WIND and Mobilicity confirm May 3rd availability for the Galaxy S4


  • Stephen

    Returned my garbage Z10, can’t wait to pick this sexy beast up

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Blackberry still playing catchup in the smartphone world? You don’t say!

    • canada is a monopoly

      problem with blackberry is not only is it outdated but the god damn apps are all paid every single one of them. android comes in with soo many free apps and soo many kinds why would you say no. oh yes the ads they have are annoying but usually a buck does the job for that.

      hint hint blackberry hint hint. change your habits cause your not a shot caller your a peasant act like one and you shall have me one your side.

  • Terry

    Started off with Mobilicity, but had issues with coverage at home. Tried out Wind. It has been almost 3 years now, and the savings keep adding up. A quick calculation shows I’ve saved about $1,500 on my line alone. Not bad.

    I hope Wind pulls through. I was so tired of getting robbed, and wouldn’t want to go back to being abused ever again.

    • Zany

      I could not agree more. The only difference is that I’ve saved $3200 and change since I left Robbers 3 years ago. Also switched to TekSavvy for my internet (still on Robuelus infrastructure) but paying 2/3 the price.

      There should be some kind of movement to help people save money with their monthly technology bills. Slogans like “Be free of the big three!” and “Go to Hell Bell!” would be catchy and get some much needed attention on the garbage plans they put out and FUD they spread to keep people with them. The CRTC sure isn’t doing anything about it so I think it is up to the people to get something done about this.

  • Gotta get Dat Boom Boom Boom

    The X Phone is not a Nexus device…

  • #CantStopWontStop

    Done with Nexus phones. The hardware is always a watered down version of the original phone it is derived from. No Thanks.
    Can’t wait to get this bad boy. Love the massive display with minimal bezel. In this day and age, there is no bloody reason to have big bezels like the Lumias, the HTC One, the iPhone, etc… Only other phone with small bezels is the Xperia ZL.

  • TP

    let me guess – $650 at Mobilicity, and $450 at Wind Mobile and you are still locked into 3 years (not locked, but you know what I mean).
    If I would ever pay more than $200-$250, I do not want anything that says ‘3 years’.

    • canada is a monopoly

      wind/mobilicity came for you to buy cheap phones and have cheap plans cause rogers and the rest robbing blind. try to be satisfied with what they are offering. once they are gone weep and cry lakes but you shall drown to robelus

    • TP

      not saying they are greedy, just saying the outright phone prices for these ‘flagship’ models (considering their life is hardly more than 2-2.5 years) or Wind’s tab system is hard to swallow for average Mobilicity/Wind users, who are sensitive with prices and savings.

  • Tai Nguyen

    htc one sh1t over s4 anyday. wish wind/mobilicity carry the htc one.

    • Miguel A

      i wouldn’t say it “sh1t’s” over the s4 but the htc one is a really well designed phone. go for the htc one if you prefer design and elegance. go for the s4 if you’re a power user that likes a lot of features.

      in any case, i agree that wind/moblicity should carry the htc one (from t-mobile). carrying both those phones would be a nice one-two punch for them

  • FKnm

    Is there any news about HTC one? I would take HTC one from wind instead of s4.

    • manpreet singh

      buy from t-mobile usa if you want the htc one

  • Miguel A

    …which doesn’t exist yet

    • TP

      and source for your argument is..?

  • TP

    and your comment is as clueless as ‘samesung’ owners are.

  • android1

    Really? because the entire phone has been updated, and has the best components of any smartphone. So stop your crying and just buy a competing phone, see you in six months when they start having issues and you’d wish you bought the S4