Rogers will soon offer a discount on monthly plans when you bring your own device


  • Rag3r

    Hopefully this is a sign that there are an abundance of people ditching contracts… Freemarket ftw?

    • 13% discount

      I wonder which operator will be the first one to offer” We pay the taxes for you”- discount and take the discount from 10% to 13%.

      At 10% you are better off just waiting for your operator to offer the N4 at a subsidized price and get it on a 2 yr contract. ( Waiting for Koodo)

      Alternatively they used to offer $10 off per month before; which was WAY BETTER than 10% off.

      Down with the three yr contracts and SHOP FOR THE PLAN, not the phone people!

    • Peter Lemay

      It’s always been a free market. People simply don’t want to pay the full price for their phones…

    • bobblehead

      I love how they’re never “first” when it directly benefits the customer.

  • Piff

    Hmmm, I’ll keep my eye on this. But Wind still has them beat.

    • WirelessBoy

      Yeah, they got them beat by be able to tell their customers that they have to ROAM in their own country. They have them beat by price but defiantely not by size of network.

  • jesus

    They’ve had this for a few months. This discount is permanent though until you get an upgrade.

    • Piff

      But what if you bring in another, newer device?

    • Adam

      you have the discount for as long as you DO NOT receive a discount on a new phone for that line.

  • Jamison Croix

    Big whoop. The cost of a medium to high end Android device is about $650 (retail) before tax. Divide that across a typicial three-year term that’s $18 a month plus taxes. Now think of the cost to them which is about $10 per month. When you do the math they’re discounting your monthly difference to a three year commitment. You just don’t have to pay them the exit fee when you change providers because it will be the law…They’re banking on complacency when you have the device. It’s a marketing smoke screen to draw in customers for what they “have” to do if they leave to another provider. Whatever. It’s a crock.

    • Mike

      Obviously this is for people who don’t want/need the latest and greatest. If you’re one of those people, and you spend, say, $150 buying a used phone from a friend, this approach works for you.

    • 13% discount

      If you were to pay the big 3 $650 plus taxes price of phone this won’t make any sense (they are counting on that)

      In 2013 you have to be a fool to pay more than $420 Taxes in for a phone: you can get an N4 new or an S3 BNIB for that amount.

      Fido’s N4 @399 or via Google plus your %10 might be the way to go.

    • Tom

      Good point Jamison, but that’s not the biggest part of the con.

      When you actually try to do this you will find that you don’t get access to any of the good plans. One of the purposes of their two tier pricing system (list prices vs. real prices) is to render concessions like this one, or flex data plans, meaningless: they only apply if you take the list prices.

      Yeah, but the idea of the smartphone plans is that they include an extra line-item that is for paying back the subsidized portion of a smartphone, not a $150 phone.

    • Keith


      I don’t agree with that. If the reduction in the monthly plan is fair, it is totally awesome news for those of us who want to buy the latest and greatest every year or so. I just want to be able to buy my own phone elsewhere and have my monthly plan reduced if I bring my own phone. It’s the European way and it is far superior to what we have now.

  • Robert

    Buying a top tier device on contract is still a better deal. Average 15 dollars a month device credit. Ten percent savings is going to be 5 or 6 dollars. Thanks, but I’ll stick with getting a new phone.

    • Adam

      In addition, the $10 (for plans with data) and $5 (for plans without) end up being a much larger discount than the Bell/Telus/Virgin/Koodoo discount. Obviously, unless you are paying more than $100/$50 a month which I don’t see how you can for 99% of Canadians.

      So, it looks like Rogers is giving Canadians the best discount plan of the national carriers. I wonder what people are going to start raging about next.
      Unlimited Canadian local talk, and Canada wide texting with 1GB of data, caller ID, and basic voicemail:
      $70 – $10 (bring your own device) = $60
      $60 – 12% (bundle discount) = $52.80
      Not too shabby for a new customer who doesn’t apply for any retention discounts and can’t go with wind, mobilicity, etc. because it’s the most POS unreliable service where they live.

    • Keith

      Ya but who wants to keep a phone for 3 years these days–it PoS in less than 2.

  • Alex

    What’s the name of the program with Telus? Never saw it, and I have my own device. Time to stop by Telus…

  • @PlazmicFlame

    Yesh, as soon as I saw the title, my bet was on a maximum of $5 a month. Not much…

  • hoo dat

    I got my Z10 at Koodo for $550 ($100 cheaper than Telus) and a 10% discount on my monthly bill from Telus for bringing my own device. You can make this sort of plan work for you very easily.

