Update: Winner announced in our TELUS Galaxy S4 contest!


  • philnolan3d

    Tigers have stripes.

  • Danny

    awesome, good luck 😉

  • qu3becker

    It’s a cheetah but I’m no cheater. 😛

  • Devhux

    CRITTERLOVE!!!!!!!! *laughs* If I won the Galaxy S 4, I’d have 4 of those critters too! 🙂 It’s a cheetah though if I’m not mistaken; not a tiger.

  • Guest

    Could this B the first time, I ever win anything in my life!

  • Emad.Y

    cheetah or tiger me is no afraid 😛

    all the best people 🙂

  • Anwar hashim


  • Namig Aghayev

    Tigers hate cinnamen

  • ns.dev

    Hopefully you will not spell my name incorrectly like you did when you announced the winners of past contests. 🙂

  • cyanyde

    Would be reeeeeally nice to replace my crappy Huawei u8650.. please let me win this!

  • IceCreamGuy

    My Lumia 800 is starting to crap the bed, so winning something wouldn’t be half bad right now.

  • nbanders

    Need a phone and the stuffie is pretty cool also

  • Benjamin G.

    Man that tiger looks dope. This has to be my chance.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I’ve been following Mobile Syrup on Twitter and Google+ for a year now, am I already entered??

  • Lukeiphone

    I wish I could win this 🙂

  • Steve Henry

    Yeah Tiger!

  • petertinh

    choose me.

  • Martin Ockovsky

    Congratulation to the winner

  • Mark Van Orden

    The tiger will go great with the s4

  • chris drury

    i want it!!!!

  • Michael Zhang

    OMG I want that tiger! LOL

  • SupahNin10doh

    Dat Tiger!

  • S2556

    Would love to win this! Thanks MS and Telus

  • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

    Awww I want that Tiger (and the phone of course :P)


    Could this be mine please to replace my old and laggy galaxy 11

  • Trevor

    Just played with one today–the camera and the screen are both OFF THE CHAIN.

  • lakhijhajj


  • Eduardo

    Not if it comes in that ridiculous “wooden” box! /s 🙂

  • Gsizzle


  • Avinash Kumar

    is it open worldwide?

  • Humberto Giambrone

    I have one follower, will I be discriminated against?

  • caleb weetman


  • James Martin


  • Claudiu Corbea

    Does it come with iOS 7 ?

  • AJ Moore

    Wants this badly X-)

  • Osama Elgabry

    I wish i will be the winner
    I hate my wave II so much

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    The Galaxy S4 wood pattern packing look awesome! I want to win this and the fluffy Snow Leopard!

  • Steeve Francillon

    THE GS4ME 😉

  • dilawer

    want to win stuffed tiger for my 2 year old son

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    TELUS. NO- TELL ME YES! I won this awesome phone because ITS BOUT TIME I WON!!

  • Elizabeth Lewis


  • Jiro G.

    Gotta have faith!

  • David Ng

    Me please moble syrup

  • muz romanov

    I wish is was me..the winner

  • Daniel T

    So nice. Entered. I`d love to be your winner one day. Thanks for the chance

  • Terence

    so cool

  • Alex

    hawt diggity!

  • Pramod Khandagale

    Wish to have one….never won any contest yet….!

  • Srki

    It looks like the Cheetah is “doing something” to this box 🙂
    Hope I win 😉

  • Shimon Das

    Following @mobilesyrup on Twitter.
    My Twitter handle: @shimonips

  • Mario Learnt

    nice phone for nice people… I wish I could get one

  • Les Dan

    white S4
    huh! I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth…as my grandpappy used to say.

  • blumenkamp

    Wish I lived in Canada. Free S4 and free healtchare!

  • Warren Chang

    do want

  • ineptone

    Hook a fella up. My S3’s battery cover keeps breaking so I need to replace my phone with another piece of cheap plastic. Albeit, a cheap piece of plastic with a better screen, bigger battery, and faster processor.

  • Debbie Bashford

    would love to win!

  • binabug

    THANKS for the chance , I too could use a phone

  • junaid

    Hello guys I really love s4 and mobile syrup people do know that;)

  • Isabelle D

    I want this!!

  • WhoCares1000

    Does it come with the baby cub?

  • disqus_RjGtGXqnIX

    I would love to win one

  • Dylan D’Croix

    I probably would die of happiness if I won this phone. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 My twitter is @DJPixcell and my comment is linked to my facebook.

  • Steve Hwang

    Like 3 years plus and I still havent won anything… come on… this one time!

  • Wendy Girl

    This is the phone I want most right now -please let me be the winner!

  • karla

    I follow and retweeted (@ksceviour) ,like on facebook (Karla Sceviour) and follow on google +
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • rita

    😀 cool!

