Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


  • John Von Mac

    Bring back the 1-10 scale rating of phones!

    • EvanKrosney

      I agree, but I think the problem was that too many people complained. And they were confused why certain phones would get higher ratings yet wouldn’t be as highly recommended or raved about by reviewers and users.

    • Eduardo

      So the rating is back and it makes NO SENSE! with two 9s and two 7.9s out of eight categories the S4 gets a score of 9.1???

    • John Von Mac

      I think they are still tweaking stuff. chill out man

  • Candido

    Does the battery of the S4 fit in a SIII? They look similar. Wondering if I could buy a S4 battery and throw it in my SIII for longer battery performance.

    • Henry0623

      You can’t. 2100 < 2600 mAh. The S4's battery is bigger than the S3

  • EvanKrosney

    Daniel and Ian, I’m curious. In your personal opinions, what’s the best Android smartphone of the year so far, the S4 or the One? Which one are you guys going to carry around on a daily basis and why?

    • Stephen

      HTC are the underdogs at the moment so they hop onboard that bandwagon. If HTC rises to succeed again they’ll find another up and comer to proclaim as the best

  • marorun1982

    Working at Telus here. Tested both phone. HTC one Camera is also better on macro photo and HDR photo , screen is also much superior.
    Overall HTC did a more polished product much like a 5 stars restaurant where GS4 look like a Chinese buffet..

    • marorun1982

      “Working at HTC here”


    • Avalain

      Only Samsung was caught doing that.

    • marorun1982

      You are just a fake me. Or you could been able to edit my post. It’s quite lame to try to impersonate other ppl.

    • Me OpenId

      couldnt disagree more on all you wrote.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      I love how no one even has the GS4 yet people strongly disagree with his statements….

      On the screen thing however I will say they are comparable. The HTC display is proven to be brighter at over 400 nits vs high 200’s from the GS4. Either way, who can honestly use screen quality as a reason to buy one over another. They are both winners for crying out loud.

      Macro Mode is impressive on the One, read a review that said it’s great on the GS4 too. Geez…how will we survive…

    • marorun1982

      Both phone are impressive. Clearly the best both company made. But the HTC feel like a more polished product that’s all.

  • ThisGuy

    >The Rogers variant of the device offers 2600Mhz capabilities — in fact, all LTE-capable models do, but Rogers is the only one advertising it — but I wasn’t able to test its veracity.

    Bell has 2600, no advertisement as only turbo hub/sticks use it.

    • dfsdf

      And the Galaxy S4.

    • ThisGuy

      I guess it will do that now.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      2600 is totally unimpressive in my mind. Bring on the 700mhz spectrum. 2600 has line of sight issues as any higher frequency would. Penetration into and through objects will be much improved on 700mhz. THAT is the future of LTE.

    • ThisGuy

      Never said 2600 is good, I am just saying that mobilesyrup keeps spitting up that rogers only garbage when they know it isnt true.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      Not the first time I have been off base. Apologies. 🙂

    • ThisGuy

      Perfectly fine. I just want MS to raise their reporting a little bit.

  • Mike Gibson

    Emphasis on build quality is questionable as the novelty of the appearance of the back of a handset wears off quickly + drop tests show aluminium devices are not the best choice – especially if u have to return your hand set if it has an unaccessible battery issue. More weight = more damage. Poly carb plastic is actually a good choice for weight, temperature & recwption reasons. I love the look of the HTC One but would put better sunlight legibility, better specs speed & features as well as hardware options & accessibilty options over something that looks nice. This is precisely where & why Apple have suffered in the smartphone market. Hats off to Samsung for pushing innovation over nice looks. S4 is simply more future proof than the competition.

    • alphs22

      Emphasis on build quality is why Apple has suffered? Is that why iPhone 5 is the best selling smartphone?

    • Mike

      Are you on crack? Highest selling smartphone? What rock did you just crawl out from under?

    • alphs22

      Way to reply a 4-month old post.

      Looking at Q4 2012 numbers, iPhone 5 was the best-selling smartphone in the world. Can’t post links without being moderated here but I’m hoping you’re smart enough to be able to use Google.

      Maybe not though. So here it is, from the Strategy Analytics report, February 20, 2013, top 3 smartphones:
      iPhone 5: 27.4 million
      iPhone 4S: 17.4 million
      Galaxy S3: 15.4 million

      Then look for the Canaccord Genuity report from June this year regarding iPhone 5 still being the top-selling smartphone.

      So what is it that you’re babbling about? Good try with the personal attacks though.

    • marorun1982

      Btw GS4 drop test proven it to be easier to break than the S3

  • lowo

    Nexus 4, why do you have to be so short yet so fat? Just kidding, i like you more chubby; more to love 😀

  • marshallpower

    I’m sure this s4 is better than my Note 2 and this would be hard to beat already so no need to get an HTC One if it’s only for the speakers…I have beats audio speakers on my 900$ ultrabook and it sounds bad, imagine on a phone! who will use speakers in public or even at home, mostly if the experience is not worth it unless you don’t like music very much… Go with the best software, Samsung!

