Sony Canada starts rolling out Jelly Bean to Xperia T owners


  • Fieno

    My Rogers T is updated as well

    • james

      Its very impressive how the complain of update being slow if going away. its still not fast but OEM have sped up the speed. Specially Sony Samsung and HTC <- in that order.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    The following companies will be gone in 10 years:

    1. Sears
    2. Canadian Tire
    3. Sony
    4. RIM aka BBRY
    5. The Bay
    6. Chat-R
    7. Mobilicity
    8. Public Mobile
    9. Home Hardware
    10. Rona

    • EvanK

      Are you SEARSious?

  • Rabeet

    Finally now i just need to find an open Wifi hotspot.

  • Samus

    I just finished installing on my Videotron Xperia T.

  • Gurn Blansten

    Way to go Sony – NOT! A phone almost a year old getting an update almost as old with a newer one available. The very reason I am glad as hell I got an S3 after dumping the Gingerbread laden Ion. S3 running 4.1.1 (since July 2012) and promised for 4.2 or higher in Spring. Sony will no doubt say this is the “last” update as they have moved on to 6-7 newer phones and you are SOL sometime late 2014 or not update you to 4.2.x until 2014.

  • Scotty

    My Rogers Xperia T is updated as well!

  • lamchop

    Anybody noticed problems after the update? Issues with the walkman app and battery life had been reported with the international version. Any such problems with the Rogers version?

  • Osama

    does anyone know how to root this thing??? seems like everyone else can, but XDA says it cant be done on my old firmware version, looks like its still locked and unrootable with this new version.

  • car

    has any one successfully updated a xperia t? i have been trying for so long but im stuck at the volume down screen and can get past it.

  • P in Whitby

    Just updated my wife’s Xperia T to Jelly Bean last night. Very nice.

  • seroevo

    Had problems using Sony’s PC Companion so did it over the air and it worked.

    JB appears to be fractionally faster, but that could be the FPS increase. There’s a few irrelevant changes, like notifications or how icons on home screens kind of ’tilt’ when changing screens.

    Unfortunately, by far the biggest difference is simply the stock SMS app, which now is annoyingly white, and is apparently not customizable. That alone bugs the hell out of me.

  • Godin

    I have not updated mine yet .. kinda waiting as I also heard of different issues with the Walkman , battery life etc ..
    Anybody had these issues with the after the Rogers’ JB update?
    Also a lot of people complained about the white background for the SMS app.

  • lamchop

    I updated mine (Rogers) yesterday. At first it seems smooth becoz of project butter. But after using it for a day I found the reception to be worse than before. And when the lte reception drop to nothing it tends to hang on with lte, not switching down to 4g. Google now is not too useful for me but this is subjective. I haven’t experienced problems with the Walkman app and battery life, though.

    Xperia T running ICS was fast to start with. I would say JB is not a must-have. I want my ICS back.

  • Technojo

    Updated mine yesterday on videotron. Nice update and all but I am experiencing the battery life issue, it is draining 50% faster then ICS. I am not sure what cause this but it’s annoying, though, I can go through my normal day of usage.

    Had to reinstall some apps, but no biggies. Walkman widget on the lock screen is not as responsive as before. The small zone icon disapear even if you are still in the zone.

    Be sure you want to go with the update because there is no turning back (rollback).

  • lamchop

    Okay I have just experienced the 20s gap when using thw Walkman app. Sony why didn’t you test your update before releasing it? This update is full of bugs. Don’t update to JB until Sony fixes it!! Better stick with the stable ICS than got stuck with the plagued JB!!!

  • Godin

    Thanks for the feedback ..
    I think I will stick with ICS for a while longer.