Update: Rogers cutting the 3-year contract pricing on several flagship smartphones tomorrow, BlackBerry Z10 dips to $99.99


  • EvanK

    A free 8X on a 2 year talk and text plan, huh, that’s actually a pretty good deal.

    • KL

      Wow you’re right, awesome deal!

    • uzair

      You guys are forgetting one thing… When you cancel your contract, you’ll still pay exact same amount!

      $500 phone, $200 paid. 500/36=8.33/month discount totalling $500 vs 13.88/month = same s**t.

      The only thing you ever save is tax.

    • EvanK


      And if you don’t cancel the contract? With that kind of a deal, honestly, I’d be fine with keeping it for 2 years.

    • RIP



    • BB 9900 at $50 on 3 yr Contract

      This is BB in 2013, both devices on 3 yr contract $50/month:

      Telus BB9900: $49

      Rogers Z10: $99

      The 9900 should be free on 1-2 yr contract.
      The Z10 should be $99 on TWO year contract,BB had their 15 days of fame then the MWC came and the Z10 is an olde phone, and it hasn’t even been released in the US!
      Also: US operators are waiting for the firm numbers od the Z10 to see if they bother carrying or just skip it and focus on the S4.

  • Richard Singh

    How about they cut the price and the contract down to 2 years. Now THAT would be a stellar deal!

  • Ben

    I doubt they would be cutting prices if these devices were selling quickly. Perhaps this is a sign of under-performing devices at Rogers?

  • Jamison Croix

    Hahaha!!! They said Smarphones….

    • sak500


      Yes they said smart phones that’s why iphones were not included.

  • dv

    What a surprise…. No quad core? No thank you…

    • KL

      If a dual core phone is faster than a quad core phone, do you still want the quad core device?

    • It is what it is.

      Yes he would, KL, because he is r3tarded.

  • revelant84

    One day, I’ll read the comment section of Mobile Syrup and it won’t be filled with negative comments and instead actual discussion by people who have something better to say than “3 year contracts? THE DEVIL!!”, “No quad core? What is this, the dark ages?!”, and my favourite, “RIP RIM”.

    …sometimes I say crazy things…

    • S2556

      This. I am hoping the new comment system that is supposed to be coming will help. I know other tech blogs I go to have awesome comment section discussions going on. There are trolls too but less frequent and the down votes put them at the bottom.

    • Amadeus

      YES YES, way to go…

      I agree with you 100%.

  • oldschool

    They’re actually trying to drive Q1 sales up before March ends, all the telcos do it every year, we’ll probably see some really good plans pop up in the next week or so.

  • corby

    SO i guess the people that can`t get to the store during buissness hours are SOL?

  • Hilman

    Those models must be selling like hot cakes to warrant a price cut 😉

  • Matt

    $99.99? Awesome price! I bought a Z10 at $149.99 on a 3-yr and it was worth the price.

    • Brian

      Obvious RIM employee.

      Anyone legitimate who bought something at $149 then had it drop to $99 wouldn’t be happy, they’d be annoyed or even mad.

    • QC_Al

      @ Brian. Oh I see, You’ve NEVER purchased something only to have the price eventually fall? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. I do not nderstand your despise of BB, but it is providing me with a good laugh….HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • John

    May be good prices but why would you want to go with rogers? As soon as you are their customer they dont give a s**t about you. They only give the good deals to new customers 99% of the time so these posted prices will probably only be for new customers. Also their coverage is the worst i never have any bars and the internet is slow as hell even on lte. I regret the day i signed the contract with them. Cant wait to get back with telus

  • John

    on another note! the bb z10 sucks just like every other bb out there. Just give up bb you suck at what you do.

    • QC_Al


  • gezaim

    I love everything

  • Alexandru


    This has nothing to do with the BB Z10 as a phone.
    Is simply sales strategy on the part of the Telcos.
    Every phone goes through the same procedure.
    First it comes as a new phone the upfront payment is higher then in time decreases.

    BB Z10 is a good phone software and hardware wise.
    Quad core reflects the computer power of a phone but not the software ecosystem; which in the case of BB Z10 is a good os and smooth.

