Rogers introducing a new “Connection Fee” on July 10th


  • Renaud Lepage


  • emobile

    So they bascially just changed the name of the fee?

  • Sraf

    We haven’t fixed the problem, but we have given it a new name!

  • Thor O’Neill

    How is this ANY different than an activation fee or renewal fee..

    • Man with Hat

      I hope you’re asking that ironically,

      There’s an obvious benefit to this strategy.

      You see, instead of having 2 kinds of fees that may have been waived by agents as some point, thus complicating their accounting, they’ve done away with all that complex calculation, and introduced a single fee that everyone must pay, so that it only shows up in 1 accounting entry..

      … What? I said there was a benefit, I didn’t say it was for consumers.

  • Ricky Cheung

    Wow same fee different name!

  • Rich

    Of course most Canadians won’t care about this fee because they are too enamored by the latest iphone or galaxy device.

  • Jared S

    New name, Same BS fee.

  • Mariano Gori

    Might as well be called “Bend over” Fee…Or “Anal Rape” Fee….

    • mdram

      Rogers Communications…the country’s first Telecom Analrapist!

  • IJustGotaTan

    Typical Rogers. Let’s see how fast the other 2 follow suit. In 3, 2, 1….

    • How Emo

      Telus won’t b following … Bogus fees have been gone from time now!

    • Salinger

      Other than the $10 charge for a SIM card, even if you’re signing a 3 year contract of course. Even though you are getting a SIM card in return, I would classify that as a bogus fee given you can’t have TELUS service without it and clearly should be just part of the cost of doing business, especially when signing a long-term contract.

    • Nick Guy

      You /can/ choose to not get a new SIM card with TELUS if you have a working SIM of the same type. Plus it’s much better than WIND’s $25 for a SIM

    • Stephen B Morris

      Its $25 for just the SIM at WIND. If you are buying a phone when activating, it’s free. TELUS is welcome to run their business however they want, but that’s pretty cold to sign someone up for 3 years and still charge them for the SIM card. I understand running a successful business means not losing money on any sort of inventory, but TELUS is guaranteed to make that money back on the first bill. Even if they gave it away for free upon signing and charged it upon cancellation, that would be understandable. As for Rogers, terrible way to nickle and dime. TELUS is definitely better in that regard.

    • Sebastien Grenier

      And TELUS Charge you 10$ if you change your plan,thats a bogus fee.

    • Me Ted

      I’m still losing money in the first month with Telus. Simply put: Wind charges me $40/mth for unlimited everything. Telus would need to add another $60-80 on on top of that. So in essence I’m saving $45-$65 upon activation without even batting an eye.

    • Theo

      With Wind you get crappy reception and surprise bills with roaming fees

    • Me Ted

      Except you don’t.

  • Keppay

    So they renamed Activation Fee to Connection Fee.

    • Me Ted

      I’d love the CRTC to turn around and say, “Sorry. We’re now changing the verbiage to include any and all possible references to a fee of some kind. Oh and thank you for plugging that hole for us Rogers. Please keep mind that this policy can be altered indefinitely to meet the demands of the public or counter the smart a$$ tactics of any carrier trying to circumvent the rules. Understood? Great. Thanks.”

    • Techie01

      at least they lowered it by 20 bucks

  • geokilla

    Hooray! We don’t have the Activaiton Fee no more! We just have the Connection Fee! Same thing, different name. Thanks Robbers!

  • Matty Beats

    “We’re not allowed to have an activation fee so here’s our new and improved ‘connection fee’ patent pending” what jerks

    • nekkidtruth

      Who said they’re not allowed to have an activation fee?

  • bob

    Telus has no fee anymore and instead of Rogers following suit they decide to just change the name of its fee…seriously Telus customers stop whining you have it too good compared to others

    • Sebastien Grenier

      Telus have 10$ fee for sim card AND charge you 10$ to change your monthly plan. So if a new promotion come out, it will cost you a one time fee of 10$.

  • Tariq khan

    First paragraph last sentence… they say their taking out the activation and upgrade administration fee which together cost $70 and they replaced it with a $35 actication fee.. all of you cant read or im misunderstanding the notice

    • IJustGotaTan

      It was previously a new customer $35 activation fee or an existing customer $35 upgrade fee, not both combined.

    • hyperhyper

      you see, that is how people think they are getting a good deal from Rogers. They use wording like that to trick people and they think they are getting value and that a company like Rogers is changing for the better when in fact, it is still the diseased piece of crap that it has always been. And yes, as you can tell, I’m not a fan of Robbers.

      Thanks for clarifying that though as I’m sure others understood it that way.

    • Andrew Wilkie

      When I upgraded my phone in late November, I was only charged 1 upgrade fee. No secondary activation fee. So this is just amalgamating to the 2 fees, that were never charged at the same time, under 1 name.

