Videotron comes out with a $55/month plan that includes Unlimited talk, text and 3GB data


  • Alexandre Forget

    I hope RoBeLus will follow….

    • Beno

      This plan costs 85 $ at Bell and Bell calls are local only.

    • skullan

      If the big three do follow suit, I’m sure it will not be available for all Canadians. That would be way too generous and competitive.

  • Plan Shopper

    Now we’re talking. We just need to get Koodo to start the copying ball rolling.

  • Mad-elph

    I think this is the first time Videotron has offered something competitive instead of just following the Big three model. And with BB Z10 on $99 this is a pretty decent option. However having just read the T&Cs it is a price plan for the 1st year only, then the prices revert to their non-promotional plan. Expect to pay $100/month on month 13-36.

    • Mathieu

      You have it wrong. Nowhere does it say this price is valid for a year. What will change after a year is the subscription to illico mobile and zik if you change your plan.

  • Andrew Zeitz

    Good luck getting any of the big 3 to copy this plan, even if you live in Quebec.
    People in the rest of Canada forget it.
    (I would love it if they did)

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Don’t forget something they never say when you sign up, contract or tab agreements. You are bound to stay with the company with the agreed period of time (2-3 yers), but you can change your plan at anytime as long as your new plan includes on of the data plans if you are forced to have one.

    • Bob

      Is that really something you have to tell people who come to this website? That’s common knowledge…

    • fred

      you are not bound to, you can leave when you want. Especially if you didn’t get one of their subsidized phone.

    • scrooge

      Hahaha thanks for the breaking news, I’ll be sure to remember this the next time I sign a “contract”

  • KrispyInTO

    Pretty good, This should be the minimum standard at big 3.

    • Guest

      But your have to be an existing residential member of videotron (cable+internet)…so yes its a good plan but you are already paying 100+ for others service. so its a great deal for existant videotron members who always stays in the province of Quebec since rest of Canada is roaming… (an except montreal & quebec city, coverage is less than good…)

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Only problem with this plan is that their coverage sucks big time. Living around Ottawa, if I go right smack in the middle of Gatineau I go straight to “Roaming” which makes no sense at all since you are right in the middle of their “yellow” zone shown on their site so you need to call them and have them remove the surcharges from your bill because they will charge you if you don’t… Also if you go to a Sens game, you are outside their coverage so again not great for us living in this part of their service. While the plan is dirt cheap compared to Bell and Telus you have to consider the option of your coverage and see if it’s a priority for you.

    • Jerome

      whereas the coverage in montreal is absolutely perfect.. never had less than 5/5 bars

  • John


    the first plan from videotron that does not suck! If I did not go out of province so much I might actually get this plan

  • Mark Horvat

    This is really impressive. Telus, please follow suit.

  • Zany

    Now this is a decent plan. I love the fact that the VM is up to 35 voicemails unlike some other carriers where they give you like 3 to 5 as a default and then you have to pay more to up it. WTH is up with that?

    For those who think the Big 3 are capable of competing with this, you need to wake up. The Big 3 don’t care and they will never offer something like this because that would mean they were being competitive and *gasp* show that they care what their customers think and want. That would also show some foresight on their part for keeping customers and drawing in more but they can’t do that because it might differentiate themselves when it come to customer service. And we we all know that they don’t want that because it would mean that they will have broken their anti-competitive agreements they have in place with each other.

  • Steve Rodrigue

    I don’t agree, it really depends on where you live. Actually, DL/UL speeds and coverage are very good in Montreal and around Montreal.

    Of course, if you are more un “countryside” guy, it might not be the best network to be on.