Google announces Google+ Sign-In and updated Google Play Services for Android

Google has launched Google+ Sign-In for the web and Android devices that gives users another choice in the quickly-expanding world of one-click social network logins.

Google promises that, unlike Facebook Connect, Google+ Sign-In will be spam-free, sharing only the content you want to only the Circles you specify. Like Facebook’s Social Graph, Google is attempting to push more passive engagement by aggregating user activity from within apps — 10 partners, such as Banjo, Flixster and Fancy have signed on for the launch — and on the web.

This also extends to Android, as Google has updated its Play Services to version 3.0. Now, when you use your Google account to sign up for a service, developers have the option of easily integration Google+ along with it. This will give the apps a bit more personal information — avatar, name, etc. — so make signing up for services easier. Facebook, and to a lesser extent Twitter, currently powers the vast majority of these types of sign-ins.

More relevant to current Android users, when you sign up for a service with Google+, you can automatically push the corresponding mobile app to your device, the same way you would through the Play Store.

Looks like another choice in the single sign-in space, but let’s hope Google respects users’ privacy.

Source: Google (2)