Viber for Android and iOS get redesigns, support for new Windows and OS X apps

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Viber is expanding its reach today with new native apps for Windows and OS X. The VoIP service is now pushing 200 million users worldwide and, in an effort to make life easier for its mobile users, it is updating its Android and iOS apps with extensive support for the new desktop versions.

Not only has the Android version been completely redesigned, with a new Holo-based interface, but both mobile versions can instantly transfer VoIP calls between the phone and the desktop.

There’s a new voice engine which brings better quality calls — think wideband audio, a la Skype — and the ability to send not only voice memos but video messages. You can also send stickers (of course) and caption photos when you’re chatting with your friends or family.

Viber has become a great alternative to Skype for low-cost VoIP calls, and an excellent cross-platform messaging tool. The fact that it so competently and simultaneously competes with Skype and WhatsApp makes it a serious contender for best app in its category, and with version 3.0 it assures its future in the industry.

Download Viber for Android and iOS.

Via: GigaOM