HTC One mini shows up in black, HTC One ‘Max’ rumoured to come with a 6-inch display


  • Max Fireman

    I like the sounding of that, “max”

    • jhk

      You’re on “fireman”.

  • bluecanada

    Well, they started with the HTC One S and HTC One X. Then the HTC One.

    Perhaps they should put out the HTC?

    • Atifsh

      hmm One HTC mini HTC max HTC……… where’s HTC will be their last one.

    • Deli

      On another note, HTC announces ending all future updates on One S. Which flies in the face of yet another promise broken. Which does not bode well for these non-hero devices.

    • bluecanada

      HTC abandons all its devices. That’s how they roll — produce beautiful phones, but then update them once and once only.

  • jackjiarocks

    Well, this one better have longer support,,,,,,,, :/

  • sicsicpuppy

    …..and expect JB 4.3 or Key Lime Pie ……never

  • Kumar Constantino

    I want the one max. That phone is gonna be gorgeous I bet.