Bell’s LTE network now reaches over 22 million Canadians, expands into 7 new regions


  • Mario Gaucher

    The LTE coverage MAP for Bell is not very precise… I’m right in the middle of the Montreal island… and at most, I’m getting 1 bar inside or outside my home… but most of the time, it’s switching automatically to HSPA. HSPA is full bar.

    • Marco

      This is why I switched to Rogers, Bell/VirginMobile is a joke.

  • simbob

    All those new LTE markets in Quebec are in welfare-laden areas …
    Why isn’t Sherbrooke on the map ?

    • boib

      yeah right… Quebec city, Rimouski, St-Georges, among cities with the lowest unemployment rates.

      But I agree sherbrooke should be next. And then maybe Saguenay.

  • Kid.Canada

    Anyone else realize that Rogers hasn’t extended their LTE network since launch? F*cking slackers are too busy jacking up prices on their plans and still nothing in Winnipeg…

    • EvanK

      I signed with Rogers earlier in 2012 expecting to get LTE later that year as they’d promised. Too bad they decided to just delay until 3Q 2013, but still advertise their network as they please.

  • Crank2

    Be sure to check out Woodstock in the Beauce, the surprisingly relaxed but modern feel of Rimouski, the whales (near) Baie-Comeau, and the Western festival of Saint-Tite.

    • boib

      St-Tite des caps is not St-Tite. No western festival but nice hicking trails and close to Le Massif ski resort.

  • Crank2

    And how are the Eastern townships any better off than, say, Rimouski? Because they have Bishop’s?

    • simbob

      Because they have 2 universities, 3 college, lots of students and are the economic center of the region. I could understand why they setup LTE in Rimouski tho, it’s only 2 towers, an easy thing to do.

  • Nelz

    These cities got LTE only because of Telus. They are the phone co. In that region.

  • Dan S

    Bell where is my BlackBerry Z10 OS update?

  • jimbob

    What’s going on with Sherbrooke!?

  • wewewi

    Can hardly beleive St-Tite pulled LTE before Sherbrooke or Chicoutimi/Saguenay;

    I’m sure coverage is terrible tough as the area is full of mountains and hills.