    • YankeeJatt

      earlier it was activation fee for new customer and upgrade fee for existing only one applied at time

    • How Emo

      You either activate or renew … You don’t do both at the same time so yes you are reading wrong the fee has always been $35 for either scenario and will remain the same just a new name for it. Blah blah

    • pwrd

      when you activate you pay $35, and later on in your contract you get to pay another $35 if you upgrade. NOW when you sign up with Rogers you only pay a ONE time connection fee. and if you upgrade later on you don’t pay again….you guys are all i****s All four of you that replied trying to prove @disqus_JF2eJCFM86:disqus wrong….dinks

    • ToniCipriani

      Perhaps you need to read again. It clearly says the connection fee is charged on the invoice “at the time of activation OR _upgrade_”. Which means you do still need to pay it.

    • pwrd

      …..I bet your the type of guy to measure once and cut twice. Did it ever occur to you that customers may already be activated and will upgrade in the near future. LET ME SPELL it out for you, NEW NNNNNNNNNNEEEWWWWWWW CUSTOMERS if they activate with ROGERS they will pay a ONE TIME FEE $35. EXISTING CUSTOMERS THAT WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL UPGRADE WILL ALSO PAY THAT ONE TIME FEE.

      The policy before was if a customer activates as a new customer he/she will pay $35. and IF THAT SAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEE customer upgrades his/her contract down the road he/she would pay another $35.

      NOOOOOOWWWWWWW they only pay A ONE TIME FEE of $35. NEW ACTIVATION or an EXISTING Customer upgrading will pay this ONCE but once that’s paid they don’t have to pay again.

      EDIT: MEANING if that existing customer upgrades they will pay $35 and if they upgrade down the road again…They won’t pay again.

    • Me Ted

      “…and the promotional rate will be valid until further notice.”
      You must be new.

  • kamal

    Charging $35 to use your network…damn a prostitute is way better when it comes to value added service !!!!

    • How Emo

      Replied to wrong post!

    • kamal

      and you justify $35 is given to them by law to activate your hard earned $? you sir are a robelus brainwash.. ever heard about other carriers who don’t screw you to use their services?

    • gabby ybanez

      There is absolutely no valid reason for them to replace your sim card and charge $35 when you upgrade, unless you are getting an LTE device your old sim card is not LTE compatible. It’s a total “Give me your money because f**k you” from Rogers.

    • BB BlueBalls

      LTE sim cards are a myth. You can use any old SIM card and still access LTE. Yes you probably need to cut it if you’re using a micro sim phone but it will work.

    • Theo

      Upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an HTC One or Galaxy S4 you would need a new SIM… which would be included as part oF Yhe connection fee

  • loconet

    Could you explain to me how it relates to the CRTC Wireless code? Where in the wireless code does it say that Activation fees / Upgrade fees should not exist anymore? All the code mentions (as far as I can tell) is cancellation fee. I’m curious…

    • nekkidtruth

      It doesn’t. Those who are going off about the Wireless Code obviously haven’t bothered to actually read it. That being said, this fee is still ridiculous.

  • Kurt

    Next month on your bill:
    Telecommunications fee
    Cell tower charge
    Network access charge
    Customer support fee
    Retail outlet fee
    Voicemail retrieval fee
    Domestic data long distance charges
    **** you fee

    • kamal

      anal* lube fee?

    • Squint

      Well you can opt out of the lube fee, but you will be glad you got the lube.

  • Jeeverz

    Classic Rogers, Hardware Upgrade Fee is now ‘Connection Fee’ Just like System Access Fee became Governement Regulatory Recovery Fee

    • Theo

      They include the government regulatory fee in the price of all their plans now

  • Andrew Wilkie

    But…they don’t need to activate the device…only the SIM needs to be active.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Even if your sim is activated, they’ll charge you when u upgrade as well. Not sure how that makes any sense to them but they definitely thought we we’re too stupid to realize this.

  • gabby ybanez

    This is stupid, especially for hardware upgrades. Why can’t I just take my old sim card and put it in my new phone?

    • kamal

      Why choose Rogers? As a Rogers customer you’ll benefit from:

      – A free call to Rogers TechXpert service when you activate or upgrade to a new device

    • gabby ybanez

      That doesn’t even answer my question.

    • kamal

      Rogers really need customers or teens like you to make more ARPU…keep thinking dude

    • gabby ybanez

      Of course it’s a money grab – there’s no other reason. Duh.
      And dude, I’m no teen. I haven’t been for a while now.

    • ToniCipriani

      Which makes it worse…

    • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

      I hope it was a joke lol

    • hyperhyper

      A free call to some ‘TechXpert who doesn’t know which was is up’ and their only job is to upsell some other overpriced service/accessory to you. No thanks. I always felt like I was getting dumber every time I talked to their vaunted so-called experts.

