Sony Xperia SP coming to Rogers


  • Accophox

    Think you have the wrong set of numbers again… Comes with 4.1, will be upgraded to 4.2.1? Just based on picture, that is.

  • Isaac Gacura

    Why most Sony keep doing these Rogers exclusives? I was hoping to get this on Virgin or Bell..

    • silver_arrow

      Agreed and Telus hasn’t had a Sony phone in ages

    • bigshynepo

      Rogers is Sony’s preferred Canadian launch partner, it’s been that way for years.

    • Dunno03

      Get the Xperia ZL, its superior to this phone in every way.

  • wes

    I want the Xperia Z Ultra! with the SBH52 Bluetooth headset! But at 1k, it’ll be highly unlikely

    • Gitarooman

      Buy online, unlocked and normally 20% cheaper.

  • Jonathan G.

    Only 8 gigs of internal storage? This phone better have a slot for a microSD card or more than likely nobody will buy it.

    • larry seinfeld

      yes it has memory card slot

  • Wilson Mah

    rogers better get the honami. just sayin’…

  • Major_Boom

    Hey Rogers, if it’s not waterproof, I’m not buying. Sony ZR please.

  • Henry

    As usual, Sony makes too many models that are similar. This is a very average smartphone similar to Xperia Ion (which had a better camera) from last year, whats the point? And maybe go back to phone names that sound like something and not just letters and more letters.

  • Ceasar Kakwat

    I’ve had this phone for about two months and trust me it’s simply GREAT!!! This phone sits between midrange and high end even though it’s a dual core. I don’t experience lag, everything seems well optimized. It has Adreno 320 GPU which is great, I haven’t had problems with games so far. Few problems I experience are touch screen related and sometimes wifi. This phone gets a 10 for design and I’ll give it an 8.5 (maybe 9) outta 10 for performance. Overall it’s great.

    PS you can always root your phone if you run into low memory problems, you can play some games with the PS3 controller, connect to your HDTV and other useful features 🙂

    • Henry

      If your touch screen issues are related to sensitivity, consider removing the factory applied screen protector. All Sony’s have them and I always take them off. They scratch easy and the screen feels better without it.

    • Ceasar Kakwat

      I’ll give it a try, thanks.