Bell: “white BlackBerry Z10 units are no longer available for pre-orders”


  • me

    firt to post!

  • Nate


  • Kid.Canada

    That’s a great sign. All the naysayers will be stunned by the number of sales at the end of the quarter. Shut those haters up once and for all Blackberry! Go BB Go!!

  • Eluder

    “…but this is certainly a good indication that Canadians are embracing the new BlackBerry device.”
    Or that BlackBerry didn’t ship many white units…

    • Imwithtroll

      Exactly! How come none of the Crackfans are talking about the rumours that Blackberry only has a small supply of Z10s?

      The truth is out there!

      The Z10s cost A LOT more to make than those shitty BB7 devices Blackberry was previously selling. If we take an average cost-per-device of around $200 (normal average for a device of those specs), then multiply that by say 1 million, then that’s 200 million dollars already! That’s not counting marketing and distribution costs. So add many millions on top of that. Blackberry has less than 3 billion cash left in the bank. Can they honestly survive?

      If say Blackberry makes 5 million Z10s, than that’s easily over 1 Billion dollars in terms of expenditure, and put their cash on hand dangerously low.

      So Blackberry simply can’t afford to make a lot of Z10s. Plus I hope they do overproduce, because most people won’t go for an all-touch Blackberry, they’ll wait for the hardware keyboard Q10. So that means Blackberry will take a hit on many unsold Z10s, just like they took a hit on unsold Playbooks.

    • jellmoo


      That’s not quite how business supply and demand works though. It’s not like Blackberry (or any other manufacturer) actually pays for any of these things up front. Like all businesses, they are invoiced with a turnaround time that could be as small a window as 30 days, to 90 days, to even longer.

      Now yes, Blackberry will ultimately need to pay for parts, but they will be using profits from sales to hopefully fulfil those obligations.

      It is entirely possible that the first batch is a limited one (which I am inclined to believe given the incremental regional rollout) but it doesn’t have much to do with their cash reserves, and more to do with other limitations and most likely market demand.

    • Cheaster

      Just ordered my white z10 yesterday and can’t wait to play with it on Tuesday. This will be a big success for blackberry. Why do lesser quality have to route for people’s failures in life. Usually because they can’t take the success of others which is sad. I wish bb, android and ios all the best

    • babablacksheep

      Hahahahaha baaaaaaaa you’re deluded if you think that. Troll man is right.

      Clearly you don’t know how it works in these type of industries. You honestly think that they DON’T pay up front? You think factories produce these phones based on the honor system? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      First off, companies have to pay for shipping, customs, duties, etc for prototypes and pre-preproduction units during Quality Assurance testing.

      Then once at production level, most companies expect a percentage of the entire order to be paid up front before production begins. Usually that is minimum of 30% of total payment, and only then does a factory start production.

      Blackberry THEMSELVES said after their Q3 2012 numbers release that they will be eating into their cash reserves in order build up BB10 inventory, yet you sheep here are downvoting this fact LOL.

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      You’re wrong, but Mobilesyrup keeps deleting my comments!

  • Rim for Life

    Specs from 2011. Rip Blackberry

    • Bill Murray

      Specs don’t matter too much, just look at iphone…

    • jellmoo

      Okay, please list all of the devices that came out in 2011 that match these specs. It’s okay, I’ll wait…

    • Joe public

      And yet it beats sammys best galaxy S3 quad core and note2 quad core.

      Typical android user response, clueless just clueless.

  • xenrobia

    The more people who get to actually experience the Z10, the more glowing reviews are starting to surface. A Tech reviewer at a local television station was showing off the new Z10 and you could tell he was absolutely smitten with it, running out of time before he could demo everything he wanted to show off. It would seem that BB10 is really gaining some momentum.

    • Bill Murray

      It’s the only phone with all gesture control, there aren’t any buttons on it, I think that’s awesome.

    • Imwithtroll

      You’re a moron. First of all, there ARE BUTTONS ON THE SIDE OF THE PHONE. If you meant to say no buttons on the face, you should have said so. Secondly, this is NOT the first phone with no buttons on the face. THAT honour belongs to the Nokia N9 running Meego OS. That was the world’s first phone with ALL GESTURE control and no buttons on the front face.