    • @hoodat

      come on hoodat we all know you did not any z10. you troll against the nexus 4 all day. lol. i hope one day we can meet so i can show you how awesome the nexus 4 is. zero issues so Dar brother.


    • hoo dat

      Talk about trolling! LOL! It might give your argument some weight if you just posted under your actual ID instead of usurping mine and trying to give the impression you`re someone else entirely. Shame you have no idea how N4L actual signs his ID.

      I wouldn’t have a single issue with the N4 if you fanbois didn’t keep proclaiming it as being on par with the second coming of Christ. Trouble is, the N4 is a cheap, flawed phone that doesn’t suit the needs of the majority of device users, me being one of them.

      You stop over selling and over stating the capabilities of the N4, I`ll stop pointing out some of the many, many issues with it. Agreed?

  • andy c

    Interesting….. I’ll be shocked if they let me keep all my retention credits and give me another 10 off into of that

    • Adam

      not compatible with retention offers

  • Dalex

    Phones need to be sold at less ridiculous prices outright… 600+$ for a device that costs 100-150$ to make is ridiculous.

    If the Nexus 4 could have had a smooth launch with lots of availability, it would have at least started a little snowball effect on reducing the dumb prices that are charged.

    • EvanK

      Welcome to the world of consumer electronics 😉

      Just about everything (aside from certain exceptions like TVs and DSLRs) is marked up ridiculously higher than it actually costs them to make. The N4 and N7 have been certain exceptions with low profit margins, but unless a manufacturer really wants to make a profit, you can forget about prices that low.

    • Mike

      Can you give us a breakdown of what lead to your “100-150$ to make” claim?

    • COBwiggy

      It is 100-180 for parts, but you have to pay people to make them, pay for them to be shipped, pay for marketing, pay peoples salaries, etc. You can’t run a businesses selling for LESS than cost.

  • EvanK

    Well, it’s a start at least. But I’d still like to see dedicated BYOD plans like they have in the US or the UK with no subsidy at all.

  • Chris

    So has anyone actually had this added to a TELUS plan? If I can save a few more dollars off my plan I’m not going to complain.

  • Zed

    Stopped reading at “Rogers…”

  • gwydionjhr

    I hope that the CRTC mans up and forces carriers to offer an straight out un-subsidized price for no-contract customers.

    • jplunks

      So you want the CRCT to dictate how a company runs its business?

  • some guy

    And in other news, Rogers has increased the cost of rate plans by 10%…

  • seroevo

    The math still isn’t there for people always promoting off-contract phones. The only practical reason for off-contract is if you travel frequently.

    If you’re someone who thinks off-contract is better, fine. That suits your personal needs, preferences, and budget.

    But the real reason most commonly is just a subjective hate-on for the big carriers. No one likes the carriers, that’s not new, so you’re not leaders of change.

    Unless someone is going to front me the $300-600 to get a non-subsidized phone, or can find me an appropriately discounted plan for bringing my own phone (that’d be $15/month or mroe, without sacrificing plan specs, coverage, etc), then have at it, but no one has.

  • Frank

    Several websites have done a teardown of high end phones, and they pretty much all contain less than $200 worth of parts.

    Also, what sane person buys a full priced phone from a carrier? Kijiji prices are true market prices. You can get a brand new S3 for $450, a RAZR HD for $350, an Optimus G for $375. Phones don’t cost $650, that’s just what carriers will charge you. Don’t be stupid, don’t buy from carriers if you’re buying outright (buy from Kijiji or some other source), and the math for this monthly discount changes significantly.

    • Fox in a Hole

      Except that someone, somewhere along the line, takes the loss on the difference… so your point isn’t a very good one.

  • Frank

    @Hoo Dat

    I didn’t realize you spoke for the majority of cell phone users. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but the N4 is not cheap, no more flawed than any other phone, and, given how quickly it sells, definitely does suit the needs of most cell phone users. Given how similar most phones are nowadays, I don’t see how anybody could make that kind of statement.

  • Fido


  • joeee

    it should be 20% minimum for a talk, text, and data plan and 10% for a talk and text plan. ARPU after all is $60 and device subsidies are often amortized at $13 – $15 a month on a 36 month contract. $12 off per month (20% of $60) for the average plan seems reasonable.

  • Marc

    The problem with rogers is the only usable plan starts at 70$ a month. the 55$ plan only has 150 mb of data .. next step is 1 GB .. that’s just silly. Even with a 10% discount it’s 63 dollars a month. that’s still crazy.

  • mbabout

    Are there any CDMA carriers in Canada that allow you to bring your own CDMA device? Like several that do in the US.