Videotron comes out with a $55/month plan that includes Unlimited talk, text and 3GB data

Quebec-based Videotron has released a respectable promo plan. The “Unlimited Voice and Data 55” costs $54.95/month and has unlimited calling and texts, plus packs in 3GB data and voicemail/caller display/call waiting. Here’s the full details:

– Unlimited anytime local calling
– Unlimited long-distance calls to Canada and the US
– Unlimited text messaging (text, photo and video)
– Call Display
– Voicemail (up to 35 voicemails)
– Call Waiting and Conference Calls
– 3 GB data add-on
– Promotion: 5-hour illico mobile plan free for 12 months
– 3 month subscription to ZIK Mobile music service

With all the new devices that have been launched, or will be launching in the next couple weeks, this is certainly something to consider.

Source: Videotron
Via: Flickr
(Thanks Alex!)