    • Rj

      You dont pay for a hardware upgrade if you buy the phone outright and just put your SIM into the new phone. You only pay it if you upgrade with a renewal to get the phone cost subsidized.

  • Name?

    LOL!! If one is already a customer what are they connecting you to. One simply pops sim in new phone no? Oh wait you get a free call to Technical support lmao

  • Name?

    LOL!! If one is already a customer what are they connecting you to. One simply pops sim in new phone no? Oh wait you get a free call to Technical support lmao

    • kamal

      sorry the LMFAO name is Rogers TechXpert service “

  • joncox20

    Good thing I always talk to L&R and don’t pay for S***. Free phones and no fees ever.

  • TK Chan

    Rogers “Hey! I know Telus doesn’t charge u activation fee! GUESS WHAT, SO DO WE!…………….. oh btw, can you kindly pay this 35 dollars connection fee now?”

  • Mike Chung

    One day I will own a TelCo and will bankrupt these motherfuckers . Insulting the intelligence of Canadians

    • xanth18

      Yeah, but you have to understand how capitalism works… if you owned Rogers tomorrow, and dropped all your prices… your stock would absolutely plummet, because nobody wants to own stock in a company that isn’t making money. That’s the name of the game, “MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN WITH GIVING ZERO FUCKS FOR ANYONE ELSE”.

      The company would instantly tank.

      We don’t need a new code of conduct for these types of transactions, we need a new mindset where raping the customers wallet isn’t your number one goal.

    • kamal


      Similar logic to a hooker? rogers = hooker

    • Stephen B Morris

      Unfortunately with companies like these employing lawyers and marketing execs to get around systems put in place to protect the consumer from business practices such as this, the “screw you, customer” mindset will never change.

  • GabyYYZ

    I’m guessing Bell is not too far off…oh well.

    • God

      Bell has called it a connection charged for a long time and charged an activation fee of some sort for ages too.
      They had a promo that waived it, but that ended recently.

  • Yeas

    Its just for Back to School aka 2nd Christmas for Cell Phone Companies. They will charge it for a month then as a promotion for August/September, they will waive it as an amazing $35 off deal.

  • bembol

    Including my family, I was able to get them to credit me back their BS activation fee 3 out of 5 upgrades.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Remember to say “please” and “thank you” when they pull out at the end.

  • How Emo

    Rogers sucks!

  • David Evans

    There is a plus side of Robbers trying to cover the wool over people’s eyes with a renamed fee, we should not forget that it is now only $15 instead of the $35.

    Let’s just hope the promotional rate stays permanent until the fee is gone for good.

  • Steve

    Eat a dick, Rogers.

  • wildspin

    Can’t believe the wireless code can be easily got around by simply giving the fee another name … are they on crack? LOL

    • Theo

      As far as I know, there was nothing in the code about activation fees

  • skullan

    Ah, look! That nice carrier must have decided it wanted more money to pay off their CEO’s happy leaving bonus. That’s so nice that they think about their C-level employees like that.

  • bieber my balls

    I am a TELUS customer and shareholder they do require you to purchase the SIM card but that’s only $10 and if you already have a compatiable sim it’s free to upgrade I’m not saying TELUS is amazing but they seem to have it together and the fees are more fair.

  • hardy83

    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing.

    The funny part is that it took them no time to make up a new fee to charge people to make up for any potential loss in profits with the new rules.

    The sad thing is that they are so blatantly obvious on how they are anti consumer, shady, and monopolistic, yet Rogers and the other two are never met with any resistance at any government level.

    Capitalism doesn’t work in the real world without strong, competent government oversight and regulation, yet in the real world we’re missing that completely.
    That is depressing.

  • Blocknards

    This is why I am not, and will never be with Rogers.

    • skullan

      Except, money grabbing with our Telcos often rarely stop at just one.

      Time to breakup Ma Incumbents?

  • Bawd

    CRTC: You can’t charge an activation fee any longer.
    Rogers: That’s fine. We’ll ditch the activation fee. We’re setting up a connection fee however.
    CRTC: What’s the difference between an activation fee and a connection fee?
    Rogers: Everything! It’s a whole new word!
    CRTC: Hrm… if you say so…

    Well played, Rogers, well played… (btw the CRTC didn’t actually say carriers can’t charge an activation fee, but this is what I pictured that it would be like if they did)

  • KrispyInTO

    wow free 99 cent sim for 35$ great deal from robbers

  • Justin

    Awesome.. we got a new name, Connection Fee.. 😀 That’s so Rogers.. Since when do we actually think that Rogers is going to get rid of this easy money??

  • DavidP

    I bet this gets scrapped. Not a good way to push a sale. They have to offer something in return.

  • Rawrrr

    LOL Dafuq.. this is why I went with Wind.. no flippin’ “connection fee” or “activation fee” or ..suck my !@$#@ nuts.

