel.

  • Dave Z

    Everyone always complains about the viewing angles on these screens. Do people realize there is a factory installed screen protector on these smart phones? Ten times better than any of the crappy ones you would buy. I’m sure if you took it off that would fix the problem, or just compare the phone to other phones after you put a screen protector on and see which one is really superior.

  • Marsha

    But the HTC One and ZL is “old” news. I’m thinking the Z would be the better option because it is most up to date (ie.firmware) and it has almost all of the same features. Thoughts?

  • Mike

    I don’t get why people care about viewing angles?! WTF are you doing with your phone that you need to see it from an angle? If anything, I want less viewing angles so that everyone around me can’t see my screen. People buy screen protectors specifically for this purpose.

  • udit kumar

    I know you are about to leave your office and done for the day, but let me tell you that my whole day has been wasted on this stupid phone. None and I mean none of your executive could give me any help and I want this matter to be escalated believe you me I have spent all my hard earned money on this phone and I want my money back nothing less nothing more just take this phone as it gives me mental tension and I feel very upset when I even look at it I feel I have wasted all my money and compare it to all the good things I could do with that money. This phone has got stuck 20 times by now while writing you this long email and I need to press the screen lock and then unlock key again and again. I went to the market today to palm off this stupid phone and the shopkeepers only offered me 22k after spending 39k on this??? You tell me what would you have done…… Mr.

  • udit kumar

    I bought this phone on 24 th of July and ever since this has given me soon much mental tension guys don’t make the mistake I did this phone hangs like he’ll and can give u a bad time pizzazz if you want buy any other phone but this as you waste soon much of money which you could spend on your family…. plz don’t make this mistake