Nokia is announcing “something new” on Wednesday, looks like a physical QWERTY


  • Tommy Crosby

    We haven’t seen any QWERTY Windows Phones since the generation 1 in 2010…
    Only Nokia can do one anyway (since there’s only Nokia who’s really care about WPs)

    On a side note, 7am GMT is a bit harsh for Americas.
    That’s like 3am EST and midnight PST…

    • TheMeII

      Yea. I love your 7pm Americas time which is always Midnight at earliest to me

    • Plazmic Flame

      Given the time for the announcement, I assume this is a launch for Europe? Also, if its something “new”, it would only make sense for it to be a WP8 QWERTY device.

    • Dimitri

      It could only be for Europe as Nokia most likely knows that this wont sell well in the US & Canada. Who knows.

  • hoo dat

    A feature phone with a QWERTY keyboard; how is that anything new? Most manufacturers have one.

  • Manic Devlin

    Good luck Nokia, don’t think anyone going to give up their blackberry for a windows phone.

    • Stephen

      Considering BB10 is a pile of garbage, it’s certainly possible

    • Dimitri

      Provide the proof please. The Q10 is not even out yet & it has the best batter on the BB made & also high screen res. The phone is amazing. You trolls need a life i swear.

    • Stephen

      It’s made by RIM and the Z10 was garbage

    • Dimitri

      So is every other platform. Every platform has issues. Wait do you think WP is the best? Please show me its the best where barely anyone actually has the device & even Rogers nor any other carrier is showing it off.

      Get your troll head outside your a*s & huge actual facts.

    • Stephen

      The best is everything that isn’t Z10. Even iOS is better.

    • johentie

      man you are so wrong.. what LAG? do u even know anything? ANDROID doens’t have LAG? puhahahahaha why do you think devs make custom ROMS and KERNELS? if it was GOOD out of th box u wouldn’t need those devs to do all that “tweaking” to optimize anything! your a joke buddy! the z10 out performs any phone that has tried to compete with mine.. well minus the HTC one which a friend of mine got yesterday.. that is a nice phone out of the box.. but the browser was sitll slower by a slight margin then my z10.. so go crawl under your little rock and think there is one OS better then them all.. cause there isn;t! all OS’ have their flaws.. my N4 is sitting in my draw right next to my S3 … i can’t seem to go back

    • Stephen

      I tried Z10 and returned it. It had the BlackBerry Lag™ like all BB devices I’ve ever used. Plus the app selection was terrible. No thanks I don’t want to run emulated Android 2.3 apps, if I wanted crappy slow apps I’d buy a low end device…. mind you the Z10 is pretty low end anyway so perhaps it actually is fitting.

    • Martin Chan

      This is where I’m starting to doubt you’ve tried one. I’ve never experienced lagin in yet. Sure there wasn’t any thing wrong with yours? I’m pretty pretty the IT techs would be glad to help.

    • Stephen

      Awesome? Yeah, it wasn’t awesome. It was gimmicky at best.

      I have nice things to say about every OS. iOS is great for seniors, Windows is great for the five people out that are in love with Windows and Android is for everyone that’s ever used a computer. BB is good for… people in serious denial.

    • WP74Life

      I did, WP is the best OS.
      There is no competition around :
      Android ? These geeks can cook their roms as much as they want, it sucks anyway.
      iOs ? The only real competitor, I have to agree.

    • Dimitri

      Another troll. I guess this morning their mothers woke them up to troll people because they have no life’s..

    • Stephen

      BB really deserves nothing other than a HAAHAHAHA

    • Manic Devlin

      best OS? It has the worst multitasking and you are stuck using bing crap. NOK stock is down 21% while BBRY stock up 16.5% YTD. On top of it, Windows Phone was never intended to be a keyboard OS, Dell’s crappy WP7 phone proved that quite sometime ago. Good luck nokia, soon your company will be nothing but a image of the past with delisted penny stock. Even the CEO admitted in recent ER that their are losing sales because of competition. Admitting to that means incompetence in the company.

    • WP74Life

      If i had to choose betweend NOK and BB right now, no doubt i’d go for NOK.

      Highest number of handset return : BB.

      They’re sinking, meanwhile NOK is booming in the emerging markets, and in the far east.

      American market is not the be taken like it is THE only market.

      On top of that, NOK is doing pretty good in the Canada and in the U.S for a newcomer.

      Q10 will be a flop, just like the Z10. Not that I dislike BB, IT IS CANADIAN and I am proud of that, but on the other hand WP will take their market share, you can’t deny it.

    • Zed

      As an Android user, I tried both WP8 and BB10. You’re talking about app selection on Z10 being garbage, but what about WP8? Terrible!

      As far as I’m concerned, a good Android ROM (soon to be on the HTC One) beats any and all other OSes, due to its high level of customization. I like that, I don’t want to get bored with it.

      With WP8 and BB10, I got bored pretty fast. However, between the two, the Z10 offered more functionality. I liked the way you navigate through it and I particularly like the keyboard – the touch keyboard.

      iOS – good OS, sure. The best? Not by a mile. Sure, it’s fluid. So is a good Android phone and so I found the Z10 to be. So I found the WP8 to be. What’s your point?

      How about you actually provide some arguments for your statements? I gave you some.