    • Matt Welke

      Though paying $25 for the SIM card wasn’t very fun. 😛 Oh well, at least we don’t raped with the monthly bill.

  • disqus_T1bROOROCF

    They just did this so that they could say that they have no activation fees. This is just a name change, a sneaky one. Nothing has changed.

  • Olga I

    One more reason to say bye to Rogers

  • casual_confidence

    Why choose Rogers? As a Rogers customer you’ll benefit from:
    – A free call to Rogers TechXpert service when you activate or upgrade to a new device

    how much was the call before?

  • Carl

    Thanks mobile syrup. F&#K YOU ROGERS!

  • Stephen

    Another Rogers First!

  • Bbrysucks

    Dear Rogers: SUCK MY HOLE.

  • Stephen B Morris

    Feces by any other name, still stinks!

  • d a

    Regardless of the optics in this country, this is exactly the behavior of a fearless monopoly. Ya I know what a monopoly technically is, and we have Bell, Telus blah blah but thanks to the CRTC protecting corperations and NOT THE TAX PAYERS, it’s a monopoly BETWEEN those three.

    • ToniCipriani

      Then in that case it would be an “oligopoly”. Mono in monopoly means one.

  • Me Ted

    Such facking scumbags. So sick of these a$$holes.

  • FuzzyFish6

    This is why the CRTC is a joke. All they have to do to get around a rule in the Wireless code is to change the name?!?

    So can they change the name of 3 year contracts to 3 year agreement to get around the cancel after 2 years rule?

  • Tom

    “Why choose Rogers?”

    Because in some areas it’s the only provider with a decent and reliable signal.

    Other than that, as a Rogers customer there is no benefit, only suffering.

    (I’m on Fido and wishing I didn’t have to be, but Wind simply has no signal where I work, and even Bell/Telus have poor coverage there too).

  • bill

    I’m not with Rogers, but am wondering what ever happened to the GRR fees? Is it charged every month?

    • ToniCipriani

      Still “charged” but they got merged into the base plan.

  • Mr_Sweet

    – A free call to Rogers TechXpert service when you activate or upgrade to a new device
    [What a joke! All support and customer service calls should be free! If there’s an issue with my service with you, then it’s your problem get it fixed Rogers]

    – The Smartphone Freedom Advantage
    [Free to take advantage of my smartphone? Excuse me, Google and XDA developers are enough for everyone’s needs]

    – A SIM card included with our new device (and if required upon upgrade)”

    [Thanks so much Rogers for a sim card that probably values at less than $1 to make and that almost every carrier in the world give for free with new and renewed contracts.]

    Everyone should dump Rogers and Bell and support the struggling small carriers.

  • kroms

    I LOVE Rogers. They just getting better and better. On Screwing there Customers!!!
    Go Rogers Go.

    So happy I left 3 yrs ago.

  • Arcsvibe

    Hmmm no Rogers Social Media in here to defend this? LOL Another Rogers first….

  • Dragonballzpokemon

    We would have to call them to confirm but here is what I see:
    activating or upgrading any wireless service with Rogers = This sentence says service not phone so does that mean I will have to pay to change my plan

    $35 Connection Fee to activate the service on the Rogers Network = Again the word service not phone.
    So I think what’s happening is you can change your phone as many time as you want whit no admin fee but to activate services like a call display to your account is going to be 35$ ?!?!?!

  • Ashley

    I got rid of my iPhone 3 years ago after a hassle with Bell. I haven’t had a phone since. No iPhone, no Android, no home phone, nothing. It’s awesome. I thought I’d need one but nope, its way better not having a phone. I’ve saved a ton of cash and a lot of hassle. I’ll never go back. It’s great to be free!

    • Plazmic Flame

      I envy you so much… Wish I could live like that…

  • BB BlueBalls

    All of the Robellus lawyers are already challenging the new code of conduct hoping to delay it coming into effect until at least 2015. You can check it out at open media

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    so people are ok with this?

    you are basically paying rogers money up front so you can pay them money each month……..

  • bel420

    What there doing is making us pay for the new CRTC 2 year contract so there sticking it to us in spite.

  • YJK

    Less then $2 CAN cost me ‘welcome kit’ in Poland. Card included, VM, internet, few minutes outgoing calls (incoming are free). Topped out with another $7 CAN and with average internet usage didn’t run out of money for 2 weeks. This is how monopoly differs from competytion.

  • Rj

    LOL, that is rich.

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky

    Maybe I’m missing something.. but the way I read this, they’re getting rid of one $35 Activation Fee, and bringing in another $35 Connection Fee. The net result to customers is going to be zero difference… unless I’m wrong somewhere here?

  • Vitaliy Rudenko

    Except everyone else doesn’t charge anything?