Pebble app for Android improves music player controls in latest version


Pebble is still ramping up production of its Kickstarter-backed smart watch, but for the few users who have one in hand (or, more specifically, on wrist) there’s a new version of the Android app that adds a couple of important features.

The main addition to the app is the ability to specify a default music player, an omission from the shipping version that caused a lot of consternation among users. You can now switch between the Pebble buttons pausing, resuming and skipping songs on Rdio, Poweramp or Google Play Music, among others.

Accessibility features have also been improved, with better explanation of how to enable them.

Pebble on Android has been a bit of a hit-or-miss affair, with compatibility issues on some popular Samsung devices, while iOS devices have been hit with certain OS-level limitations. Developers on Android have been taking advantage of Pebble’s SDK, however, bringing advanced notifications with Pebble Notifier, Pushover and Light Flow.

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Via: Android Police