• wewewi

    Why not? Google+ is going stronger everyday;

    I personally now use it for work and tech content, and use Facebook for personal stuff.

    I dont like signing-in to tech/works services or sites using FB, so most of the time I end up creating an account for that specific site or service.

    Having a G+ option would be great.

  • Proud Quebecois

    They will have to translate into Francais in order to be aloud to do it in Quebec and canada.
    We must wait until they are in compliance, but this does look promising.

    • Wes

      Why do you feel the need to stir up $!@#@!%??

      Please delete his comment. Let’s live in harmony.

    • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Fk Quebec and its stupid rules…..

    • Mac

      How about no. The internet does not have to be in french just because Quebec wishes it.

  • paul

    PD …they wouldn’t have to do anything. you can choose your language under settings. Why are you trying to stir up stuff?

  • Francois

    Frenchies are what’s wrong with this otherwise beautiful country. Separate, already, and get absorbed by the U.S. of A. They’ll shut you up reeeeal quick 😉

  • habskilla

    My Canada includes the good and the bad.

  • Mathieu

    xenophobia is real.

    I like my bilingual canada. Thank you! Don’t care french or english.

  • Phil R

    Let me tell you this;

    Si le Québec se sépare, je déménage pour rester dans mon Canada.

    I’m a proud french Canadian, not a french Quebequer, or Quebecois.

    So, about Google +…. 😛