Review: BlackBerry Z10 leather pocket case (Video)


  • Miknitro

    Personally, I like slip cases like this the absolute best.
    I don’t like bulky cases on phones but need something when not holding our using it and these make It perfect for my usage.
    Tks for the look at it M.S.

  • EvanK

    Video’s private, Ian.

    • EvanK

      Nevermind, fixed. Thanks.

  • BHH

    Looks great. I will be getting one. Thanks for the review.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    please review the blackberry flip shell case next

  • Rick

    Can’t wait for Tuesday

  • Kevin

    Picked up a real holster with the clip at Future Shop last night. It’s a little different but the quality is just fine also, nice leather.

    Now Rogers… where is my phone???

  • Sgt.Romanov

    So far the reviews have been excellent and sales in Europe have been very very good and thats because people are seeing how great the BB10 really is , now its Canada’s turn on tuesday to show the world BB is back and BB10 ROCKS !! 🙂

  • Lewis

    I think you’re putting the Z10 in backwards!

    Match it logo to logo. The way you’re inserting the Z10, the volume/play&pause buttons are NOT accessible.

    Appears that the other side is lower cut, in order to expose all three buttons.

    As well, the felt on the longer side would make sense for not scratching the glass screen (opposed to your suggestion of the battery door).

  • Bill Murray

    I did a survey, and 10/10 people who wear there phone on their belt are doushbags

    • Sweet

      I’ll bet those same 10/10 “douchebags” (note the correct spelling) are the ones who used to keep their phones in their pockets until they got fed up of having to replace their earphones & headphones every couple of months because carrying the phone in their pockets caused the earphone/headphone cables to break at the connector.

    • Bill Murray

      That’s a terrible reason to be a doushbag, you doushbag. It’s called blue tooth headphones doushbag.

    • Sweet

      Bluetooth earphones & headphones produce noticeably inferior sound quality than wired earphones & headphones, which is why the quality wireless headphones use KLEER wireless technology instead of Bluetooth. Douchebag.

  • Travis

    It’s ok but only worth $10 tops.

  • nexus lover

    only an i***t would pay 40$ plus tax for this garbage. its only 5$ And .99 cents on ebay

  • rtk19

    That doesn’t look too bad
    I’m waiting to get the shield for mine though.

  • Zeake

    Ugly phone design
    ugly software UI
    ugly trademark font
    ugly icons
    ugly …

    Same old blackberry, nothing new…

    • trueteller

      …..same old ugly Zeake.

  • Jebus

    Does it not come with a case like previous BlackBerrys?

  • jn

    god this phone looks awesome…..all that soft touch rubber looks like its totally made for in your hand action.

  • FKname

    Support RIM – buy one phone for family!

  • Happyboy

    I’m still on a contract with Telus so I will see when my contract is up Weather I will get a BlackBerry or not there is still A few things that I’m concerned about but hop blackberry Survives

  • Sweet

    Holsters should hold the phones upside down, so you just have to tilt the phone upward to see the screen with the info right-side up. Otherwise, you have to rotate the phone 180 degrees. Same goes with putting your phone in your pocket. Having the earphone/headphone jack at the top of the phone makes this much more difficult and risks damaging the earphone/headphone cable near the connector. Not a good design, IMO.

    I’m thinking they should have put the speakers on the sides of the phone and put the earphone/headphone jack at the bottom of the phone.

  • fandroidno1

    so it doesnt come with a case in the retail box?

  • anjew

    phonedog’s unboxing showed a case included.