    • jellmoo


      I don’t believe that the N9 (an amazing, amazing device by the way) was the first device completely lacking front face buttons. The first I can think of would be the Palm Pre Plus, and there may actually be others I cannot think of right now.

  • Bill Murray

    This phone actually doesn’t look good in white. The thick black bezel next to the white looks awkward. But it’s nice in black! I bet it would look good in a dark red, like what they did with the s3.

    • Olerius

      I respectfully disagree with you. The white looks sharp in contrast to the plethora of black phones out there, and borders the phone nicely, even with a blank (or off) screen.

    • Bill Murray

      I think what’s killed white blackberries for me was the abundance of girls who had white Bolds a few years ago.

  • rockman

    Always bet on black 🙂

  • frank

    honestly, what is the big deal of these “white edition smartphones”, it’s not even a good color for a phone. black or silver is the way to go.

  • ile2010

    The only phone with gesture control? I guess that my Nokia N9 was imaginary.

    • Martin

      The problem with the N9 is that the UI was designed by TAT. Meego (used in the N9) is a Linux based OS just like Android, Tinzin, Ubuntu, webOS, etc. But the problem is that TAT is owned by BlackBerry. Same thing with security – everyone now wants to have the best encryption – but BlackBerry owns Certicom. If you are not BlackBerry you can use this stuff but it’s going to cost you.

    • Imwithtroll

      You losers downvoted the N9 comment? HAHAHAAHAH what a bunch of morons.

      I really hope you downvote this comment, as anyone who downvotes this only confirms that they’re a narrow-minded goof.

  • john wiersema

    That’s ok. I ordered the Darth vader model over the Storm trooper model

    • Black or White

      Both colours suck anyway


    The new ubuntu OS also is gesture based

  • CoryB

    Seems like a non-issue since the retail launch is in two days. Once it has reached that point pre-order would stop anyway. It could just be a case of them following their normal process with the black pre-orders ending soon too.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Canadians will soon (Tuesday) show the world that BB is back and there not looking back , BB10 is ready to rock the mobile world and iOS and android are looking over their shoulders

    • Lmao

      Lol, no

  • Blackberry for Girls

    If you are a girl Blackberry is great, all else…

  • Tomatoes11

    RIP WP8! If the white model is actually sold out that is.

  • Paul

    I was about to get the z10 but now I decided to wait for the Q10 cause of the battery capacity, 2100mAH plus it’s a small screen too!

    • Paul

      So more juice.

  • ile2010

    I love how my Nokia N9 comment gets down voted. Didn’t put The Z10 down in any way, I simply pointed out that it wasn’t the only gesture-based phone.

    Keep on hating.

    • Imwithtroll

      Preach on my man!!!

  • Miknitro

    The white is right!


    Android users – live in there moms basement
    iphone users – live in cookie cutter homes
    Blackberry users – live in a 30the floor penthouse (like a boss)

    • i have yay

      Considering that 87% of iPhone users are girls between the age of 12-16 I’d say it’s a safer as sumption that iPhone users live with their mo mmys.

      I don’t know any Android users who live in their parents basement. They all have great jobs and hot wives, like I do.

      Blackberry users are the ones who usually have cash and buy their daughters the iPhone.


  • Kevin

    Can’t say I’m a huge fan of Blackberry but good on them for trying to make a comeback. I had the 9900 for 6 months…Keyboard was amazing but everything else was just kind of bland.

    I hope the battery life of these devices are much better…the battery was horrible in the 9900, would only last a day..barely…

    • Kazman

      Sure, the battery in the Bold lasted longer than the 9900, but hey, they still last longer than a laptop. We expect big things out of our devices these days, and hey, the Z10 still lasts as long as the Samsung!

  • Jess

    I get my storm trooper tomorrow 😉

  • herpaderpblacksheep

    Screw you Mobilesyrup for deleting my comments!!!!

    • Telanis

      I can’t imagine why they would delete your polite and intelligent comments.

  • shadyguy

    Just by reading on various sites including this one – this phone is gonna sell.

  • Kazman……you nailed it. Bought my daughter an iphone (white, lol), while I wait for my white Z10(hopefully tomorrow). I am feaking excited! IPhones are for kids….I’ll be completely happy with 70,000 apps that I’ll only use a handful of anyhow. Perestroika, Baby!