BlackBerry Live registration now open


  • Abubakar muhammad

    I’m happy for ur new product

    • May 14??

      Good for Syrup!!
      Looks like they got Another contract to promote BB!

      Congratulations Syrup.

      Any chance you can get us the FIRM numbers for the sales of the Z10??
      -Kidding! We all know that they made you sign a NDA.

  • Bobbylynn

    We don’t need this to know what’s next, do we? Really?

  • wotzit2ya

    Do people get a free Z10 for attending ?

  • Anonymous

    I can see it now….”more delays” “coming soon” “not ready yet”

  • Just saying

    I have no idea why Blackberry haters are reading BB articles.always wonder!! I guess they are more scared about new BB products and BB10 OS. If you don’t like BB, move on guys.Don’t waste your time commenting here. Go comment on your itoy or Malware android..

  • Zod

    I don’t get it. Why would people pay $400 or more to see a 3 day BlackBerry commercial? That price would make sense if they were tossing in a phone, but to listen to BlackBerry people ramble on about the awesomeness of the BlackBerry for a few days seems pretty bad.

    Why would prospective customers (retail or institutional) pay for this?

    • boulderdash

      $500 is a drop in the bucket if your company is thinking of sinking several million dollars to implement bb environment..
      get your techs to talk with developers and stuff, it’s not just about “how awesome” it is, but why.

  • R u Serious?

    They expect ME to pay to attend Blackberry Live…
    Thats very presumptuous!
    They should be paying me to attend

    • wotzit2ya

      They do serve a nice continental buffet

  • May 14??

    The Galaxy S4 is being announced in TWO WEEKS, in will be in STORES IN the US in APRIL, a couple of weeks before the launch of the Z10 in the US and:

    1-The are CHARGING people to attend??

    2-The event is in Mid MAY?? The HTC ONE will be in stores in a couple of weeks.

    3-In mid May-June the next iphone will be announced.

    4- Ever since Q3 of last yr when they missed )the last boat) and the launch of the Z10 for Xmas, I accepted that BB has ZERO SENSE OF URGENCY, and they have no clue that they are/have fought for their survival.

    5-Even at $399 it will be too little too late.

    6-$599 to hear in first person: Coming soon, we will have better maps “later in the yr”?? I will simply get a S4 with those $600 bucks thanks!

  • Dave

    “The cost to attend the big show is $599”

    Now! Who’s paying who? LOL