New shots of Sony’s Xperia Z successor leak, show off 5-inch display


  • bigshynepo

    Sony can announce all the top tier phones it wants, but can they please give us some reasonable release dates?

  • Rich

    Generally Sony has some of the better looking phones, but looks like this minimalist approach sort of removes much of the aesthetics that made them stand out.

    • Henry

      Agreed, this better be a proto or it would be the most boring looking phone ever.

  • EvanKrosney

    Seriously? A 20 megapixel camera? I’m sorry but this megapixel race is getting g out of hand. I have tons of quality prints upwards of 20×24 in size hanging throughout my house that I took with my 16 MP DSLR. I prefer HTC’s approach, focus on quality and not quantity. Good for them for taking such a bold move, because really anything I’ve tone megapixel is overkill for uses like FB or Instagram. The compression is just too high.

    • bigshynepo

      Larf, like HTC you say?

      This is the same HTC that can’t make it’s own image sensors and had to delay the launch of the HTC One in North America because their suppliers downgraded their shipment priority?

      I love what NOKIA is doing for the smartphone camera fad but HTC, c’mon, they’ve done nothing but outsource and the HTC ONE camera is nothing spectacular.

  • Jeremy Janzen

    20mpx is insane and unneccessary on a smartphone. Heck, their 13mpx camera on the Z is too much already with these tiny smartphone sensors. HTC and Nokia seem to be the only smartphone players interested in actually advancing quality instead of meaningless numbers.

    On the phone itself – too large, once again. Hopefully flagship phone sizes will come back down to reasonable dimensions soon (4.3-4.5in is the sweet spot IMO)

    • bigshynepo

      I dunno Jeremy, it’s Nokia coming out with the 41 Megapixel camera in two weeks so we shall wait and see if you post a similar, cynical post after that announcement.

      IMO, Sony and their Cybershot division had done alot to improve the technology of the sensors going into smartphones. In fact, I believe they needed to use a new patented sensor just to get quality low light images in a form factor thinner than 7mm.

      Remember, the thinner phones get, the more tech needs to be miniaturized in order to produce the same quality images and no one has thinner phones, tablets and now phablets, like Sony.

    • Jeremy Janzen

      Hmm, they moderated and deleted my reply because I had a link to dpreview…

      Anyway, the 41mpx sensor in the Nokia is totally different because it’s much larger physically. This is a larger sensor than many compact cameras. Also the 41mpx allows for virtual zooming. Check out some reviews of the Nokia 808 and you’ll see how that approach is very different than what Sony is doing.

    • Gitarooman

      No such thing as too large, this is intended as a true compact camera phone for android, not that abomination like Samsung galaxy zoom. Carl Zeiss lens xenon flash and a 20mp camera. Someone on XDA also mentioned 4k video shooting. Snapdragon S800 is fully capable of handling 4k 30fps video. No phone will have 4k screem but Imagine 4k downsample to to the 1080p triluminos screen, should be amazing. all the video you shoot should be ready for the inevitable transition of 4k tv in the next decade.