YouTube for Windows Phone 8 gets redesign, looks good and supports HD video

youtubewp8-1 youtubewp8-2
Another Windows Phone 8 app getting a redesign today is YouTube, which will likely have bigger implications for the average user than Foursquare.

Windows Phone has never had a good YouTube solution, owed to the fact that Google blocked the platform from accessing the same kind of content as it allowed on iOS and Android. Indeed, there has been an excellent native Android app for years, and Google built a fantastic app for iOS devices last year.

This new version, built with Windows Phone 8 in mind, takes advantage of the platform’s live tiles, as you can pin specific videos, playlists or search terms to the home screen for quick perusal. The app also supports quick resume, so you won’t have to reload the app every time you tap on it.

As with the Android version, videos play in the background, so you can listen to a playlist, for example, while the phone is in your pocket. And because this is fully compatible with all the new YouTube features, HD video support is built in, as are pre-roll ads.

The new app also supports Windows Phone 8’s excellent Kids Corner mode, which allows parents to limit which apps their children can access. Because you can set what content is available within the YouTube app, it’s perfect for when you need a little down time.

As with the Foursquare app, a Windows Phone 7 version is set to launch in a few weeks.

Download YouTube for Windows Phone 8.

Via: Microsoft Blog