  • mlauzon

    Well, I’ve “liked” MobileSyrup on facebook for a while now, following on twitter as well as G+. But, like usual, I’m not going to win, 30 years of entering & losing every contest I’ve entered tells me so; and this is going to be no different!

  • Ian Monroe

    I’m entering because my family just kicked me from the plan and is keeping the phone, and I don’t have enough money to buy an unlocked phone or get a contract

  • Ed Yates

    Maybe ill win!

  • Farhan


  • Brian

    yes please

  • framing god

    Love the phone best on market. Future texts, best screen and touchwiz is better than stock android and htc one. Customizable settings.

  • shabbasuraj@gmail.com

    i wanna win baby

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Telus……let me have your new galaxy 4

  • SinkyChan

    So many people must be entered, I feel like it’s so unlikely to win. Doesn’t hurt to try, though.

  • Phil Rod

    as long as I get the tiger too, I’m all in!!!

  • Jean Charestan

    Nice, could be my time this one, good luck every one 🙂

  • Dave

    Love Telus Critters, Love Telus, Love the phone

  • Zafeer

    FREE PHONE!!! Almost unheard of 🙂

  • fruvous


  • therealphil8

    can i win one please?

  • Russell Robinson

    and another give away!

  • Mae

    Do want!

  • Richard D Hall

    I am on a Galaxy Quest.

  • Shweta Dixit

    Awesome! Would love to win. Btw thank you for all the reviews and news. I have your blogs in the reader so that I can read me so tech on my way to work 😀

  • menavolence

    Anything free is good

  • Nic MacBeth


  • penelope1

    Retweeted @penelope1111 Boy do I need this great device

  • Dexter Dimayuga

    Me please

  • dhruv

    please i would win

  • disqus_l7lZmCPueu

    I’m sure my girlfriend would love an S4 to replace her S2, but for me I want to see the Note3 as a replacement for my Note….

  • Jennifer Clayton

    I sooooo need a new phone! My 11 year old has a better phone than I do!!!

  • uniqueka

    i’m not very lucky but it doesn’t hurt to try

  • mary

    i would put that cute tiger into the back window of my car first of all

  • Susie

    Sweet contest

  • Carol

    Would sure love to win a Telus Galaxy S4, would be so cool!! Shared, liked, googled, pinned and tweeted.

  • Artur Iatsko


  • s vik

    i would love to win this… dont even have a phone

  • Houshinto

    A phone and a stuff plush? Nice! Thank you Mobilesyrup!

  • shayne

    tigers are wicked great contest

  • martin


  • Kim

    Galaxy S4 will be aded to iPhone lawsuit. Must have it b4 2 late.

  • Hank Beverly

    I’m in

  • Mark Bawalan

    Can’t wait..

  • Tiago Chong

    I haven’t won yet.. Please!!!!

  • Betty Spry

    love the tiger

  • J C

    nice phone

  • Rochelle

    thankkk youu telus!

  • Firdaus Aziz

    If I win ..I will fell so grateful ..but if I loose ..what else I can say ..we can try it next time ..INSYAALLAH ..so gud luck guyz ..peace

  • Firdaus Aziz

    If I win this contest ..I will fell so grateful ..but if I loose ..what else I can say ..we can try it next time ..INSYAALLAH ..so gud luck guyz ..peace

  • Firdaus Aziz

    If I win this contest ..I will fell so grateful ..but if I loose ..what else I can say ..we can try it next time ..INSYAALLAH ..so gud luck guyz ..peace

  • Simão Wolff M

    nice giveaway 😀

  • Betty Spry

    tweeted good luck to all

  • Firdaus Aziz

    Please pick me as a winner sgs4 ..I entered a lot of contest win sgs4 ..but not win ..please pick me ..hopefully ..you will choose me ..if I win this contest ..i will fell so grateful ..but if I loose ..what else I can say ..we can try it next time ..but this the last that will I try my luck ..please pick me

  • Maegan Morin

    OMG I would love to win this!!

  • darlowea@live.ca


  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    Where is the winner?

  • fatima ezzahra fahi

    I wich if i have the new samsung galaxy s4

  • Franklin

    wow…. i want that tiger 🙂

  • nicholas man

    this is one of the greatest phones

    • mlauzon

      The octa-core version is the better one.

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    If I could win the white Galaxy S4 and not have to be with Telus, currently I am rocking the black Galaxy S4 on Wind Mobile with unlimited everything, I would take the white one and give my current SGS4 to my husband.

  • skullan

    Congrats Michael 🙂

  • disqus_RjGtGXqnIX

    Would be great to win one

  • mlauzon

    Well, this is sure as hell as a surprise, I never win anything, you just broke a 30 year losing streak!