Update: Rogers puts the BlackBerry Z10 on an introductory sale, offers it up for $139.99 on a 3-year


  • hoo dat

    T-Mobile’s going to be $149 on a TWO year! Once again, the Canadian consumer gets screwed.

    • Hub

      As long as people continue to take it that way it won’t stop. You don’t want a 3 year contract? Don’t take one.

    • monsterduc1000

      @hoo dat: Spend a couple hundred more and get a Nexus 4 for $359 and NO CONTRACT! 🙂 Go wherever you want for a carrier and get the best deal.

    • Nathen

      Actually it’s spend a couple of hundred LESS and get a Nexus 4 Unlocked no Bloat ware from your Carrier AND !!! PENTABAND

    • Tom

      “You don’t want a 3 year contract? Don’t take one.”

      Most of us don’t have the option of one of the new entrants, and Robellus have structured their offerings so it makes no sense to take anything other then the 3 year option.

      So I wish people would stop staying that!

    • J S



    • Eduardo

      $350 on 2 years with Fido!! What a great deal!!!!


    • Kyle Harriss

      Yeah, but you guys don’t get it for another month or so!!! So you guys get screwed!!!! haha

    • Buy on the Rumours Sell on the News

      $150 is expensive, but if you put the Z10 at $140 on a three year contract minimumm of $50 per month, then the deal is…….still sucky actually!

      Even at $0 on a 3 yr term it would be expensive. It has been proven that some Windows-Nokia phones were good but the poor battery killed the sales/phone. Why didn’t they learn from their mistakes??

      The 9360 was an ok phone but the poor battery killed the phone, then they tried to patch it with the 9320, but it was too little too late.

      At $650 it makes it the most expensive phone after the iphone. at that price it makes its the BB-Fail 10.

    • Mexico Ron

      Why do the Android missionaries show up in every single thread?

  • McDonald’s Deal!

    Yay! Save a whole 10 bucks! Go to McDonald’s with that!

  • Hub

    $600 outright but locked to them. How is that a deal?

  • ile2010

    Wait… Rogers, cheaper?

    Considering they have the highest prices in Canada for their plans, you’d think they’d be a little bit more aggressive than $10 off.

    • MastaD

      Who actually carries around a spare battery… Answer: no one unless your living in 1998.. Like who cares about that, oh maybe a bb owner… Sorry.

    • sp

      highest prices?

      how so….

      the big 3 have all the same pricing for plans give or take a few bucks here and there..

      so this argument is m00t as you trying to be 7337 …. fail

  • random72

    ‘True Rogers fashion’ is charging more than everyone else, not having any devices available at launch and store employees having ‘no idea’ when said devices will be in stock. Heck, sometimes they’ve ‘never heard of’ the device your asking about!

    Rogers- creating the world’s most expensive and unreliable internet experiences


  • nexus 4 life

    this z10 is not worth 150 or 140 on a 3 year term. the outright price is a complete joke. why would i leave irresistible 35 for this garbage. this z10 is worth less then nexus 4. Google price by the way

    • BD

      @NEXUS 4 LIFE – Looks like you have a very negative thought, guessing you have a depressed life. To be honest, you are making yourself sound like what everyone calls a “sheep”, distasteful. You might not care for anyone’s opinion but then again, why should we value your opinion? Just shows what kind of character you are in real life.

    • hoo dat

      I’m still waiting for nexus 4 life to show me how I can live without a removable battery and an expandable memory. If I could live without those 2 things I would consider the N4. Until then, it’s totally useless to me, it could be free as far as I’m concerned and still not worth it because it would end up in a drawer within minutes.

    • sp

      not to mention .. USB debugging thats not available…

      now THATS a fail in my eyes.

  • spyderwraith

    You forget that the Rogers “reservation fee” is 40$ so the supposed 50$ savings of a 600$ outright price is more like 640$ that includes the fee. and the 139$ is pointless because again you have the 40$ reservation fee. So it should read 640$ outright and 179$ on a 3 year

    • Dimitri k.

      You are so wrong in every way. Please read to learn a bit.

      The $40 reservation fee will be credit back to your account if you CANCEL the reservation & or when the phone gets SHIPPED. Once that is done, they will send you a email saying the $40 is being credit back.

    • Tim

      It’s a $40 deposit. It is refunded when the phone ships.

    • CrazyHammer

      $40 fee is refunded once you get the device or cancel the order so know what you are talking about before you speak.

