Video: Galaxy S4 goes under the knife in 4-minute scratch test


  • WP74Life

    All the lumias out there are more solid than that.
    Another day, another failing android product.

    • Word

      Yeah, Google only activates 1.5 million phones a day, failure for sure

  • Rawg

    Yeah I care more about dropping it than scratches. But hey, I guess that’ll help resale value keeping it looking fresh. Well, the screen at least.

  • Stephen

    What a shame! Do this to a crappy phone like a Z10 instead!

  • Shawn Zhang

    In real life, most scratches are caused by rubbing the screen on surfaces with tiny dust grain, like, if you put the phone face down on a not-so-clean table and brush it, it’s more likely to get damaged than by those knives. Plus, how would you imagine a scene that you accidentally get your phone scratched up with a knife? I get the keys and coins tests, because in real life you could put those together with the phone, it’s a lot more applicable, but I don’t think the knife test is very meaningful, regardless how sharp those knives in the video really are.

    • Zany

      +10 for Shawn’s comment. Completely true.

    • Dula714

      Plus they need to show the scratches that can be made on the body too.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Seemed like he was afraid it would scratch it if he actually applied some pressure.

  • Mike

    Call me when it passes the hammer test.

  • Matthew Wargarbalton

    Grab some sand. Try again.

  • Rawrrr

    Press harder, you doofus! You scratch/press like a girl.. -_-“

  • lukev

    this is Gorilla Glass 3

    • Guest

      What’s your point? I guess the next iPhone is still going to use Gorilla Glass 1?

    • lukev

      The current one doesn’t have GG3…

  • plumber11

    I have 2 smartphones and a tablet. I KNOW I would scratch something eventually. At the price of these devices, for me its’ Otterbox every time.

  • Cory Recsky

    Let’s look at this from a Geology point of view. Moh’s Hardness Scale states glass at a 6-7, steel is at a 4-4.5. This means that however hard you attempt to scratch the glass with the steel it shouldn’t scratch. However, like Shawn stated, sand and dust in your pockets will scratch the glass because they are usually particles of quartz, which have a hardness of 7. These scratch tests are useless.