MasterCard, MaRS, Rogers and CIBC team up launch mobile payment developer challenge


  • silver_arrow

    How about Google joins in…

    But really how about we get one that works across all carriers not just Rogers and lets us use both credit and debit cards…

    • Mayoo

      For probably the same reason Google Music is not available in Canada – companies see a missed opportunity to make money.

      So instead of us all using more often their cards through Wallet, we will all look at that and say : “Screw that, too complicated to have 5 apps for the 5 cards I own. I’m not using it at all”. That is what will happen.

  • Rich

    *cringe* Rogers and CIBC in partnership. Two terrible companies joining forces…

    • canucksfan

      I guess two wrongs don’t make a right…


      It could have been Rogers and Scotia.

  • Mayoo

    And the winner is … Google Wallet … like 2 years ago … but companies refuses to use it … so they do a contest to build it from scratch … and make it less effective … and bring fragmentation … because why not?

    I’m not into that whole hashtags thing but let’s try this : #uselessjunk #stupidcompanies #reinventingthewheel #fragmentation #angry #stupidcompaniesmakestechonologyregress


      This is Canada, your logic is not welcome here.