Google updates: Earth for iOS gets Street View, Hangouts for iOS gets more stable, Search for Android gains music playback

Google is always updating its various apps across iOS and Android, and the last couple of days is no exception.

There are a few notable updates to mention, the first of which is Google Earth for iOS, which now has Street View functionality built in. The same thing was added to the Android app a few weeks ago, and the iOS version has now reached feature parity.

Google Earth for iOS has also been redesigned, with a left-side menu that provides easy navigation between sections. It’s also now possible to get driving, walking, biking or transit directions in the app, all framed in 3D space.

Google Hangouts for iOS received its first major update since it launched, bringing full iOS 6 support, the ability to share links with contacts, in-app sounds when a message is received, and lots of bug fixes. The app seems to run a whole lot smoother than it used to, though push notifications are still hit and miss, especially when the service is open on another platform like Chrome.

Lastly, Google Search for Android has been updated, added even more functionality for Google Now users. The main addition is the ability to search for and launch music from a preset app (you can choose which one in the settings) using your voice.

–> Google Earth for iOS
–> Google Hangouts for iOS
–> Google Search for Android