Analyst: Google set to unveil a new Nexus 7 with HD display, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, quad-core processor


  • Julius

    Can’t wait =)

  • Gsizzle

    I guess to keep the price competitive they had to go with last years processor chip in the S4 pro. Oh well nevertheless I am buying one 😀

    1920×1200 on a 7inch :O sweeeet!

  • skullan

    Le Meh. You’ve seen one Android Tablet, you’ve seen them all. I’ve got an Android tablet and an Android phone, but really, it’s the Blackberry devices I am looking forward to.

    • shawn

      This is most retarded comment ever. I guess the xoom is the same as the HTC flyer huh?

    • skullan

      Yes, boring.

    • Julius

      lol you can keep looking forward to them cause by the time they come out…they are already a year behind and unreasonably priced

    • Abhi-nay

      You’re giving them way too much credit by saying it’ll only be a year behind.

    • Commentator Prime

      I corrected your statement for you, your welcome. iOS3=iOS4=iOS5,etc,etc,etc

    • skullan

      I wouldn’t disagree there for that. Although, with the iOS 7 UI which is supposed to be overhauled pretty largely (although, this remains to be seen), it will reset the clock on that.

      Even the BB10 will seem stale after awhile… Again, tablets are really very pretty, but after while, they stagnate. I lose interest in them fairly fast because in the end, it’s really just a far more limited device which is meant more for consuming media than really much else.

      This is where ultra-books and laptops shine, I’ve never once looked at my laptop and said,, you aren’t versatile enough for me.

    • Commentator Prime

      Versatility is not the intended use of a tablet. You can’t compare a tablet to an ultrabook, they are supposed to be two completely different animals. No one should expect more than media consumption out of a tablet, it’s just a tablet. BB10 was stale before it was released. And with iOS7, I bet you still can’t simply copy a file from your computer to an iPhone/iPad.

    • skullan

      That’s the point of my post you replied to.

      Except the staleness of the BB10 OS, i find it refreshing compared to its peers.

  • ElNad

    Will also be buying for the gf. My iPad 3 is still rocking, but I will move to Android for my next upgrade. Can’t wait for updated Nexus 4 too. My Gnex is lagging like crazy with 4.2.2. Had to go back to a 4.1.2 rom.

    skullan: You see a BB, you see half the available models. That how bad the BB choice is. Except if you do nothing else than mail and messenger, I don’t know who would want to buy BB. I need Tasker, Car Home Ultra, Endomondo, Myfitnesspal, Torque, Sygic, theScore, a Reddit reader app, Flipboard and a bunch of other apps on my smartphone. Maybe learn what a smartphone can do except social media and you will find that iPhone, Android and even WP8 (ok not a lot, but maybe in a year or five) has a lot more options than you can ever imagine.

    • skullan

      We all have different needs. At least the new BB’s give me something sort of new to look forward too. Don’t get me wrong, between iOS and Android, Android wins hands down, but with Blackberry, it’s exciting because the company is being forced to rework itself and I really want to see the way it unfolds.

      With Android, it’s never really “Hey, this is a cool feature”, it’s more, “Hey, I’ve got beefier specs”.

      Since you bring up Apps, yes, BB10 is currently under stocked with all apps, but really, they are excelling.

      Google play to hit 100,000 apps – a year and 7 months.
      Apple? A year and 10 months.
      Blackberry 10? 7 weeks.

      The drive is there, people are developing for it, it’s a vetted process. There will be other applications similar to the ones you describe, or the ones you describe will port themselves over.

      The feature of being able to side-load Android apps is cool.

      To be honest with you, Tablets are really not as versatile as I like. They are limited, both in functionality, experience and overall, I got quite bored of them. Smartphones (for me) is where it is at and truthfully, I find Android to be too much of a pig.

    • Justin Crowley

      BB10 is pretty cool, my dad has a Z10, the interface is nice,its something different, but just like everything we will get bored of it too.

      On that note for Android…Launchers
      Don’t like stock Android, through a Launcher on top of it?
      Don’t like Stock BB10? Oh wait your stuck with it
      For example Chameleon launcher for Android, doesn’t a complete 180 for the UI, at least with Android you can switch it up and change the layout of your homescreen (widgets etc) so you are never stuck with the same look for too long

      That is why i hate iOS, oh look i get to stare at my app drawer 24/7 and never get to change it

      *end rant*

    • Joe Flemion

      Lets just hope that RIM doesn’t go out of business before everything unfolds for BlackBerry. This sounds like an all in moment for them.

  • Vannumber1

    Give us a new Nexus 10 with more storage and a quad core!! SD SLOT please!

    • Stratocaster

      And a beefier GPU for all those pixels.

    • jonny

      nexus will NEVER had a sd slot because they want to force you to use the cloud.

      which is why i will never buy another nexus device.

  • Justin Crowley

    For the Price, you cannot beat the Nexus 7, hopefully they price it right like they did the first generation and it will be interesting to see how low the first generation N7 drops to….
    Not so hyped about the 32GB N4, all my content is on the cloud, i have a 8GB N4 with a 6GB data plan, no need to store locally and if i do need to, 8GB is plenty. But for those who want local storage, 32GB N4 would be a dream come true

    As for 4.3…has anyone even heard of any rumours as to what this version increase will bring? I havent heard a single word, or have I just been living under a rock

  • Justin Crowley

    sell it now on kijiji before those who are less tech savvy find out a new model is being released., someone who isn’t as tech savvy will buy that up in a second, then use that money for a new one 🙂

    thats what I did when the first PS3 slim came out, i calculated how much a new PS3 slim would cost me, then sold my old PS3 for that amount…upgraded and it didnt cost me anything 🙂

  • Guest

    7″ screen? Seems a bit excessive? That’s in tablet territory?

    • SC

      It is a tablet… have you been living under a rock?

  • SC

    Glad I sold my nexus 7 last month.

  • Me Ted

    Wow. My current Nexus 7 is a dusty old fart compared to this. 🙁

  • cycle454

    if there were a tablet with phone sized bezels and a decent screen, it would be my first tablet

  • Gsizzle

    New Rumour suggests the Nexus 7 will be rocking the new Snapdragon 800 processor! look into it.

    OMFG! Take my money!

  • Francois Schneider

    Technically, the current Nexus 7 already has an HD screen. 720p is HD.

  • Grant Jeffrey

    Hmmm… Maybe we’ll see a big price drop on the old one.

    • Grant Jeffrey

      $100 or less would make it a good gift for someone who doesn’t care about specs.

  • Aliaksei Chernyshov

    Ahhh …. i just bough Nexus 7. Gonna trade for that baby

  • Rex

    Let the fapping commence!

  • abc123

    My monitor at work is 1920×1200… but it’s 24″ LOL!

    All this thing needs is HDMI out and I’m buying.

    • Michael Davies

      The USB port acts as HDMI out as do most nexus devices

    • Michael Davies

      Ignore me I thought it did

  • ineptone

    If this is indeed announced at I/O it will be the first device I pre-order.

  • Toni

    No HDMI, then not for me.

    • Michael Davies

      The USB port has HDMI out. As does most Nexus products.

    • Michael Davies

      Scratch that, I thought it did.

  • yamil

    this sucks, and I bought a nexus 7 recently and now will come out a new …

  • Tom Secreto

    This is what I have been waiting for.

  • Francisco d’Anconia

    Nice! I wonder what it will cost. More importantly, I’d like to see the benchmarks.

  • scouser73

    If the specs are right then I’ll be upgrading.