    • marorun1982

      The HTC also got much better call quality thanks to those useless speaker and the best micro ever used on a phone.

  • JBR

    Used my S4 all afternoon, no complaints. Anything you don’t like can be turned off so that each user can create their own custom experience. I’m still figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t, but the phone is smooth, fast and, sure it’s plastic, but, I’m okay with that. I tried an HTC one in store and it was also a good phone, took pics with it and can’t see where one is much better than the other. I went with Samsung because of update support and a fair recent track record. If HTC continues improving, who knows, next phone may be and HTC.

  • Peter Mina

    I just watched a video on YT “why the galaxy s4 sucks” and I trust this man! Stephen Ambruzs has a honest reviews. check it out.
    anyways, I fed up with android, even with this superior specs, many of people said the sgs4 is laggy a little bit!! just like any other android phone, so I will try a Windows phone, maybe 920 or I will wait for the next bad a*s Nokia, hope that Rogers will do it again exclusively!!

    btw, nice review Daniel 🙂

    • marorun1982

      GS4 lag? That’s a real joke both the One and GS4 dont lag at all.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I really wish the HTC One was more widely available (I recently switched to Koodo, they don’t carry it), but due to that I am really excited to try this phone out..even though it looks like they are not releasing it tomorrow

  • dfsdf

    “- Build quality still below that of the HTC One and iPhone 5”

    Why? Did the phone break apart during the review? Don’t confuse look and build quality.

  • Mathieu

    On one side everyone is complaining about Samsung using plastic and on the other side everyone wants a light device with the best network connection, GPS fix time … and removable battery and an SD card slot.

    That being said, I’m not getting the Galaxy S4 … or the HTC One or the Sony Xperia Z … because they all COST TWICE AS MUCH as a Nexus smartphone and I can justify spending that kind of money on a new smartphone while my current 16 months old smartphones works perfectly most of the time.

  • Bill K

    I called The Source because I want to buyout the phone (no contract) and they said id have to wait months for them to have no term phones. Im currently locked to Bell, I guess Ill have to wait even longer 🙁

    • AA

      I’ll sell you mine when I get it $800 cash no tax 🙂

  • Stephen

    “The phone also takes around four hours to charge, slightly longer than the 2300mAh HTC One, but with secondary cells and a number of first- and third-party charging accessories available, this isn’t likely to be as significant an issue as on other devices.”

    Almost every other review said it’s 2 hours and that’s been my experience as well since I got it this week on pre-order. Try using the included charger Daniel, it’s a lot faster

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Every battery comparison test I have seen online between these two phones puts them at about equal in most cases. 300mah isn’t a huge difference when you consider that core speed is higher, screen size is bigger albeit Oled on the GS4. I have yet to see a review that has your findings.

    I don’t feel you dug extraordinarily deep into the HTC camera functions. I agree the interface on the GS4 is more intuitive but feature for feature they do pretty much all the same things, other than use the front and back camera at the same time.

    Features such as photo combine, object eraser, smile capture etc etc etc….all the same.

    I think both phones are pretty awesome. The core speed bump I think is a double edged sword. but it has the extra battery capacity to carry that. It really comes down to what’s important to you. Arguing over which is better is completely subjective at this point since specs point to comparable products.

    The range of opinions in various reviews certainly speaks to that….

    Both wildly powerful and sexy phones. I find both extremely impressive.

    • marorun1982

      I fully agree with you both are as good overall they got small advantage over each other’s and that’s where ppl will make a choice based on what they want or like.

  • Tisoyboy2

    Did he mention the 802.11ac wi-fi capability? AWESOME! Uses 5 bonded channels instead of 2 like wireless N. I guess we can expect an upgrade from all the ISP’s soon.

  • Tisoyboy2

    Wish they would up the screen brightness on all these Sammy phones! Spend a third of my work day outside and barely visible. Same low brightness on my Note 2 and my GS3 before it.

  • faeryflakes

    Great review as always Daniel.

  • Osama Elgabry

    wooooooooooooooooooooow That is amazing I wish i have one

  • Ando Ooomae

    How’d u get the Clock/Weather widget like that?

  • Neha

    I would love to see a review on the international version vs. US version on this phone. The battle between the processors 😀

  • williamsteven

    I chose Galaxy S4 build quality problems I can put protection on it but for cpu speed and features nothing can replace it so who would makes complaints about just built body? if it produces with built-body price will be shot up to the sky I think LOL! Not a wise choice economically.

  • Top_Quark

    hi guys, i have a question. If I buy an out-of-contract Galaxy S4 from anyone of the Canadian carriers such as Rogers, Telus, Bell etc. then would I be able to use the phone on other Canadian carriers SIM or use it abroad? Is the out-of-contract S4 the same as unlocked phone?

  • Mehran

    It’s really my favorite phone I want that 🙂

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    When I sailed to Mexico, I saw a whale wall painted by the same guy that did the one in your night mode picture. Looks great btw.