CyanogenMOD 10.1 Nightly Builds now available for the HTC One


  • Troll


  • Jason

    I’ve installed it, and my phone won’t make calls. It dials, it rings, the other person picks up, there’s just no sound ? :/

    • Tony

      Who was phone?

  • hunkyleepickle

    Sounds like a thrill a minute. If my camera won’t work and I can’t make calls, why not just stock with my nexus 4 in the first place, make calls, and have crappy pictures…. Just saying.

  • gommer strike

    As you can’t expect any definite timelines as all the work towards this is entirely voluntary, it’s nice to see some development, however it is alarming that even basic phone functionality is shaky. Why is this anyways? Is it because HTC didn’t release crucial pieces of their code? Some say they should, others say well it’s rightfully proprietary, if you want all-out open, that’s why you buy a Nexus.

    Nightly builds are just the beginning, but definitely for those of us
    who need their phones to be stable and – just work – we’ll have to
    wait for a stable release which will be a ways away.