    We all have different needs or likes so one phone may not satisfy the needs of another group of people, but that doesn’t mean the phone is bad.
    The young folk inclines to iPhone, developers or people wanting more freedom on software side incline to Android. Others like a more business like phone or more secure then they go for a BB Z10 or WP 8
    Is enough choice there for everyone, so please enjoy that you have these choices.

    Is also place for improvement on all these platforms.
    – iPhone should redesign its user experience and hardware wise it will help especially to have larger screens.
    – Android should solve the problems of user privacy and security and application piracy which is rampant on this platform.
    Also the Android OS updates chaos should end by changing the licence and all these updates should come from Google not from manufacturers.
    Manufacturers should provide to Google all the required drivers and that’s it. On the other hand any other customization of the platform should be initially done by the manufacturer and only for these the manufacturer should issue updates not for the entire Android os.
    – WP 8 since it is a new platform of course would require improvements but since I didn’t used it I can’t come up with a pertinent opinion.
    – BB 10 is already a success I think, successive iterations would improve / solve bugs on an overall very good software platform.

    So, ladies and gents, let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the day with the phone of our own choice.

    All the best,

  • Alex

    Wow already a price drop on the Z10 and it hasn’t even launched in the US.

    • Brian

      Likely due to poor sales

    • QC_Al

      @ Brian…do a little reading/research. You make yourself look the fool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    But wait, I though the Z10 was doing SO SO well according to the shills here? I thought carriers were raising prices on the Z10 according to the shills?

    What a joke. This is pathetic, the phone just recently came out and ALREADY a price drop. Clearly demand is not that high.

  • Jon

    BOGO only.

  • screamer

    The blackberry with the old hardware should 0 $ on a 3 year contract. They want market back than please for a good price. Hm still no Q10? If it has a good price I will get one.

  • So damned biased

    “Rogers is going to discount the 3-year contract prices of several flagship handsets tomorrow.”

    Why do you need to put the Z10 in your title? To make it look like another negative Blackberry article? Really?


  • SC

    Cause nobody wants to be stuck on a 3 year contract , people would just rather buy it outright

  • Kelly

    It would have been better if Rogers were the first carrier to get rid of the 3 year contract! Come on Rogers, you’re leading in the wireless industry, do the right thing. Wishful thinking, worth a shot.

    • Sweet

      @Kelly, if you don’t want to be in a 3-year contract, then don’t sign one. Every provider offers no-contract plans at the same rate as the 3-year contracts, or less. Koodo and Wind will give you a significant discount on the price of a new phone without you having to sign a contract.

      The outright price of phones is not going to come down until the prices become market-driven instead of carrier-dictated. And that’s not going to happen until we have a healthy independent cellphone retail market that can sell phones at prices independent of the carriers.

      I hope Rogers follows through with their desire to drop phone subsidies and that Bell & Telus follow them.

    • Brian

      Aside from subscribers, how exactly are they leading? They are the last to get rid of fees and the first to add them.

  • Bill

    Are they cutting the sale price of the phone? No. Just under contract. All carriers do this from time to time. Walmart did the same thing for the iphone 5 in December to $99.

  • E

    Doesnt matter if they give it to use for free with those 3 yrs plan

  • Mark

    oh yes we all want bb to fail. you know why? so that the android geeks can push their ugly clunky and leggy java based mess down our throats…ugh.

    More alternatives to android please…..

    • Johnz

      There are alternatives, and if you weren’t a fanboy of one or another ecosystem like the majority of kiddies trolling in this site you’d realize that. Comments like your just prove your ignorance. You probably haven’t even tried other solutions have you?

  • RyanOver

    the Optimus G was $24.99… it is 10x more powerfull than the BB Z10 and it was only $24.99 o.O wow

  • Zech

    If you get a good plan and have no intention of going to another carrier than 3 year contact is not an issue. If you are never leaving Canada then 3 year contract does not bother me. Because i know if a promotion comes all I do is call in to my carrier and get the new plan because they want to keep you as a customer so plan is not an issue. If you are happy with your carrier then get it. BTW fido has z10 for 250 on a year deal.

    If you buy the phone outright you still pay the same on monthly bills.

    • BB 9900 at $50 on 3 yr Contract

      Please stop creating arguments in favour of 3yr contracts. If it was good the rest of the world would have them!