  • Clockwork

    Wait a week or two after launch, it’ll drop to $99 then $49 then 0.01

  • jeff

    Over priced. Maybe 50 dollars at best. The hardware (the processor ram etc) is a year old.

    • BD

      @jeff – Not overpriced at all considering that you are comparing it with phones from 6mths ago and Iphone is still having their overhyped price. The price will come down in due time. And talking about hardware…this OS ecosystem does not need the so called “quad-core” to run things, it does not have an efficiency that is needed unlike a Note 2. So please, do your own research before saying anything you might think is valuable.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Way too expensive for consumers. I heard Nexus4 is available tho for $309.

    • D

      Is your razr maxx hd going to be $309 no contract? Didn’t think so…

    • CrazyHammer

      Plus shipping and duty 😉

  • lol

    Lol guys everyone new phone is this price, not sure why its too expensive. Every phone but the Nexus is around $150 on contract and $600 without.

  • Mike

    Why is not expensive? Let me explain, Blackberry wants to win back their client base. They try to convince people to jump ship again… offering almost the same price as your toughest competitor is not a very smart strategy.

    If you want to compete with Coke (iPhone) and Pepsi (Android) in soft drink market, you better make sure your less well known brand sell at a bargain, like President Choice brand.

    I think BB exec’s are still living in a fantasy land.

  • CrazyHammer

    If I wanted an Android phone with an old clinky home button, boring interface I would have bought one long ago. Everyone knows that you can buy an Android for cheap but not everyone is an Android fan.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Don’t worry folks it’ll be $0 on a 3 year contract very soon. The playbook was also priced at $400+ when it was first announced.

    BB10 Firesale in a few months due to a huge lack of sales. You heard it here first!

    RIP Blackberry

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    wow $10 dollars, a few unwanted paid, short-code text messages and phantom charges will make up for that in no time

  • john

    Ever since the nexus 4 has been released the comments have been full of nexus 4 fanboys, the android equivalent of an iphone fanboy with an even lower intelligence.

    • MastaD

      Z10 should have been released in 2011, I don’t know why they waited two years… They never changed the hardware specs from then.. Must have had tons of software problems, someone needs to plant the roses, bb = dead

  • ehoustoun

    competitive price and the hardware looks very appealing, but the real question is who is going to take the risk returning the the BB ecosystem. After losing so much marketshare and already having a smaller developer base than android or iOS it seems like this doesn’t look like the worldshaker RIM is banking on this being.

    • skullan

      I did. After 18 months of Android, I got sick of it and went back to a Curve 9300. Far better communication device than the Nexus S.

  • Michael

    I am Windows Phone fan I love that OS but kudos to Blackberry for coming back even though they copied windows phone phone homescreen layout , the “live tiles” idea for their “Active frames” homescreen . I hope now that more people will now embrace these OS. The Windows Phone blackberry homescreens are the new generation of smartphone homescreens.

  • kkarunan

    So I just called FIDO… to see what offers they have for existing customers:
    $350 2 year contract – with a $60 voice/data plan
    $350 3 year contact – with a $70 voice/data plan

    good luck with existing customers FIDO!

  • legend618

    Is Blackberry CEO Heins related to Stephen Harper?

  • mike

    $600 outright. Is that a joke???? Is today April’s fools??? That can not be right. Blackberry’s are not in the same ball park or category as a real smartphone. Real superphones have a real App market. And Blackberry’s lack that category big time. $600 is a joke. Same price as a galaxy S3 and Blackberry’s don’t come close to a superphone like a S3. Rim make another huge mistake pricing these this high. Blackberry’s should not be priced higher than $250 outright plain and simple. Rim wants market share. They won’t get it pricing these this high. People will avoid buying these cause price is to high. People will buy a real superphone for that same price.

  • Todd

    I was waiting to get a BB10 for months. But at this price, forget it. To high. Im going out and get a Samsung Galaxy S3 for the same price.

  • shane

    I just ordered 3 this evening. All hup fees waived to boot.

  • screamer

    Talking about pricing if you almost done with business you better get your price right. Almost got the bold 9900 but the rep told me better getting an android.

  • Cell Hell

    I will sign a 3 year contract when hell freezes over. Maybe not even then. I won’t do 3 and I won’t do 2.

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Ooooo tempting deal!! being locked to Rogers for 3 years!

    Can you pull out my fingernails while we’re at it too?

  • mad

    What is the non contract price for the bb z10 at Rogers?