Bell and Solo release the Samsung S275, SaskTel to launch the LG F4n


  • Typical iTard

    I am willing to line up overnight for this bad boy!

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      I already beat you, I am already in my tent waiting for the launch day, WooHooo

  • Ethan

    Saw this in my Facebook news feed, noticed that it was a flip phone and thought I went back in time for a moment.

  • Rich

    Would love to see the launch day opening line ups for these babies. Craigslist/KIJIJI/ebay, watch out for phone flippers!

  • zzZZzz

    Guys keep making fun of them, but you have no idea how well they actually sell. Grandpa and grandpma are still buying them in droves, as well as other people who just need an emergency phone.

    I, for one, am glad the carriers aren’t completely phasing out these phones.

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Screw Samsung! Nokia just announced a new QUALITY candybar phone for $20 yet these Canadian i***t carriers continue to shove cheap quality LG and Samsung phones into people’s faces.

    • Brian

      Nokia and quality in the same sentence? LOL.

  • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $50 max………

  • Kevin

    I guess Apple will have to get the iFlip out soon…

    • the man with no name

      Ya and then they’ll start launching all kinds of lawsuits against every other company for stealing their idea for flip phones because everyone knows apple was the first ones to come out with one 😛

  • Happyboy

    I don’t get it what’s the point of solo being around if they don’t take new customers

    • Taraz

      It will probably merge into Bell sooner or later. Who uses Solo anyway?

  • Jaymerman79

    These basic phones still fantastically well…. older people, people who just want a phone, business who want a basic phone for employees…
    I just wish the cameras had an upgrade… how much more is 3 mp?

  • Thompson

    Gotta love the battery on these simple feature phones though…

  • SC

    Candy bar phones rule, I still keep one for the giggles and for nostalgic reasons

  • xenrobia

    Reminds me of a time when people didn’t spend all their time on the net bashing the other platforms. I miss that.

  • locustal

    Will this play angry birds and words with friends? I’m almost at the end of my contract and thinking of getting the Samsung phone. Someone said get the latest Samsung which I assume this is?