Facebook announces Android beta program to test out new features


  • JC

    how do i tell if i am in the beta? i did everything above but like i mean does the app say beta on it?

    • Dylan D’Croix

      should I have deleted the previous app? because when I joined it didn’t give me a different version of the app. (it says im in)

    • Tommy Crosby

      Beta version is 3.4, normal is 3.3.
      This isn’t a new app, it just that we get to test the next update before they release it.

  • Tommy Crosby

    It’s nice to see big names embracing the new Beta program from Google Play and that only few months after it was announced.
    Much better than getting beta APKs manually.

  • Nathaniel James


  • Darth Paton

    It has always amazed me how a multi-million dollar company like Facebook or Twitter is unable to produce a proper functioning app for their services when third party developers are producing killer copies.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    This is a good idea. BlackBerry started this several months ago for people who own BlackBerry phones that want to Beta test apps: Twitter, Facebook, BBM & etc.

    I great when you get to play with new features in the beta app.

  • Dylan D’Croix

    Does it not seem ironic to be using Google groups for a Facebook beta?

    • Tommy Crosby

      That’s how Google Play beta system works, they can’t pass over this, but they don’t use it and require betatesters to go on Facebook.

  • Jordan McLeod

    Ah yes let me bug test your multi billion dollar product for you for free. Thanks Facebook!

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky

    Why can’t I tell them what I think in the Google+ group?… Step #4 seems like it should be optional.. but it isn’t. The Google+ group is closed to new topics. Thanks Facebook.

  • Force Meow

    Anyone else read the headline quickly and thought you saw;

    “Let’s build a better TRAP” ?