      -Battery starts failing after ONE yr, Operators offer ONE yr waranty on three yr contracs?

      You might stay with the same operator for more than two yrs, BUT you will want to replace phones every two, at the most.

      Phones on 2 yr contracts are only $100 more than the 3yr contracts in canada. Nobody canafford a $600 phone in Canada??; well in that case 90% of Canada will be buying N4! just watch an learn how the operators do the impossible!

      Finally: The CRTC doesnt’ have to spen a penny enforcing this, all they have to say is: You have 30 days to get rid of 3yr cons or I let international operators in 60 days.

    • John

      Sadly, “BB9900”. That’s not how it works. CRTC does actually have to spend money on something like that, telcos lose a huge amount of revenue dropping to 2 year contracts, and letting international players in hurts the Canadian economy. This is exactly what I mean. Statements like that prove that you have no understanding of how these things work. Telcos would GLADLY drop 3 year contracts if it meant raising your monthly plan to accomodate. Sadly, you would all scream bloody murder yet again. I’m all for shorter contracts but I am a realist. I ask the carriers to discount my phone heavily and when I want a new one I buy it off of Kijiji or an open box device from the telco. It’s really not that difficult. Warranties and contracts and batteries do not have anything to do with each other. You simply feel that if your phone dies after a year it is owed to you to have it replaced rather than you buy another battery. 3 years is for you to get a discount, not to buy a guarantee that you’ll have free phones every year because you can’t invest in a new battery. There are also out of warranty programs that the telcos offer to ensure you have a working device. Yet you seem to be under the illusion that fixing a phone or investing a tiny bit of money to get it brand new again is ludicrous and that the apparently fair solution is for you to get a Nexus 13 to replace your Nexus 11.

      Get real. Go take an arithmetics class.

  • John

    Yet again, all the business professionals on this forum bashing any more by the carriers that result in a price drop. All you people do is complain, complain, complain. Seriously, there is no end. If I wrote articles for this site I would be pissed with how pathetic the responses have been the last couple of years. You so often act like your wants and needs are what the majority is. As someone who has worked for the telcos (no, not in retail), most of you have no idea how wrong you are with all the crap you spew as ‘knowledge’. You should know, telcos visit these sites often to look at its content and laugh at the little children on this site that feel they are so entitled to everything. We are not he US, we are not Europe, and we do not operate in the same economy – get over it. If you feel you businesses owe you so much, why don’t you go start your own and give your services away at the lowest possible profit margin that allows you to stay in business? Come back to these forums when your customers are leaving for you not being able to re-invest in technology and continue to give away discounted products.

    Half of you should leave your little comfy Canada and go to other places of the world where they don’t upgrade to a new phone every 6 months. Places where you have to explain to people what a dishwasher is.

  • Johnz

    @john: get a clue and quit being a carrier shill. Look at prices for service EVERYWHERE else in the world minus Canada and now upcoming USA and you’ll see a vastly different picture. Canadians and now the us are taking it up the bumbum and liking it because they continue to live with it and not search other options. And don’t tell me they’re aren’t other options. I have service here in Canada utilizing the backbone of the largest carrier, have unlimited EVERYTHING (phone,text,data), don’t have a contract, and the best part, I pay TEN, yes TEN bucks a month. All it takes is a little technical know how. Something you probably don’t have.

  • Rainman


    if you’re not just bs’ing, then I think you would do everyone a service here, if you would tell us all how you do that.

    I have to agree with the first John, I don’t think we have it so bad here. I’ve bought SIMs in Europe, Mexico, and several U.S. cities, and I have never had service as good as we have it in Canada. Considering our population density, I find it impressive that we can get great LTE service in small cities across this country. Also, most of the people I know ( actually ALL the people I know, but I’m trying to appear diplomatic here) who have tried the new carriers, found the service poor, and paid more than double the $40 unlimited rate plan, due to all the ” roaming” charges.

    And drop the “shill” comments anytime someone reasonable speaks out. I haven’t worked for a carrier for a very long time, but I understand the economics of how they operate. Just like all of us here, I would be very happy to pay less for my phone service, but I deal with the reality of living where I do.

  • EvanK

    Called Rogers today; it’s BOGO only and apparently no talk and text plans either.