      Lemme give you some more: I have a bunch of WP8 phones in my store, they barely sell. And even those which do sell, about half get returned. Android flies off the shelves, both low end, and high end. Blackberry actually sells just as much as WP8 phones and considering it was late to the party and there’s only one phone available, I’d say it’s still a good start. Even iPhones don’t that much anymore, except for iPhone4 which has a price under $400 and 0 with most midrange plans.

      Now, I ask again, please provide some arguments for your statements. Cause, really, you just sound like a 10 year old fanboy whose mom bought him a WP8 cause that’s what the salesman pushed to get his commission, and now you’re just trying to justify it for truth.

    • WP74Life

      I had three WP handsets so no, my mommy didn’t took care of my mobility need.

      Android ROM isn’t for everybody just so you know, XDA is for geeks and tuners, which is definitly not mainstream.

      An average joe whou bought a android phone with an update life of 6 weeks will keep his screwed, slow device and he doesn’t have a clue of what a full wipe is.

      Ohh btw, I had an android device, sure the Customization is amazing, I can pin 4-5 weather widgets, which is helpful for knowing the temperature on every tabs. If you’re saying the Z10 offer more functionality, explain then. Because I can do everything I want with just a snap on my WP8. The keyboard is amazing on WP, you should try it.

      I’ve never talked about app selection on the Z10…

      Of course android sells, people don’t know what they are buying.

      You spit your seller speech about the s3, blah blah blah, quad-core crap and they buy it, without knowing you’re selling this device because you make more money on it and that they’ll stuck with a laggy piece of crap in 2 months.

      Oh, you probably recommend installing “Advanced task killer” on it ? hahaha, laughable.

      BB ? They still seliing the BlackBerryMD Curve 9360…. You kidding me ?

    • Aiden

      Since when is Android slow? It’s much faster than iOS. I have a 2 year old Galaxy Nexus that is still working great and it’s update life has been awesome as well seeing as I’m on a higher version of Android than most people. The customization of Android IS amazing because you can pretty much do ANYTHING you want with the phone. It’s like a mini-computer which I absolutely love.

      The reason Android sells is because it’s the BEST phone operating system available right now. People know exactly what they’re buying.

      I have used a Z10 in the store and I really liked it but it would never get me to switch as I just love Android too much. WP8 sucks major monkey balls and it will tank within 2 years I think. I’ve never ever seen one person outside using a Windows phone. All I ever see are Androids, iPhones, and some Z10 nows.

    • WP74Life

      C’mon… You are telling that your 2 years old Nexus experience no-lag at all ?
      My uncle got the same phone with the latest update and every time I see him using it, when there is no “app not responding” error, it struggles.
      Beside that, the reason why you have the latest update is simply because you have a google phone, you know what happen with the other OEM.
      Facts are here, you can’t deny it.

    • Zed

      Way to compare a two year old phone with iOS in general. Guess you haven’t tried a 3Gs or a 4 with the newest iOS and a bunch of apps installed. Do that and tell me how it’s butter smooth. Every incremental OS version makes old phones go slower, it’s a fact. Reason? More power consuming features. Plus, from 2.3 two years ago to 4.0/4.1 on Android, there’s a huge difference in features. Not as much as from iOS 3-4 to iOS6 mind you.

      I’m not saying that any Android phone is faster than an iOS device, but do compare Apples with apples. Compare it by price: at the moment, 650 or 700 iPhone 4s or 5 versus say an HTC One, or even the HTC One X+ (which is waaaay cheaper) and see how they perform.

    • WP74Life

      I am not defending iOS, the comment you wrote earlier just didn’t make any sense, I had to reply.

      Plus I never said it was “butter smooth”, you said so.

      And, I’d say an iPhone 5 perform better than a HTC One right now.

      Because the OS is optimized with the hardware.

      Something WP and iOS went straight from the begging.

      Let’s be honest, how many time are you seeing you nexus crashing and only because you want it to be so amazing, you completly deny the facts about Android in general.

      Comparable to a hyundai Elantra on steroids with band-aids to keep it from breaking.

      Meanwhile, WP and iOS started from a ferrari frame and added features on the way, without never OPTIMIZING THE EXPERIENCE BECAUSE IT IS “AWESOME-STOCK”.

      See, that’s the difference. Yes you can benchmark higher, but your Elantra is soon to be rubbish because quantity =/ quality.

      Have a good day Zed, have some rest, look like you need it.


    • WP74Life

      And no, Android is not faster than iOS.
      I am not a fan of iOS but you gotta give them the credit, iPhones are quick and stable.

    • johentie

      i heard WP8 doesn’t have a notification center and if u get an IM on whatsapp and it’s not on a live tile then u will NEVER know u got a message.. PUHAHAHA and u call that good?!?!?!!? any OS on the market has a notification center!! and u can’t charge ur phone when it;s powered off?? FAIL!

  • Andreas

    Nokia makes great phones but the Windows OS is a BAD choice…I will never buy a phone with Windows OS – terrible OS. When comes to phones with a keyboard…no one beats BB. They are simply great! Also, I have a Z10 and an Android phone (Motorola Razr HD – good phone and fantastic battery life). I have to say that Z10 is much better in terms of quality, great OS and communication.

    • WP74Life

      You cray man?

  • JT

    I’ve been waiting for a QWERTY phone with 8mp camera (or higher) that is not $650-700 outright…