LG Display unveils the “World’s Slimmest Full HD LCD Panel for Smartphones” at 2.2mm


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    it will be nice, only thing is that Corning said 2 years for it, but I can’t wait for that antireflective coating and the antibacterial one too.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    Let’s hope they were able to improve the power consumption in these screens. It sucks when Android OS says the display eats up 46% of your battery life and your phone dies after 6 hours.

    • DGB23

      My Samsung phone lasts well over 12 hours with heavy use. My wife’s Note II last even longer.

    • Deli

      My Note 2 lasts with moderate usage from 8am to 1am in the morning with 8% battery left. No special mods, just flashed to the international version stock ROM. This is with HSPA+/LTE on at all times.

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      That’s because the NOTE 2 is a huge phone and has a much larger battery than the Nexus 4, sg3, sg4 etc… so it makes sense.

      The note series always came with higher capacity batteries.

  • Smoth

    Now pack a monster battery in, and we’re in business. I don’t want to charge my phone nightly. I want to see it run for, say, 3-4 days of moderate use, before I have to plug it in.

    Make it happen!