Facebook for Android updated to allow users to change cover photos


  • MIng Tang

    Slightly unrelated: FB Messenger for Android, is anyone else still getting the “SMS/MMS” setting for this app? I’m using a Galaxy Nexus and I haven’t seen the SMS setting in the app since I’ve updated my phone to JellyBean.

    • james

      i wouldnt suggest u use facebook application any other than facebook use.
      Look at their permission allowance. they are already stealing so much information. your location, you phone number, your country. even after you turn all those off it still collects all that.

  • Greengoblin

    About time FB!

  • Inquiring Minds

    Yes i use SMS MMS and i turned it off so that my Note 2 takes care of MMS SMS instead of FB Messenger

  • Lukeiphone


  • Apple Sales Guy




  • HiKsFiles

    “not a huge feature but certainly appreciated” That’s right … but how do we do it ? I can see the option to change my profile picture (which is not a new option), but I cannot find how to change the cover picture.

  • ACITceva

    I wish they’d fix the “feature” that asks me every time I launch the app whether or not I want to add my contacts to Facebook. Obnoxious.

  • purdy44

    Completely agree with the “adding phone contacts” problem, though I think that should be fixed with a very minor update. My biggest problem is the continual “network error”/failure to load the rest of my feed.

    …Actually, that might not be a problem at all. Because my feed and accompanying photos fail to load the majority of time, it’s actually caused me to get so frustrated with the app that I rarely use it anymore. Instead, I am forced to actually interact with my friends in the real world. Thanks, Facebook!