Video: “Reversal of Fortune” BlackBerry 10 app reveals the future


  • Wes


    • Mexico Ron

      LOVE IT!!!

      But really, for BB it is too little, too late. My ex was a hardcore BB fan but I think he is moving to Android soon too. And once you lose that type of user, it’s game over. He is a typical BB user: late 60’s, corporate, tech phobic, etc. Once users like him leave, who is left to buy your products?

    • Nothin But RIM

      Everyone else…

    • Mexico Ron

      Everyone else? So subtracting the Apple and iPhone users who won’t go back and the Windows 8 users who have just switched, that leaves, what, 2 or 3 of you?

    • Mexico Ron

      rather, subtracting the Apple and _Android_ users

  • iphoneee

    A blackberry???? no apple maps, how will I get there?

    • hoo dat

      Safely, I would imagine.

    • The Real

      @iphoneee Apple maps suck donkey angus….back to the Apple Orchard iSheep!

    • phreezerburn

      hoo dat… hilarious.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Just a few more days to know the real price of the BB10 , instead of the speculators who post here

    • sp

      and as the rest of us told you Sgt…

      if YOU dont want to buy it… YOU dont have to. especially if its too expensive for you.

      the pricing is close to what is being speculated, unfortunately

    • Sgt.Romanov

      No , why would anybody pay the full mark up price of these phones ???? why ??? because you are sheep to the system its the same reason cell phone rates in this country are so high because its people like you who will bend over and pay it , if people would only stand up and say this is crazy why are we paying so much and stop you will see change , why has apple stock fall to its lowest in years because people refuse to pay crazy money for the iphone5 and are buying the 4s instead and other lower priced apple products they are refusing to pay alot for these products

    • Nothin But RIM

      Sgt. Romanov – that’s actually not why Apple’s stock is falling. Apples stock price has nothing to do with people buying 4S’ instead of 5’s. I see tons of people with 5’s and a lot of people are perfectly happy paying that price as people will be to pay whatever price BB10 sells for.

      The reason Apple’s stock has fallen is because they are at the top and they have historically broken records in margin and sales. However, the market now doubts their ability to keep that momentum going which is why the price has corrected itself. It has nothing to do with Apple’s performance as they are still making money hand over fist.

    • sp

      lol…. you always give the same argument.

      none of us HAVE to spend money on such things. we do because we like to and because we can.

      its something called free choice and free will.

      like i said to you already..if YOU dont want to get it…DONT. some of us will because WE want to.

  • habskilla

    That little man is very very funny

  • Steve Garon

    I love this! I hope Blackberry deliver tho.

  • Miknitro

    BB10, We await your arrival.

  • skazzberry

    Yay now let’s buy Nortel phones and bring back the Avro Arrow while we’re at it!!!

  • grafikal

    Bell Mobility arriving February 5th $650 off contract. Excited?

    • hoo dat

      Although I think this would be a fair price for the phone compared to other prices that have been leaked this is quite steep. For instance, the UK price is 400GPB before VAT, translating into $635 CAD. As UK prices are approximately 20% higher than here that definitely should put the Z10 sub $600 by quite a considerable margin.

      The carriers are at fault here, trying to make a quick buck to those who want off contract while boosting the value of their plans.

  • Slype

    Never been a fan of the BB platform but I wish them well. I think the lesson they learned about sitting around while at the top will be one they will not soon forget.

    Loving the name “Reversal of Fortune”… wonder if they modeled it after the MTG card?

  • lukeiphone

    I hope RIM really delivers this. Otherwise it would be a slap on their face. Actually not them, but Rick mercer’s.

  • Joe

    I fully expected 600-650 price tag for this…

    Target market for this device is not consumers (they already have iPhones and Androids) it’s corporate… more specifically to army of those who have BBs and want to upgrade to “iPhone” like device…

    And corporate quite frankly doesn’t care if it’s 300 or 700 outright…

  • Raptor

    Rick Mercer, where are you? I have to send you some timbits.

  • Keith

    That was funny. I wonder who volunteered to be Siri the ex con from Baltimore.

    • Sony? No thanks!

      That was Sara, recently laid off by RIM.

  • COBwiggy

    I don’t get why people are so mad, and surprised, that it is going to be about 650 haha. That’s the cost of a good phone – any good phone. Yah the Nexus 4 was 359, but it also isn’t available. And it is going to continue to be scarcely available on Google Play as they are now aiming to sell it through carriers – meaning a 650 price tag.

    • sp

      Nexus 4 – unavailable through PlayStore. built in battery, non expandable memory, non-native LTE, USB debugging not available…..did i say unavailable though PlayStore for the price everyone is clamoring about that is making it the best phone in the world.

    • Mark

      I’d just like to mention that the N4 being sold out only affects those of you who didn’t wake up to buy one the day it went on sale…the rest of us are pretty damn happy with our $400 phone 🙂

  • Bubble Snake!

    Will there be BB10 phones that actually have a taste? I think they should add flavors to their phones, like blackberry, orange, raspberry, strawberry, etc. They could be the only lickable phones on the market, which would GUARANTEE success.

    Might also help prohibit people from wanting to borrow your phone to make a call – added side benefit.

  • OgtheDim

    RMR running a bit on fumes there.

  • S

    I wish people would stop hating on the Nexus 4 just cause they weren’t able to get it. Oooo , terrible specs, give me a break.

    • hoo dat

      S, I’ve always maintained that the Nexus4 is not a good phone, it’s completely useless to me. I NEED a removable battery, I carry 2 spare with while travelling and very often find myself in situations where charging is impossible. More importantly, I NEED an expandable memory (32GB, 64GB preferred) as I’m constantly switching SD cards. Besides I can fill 16GBs in minutes so that strikes the N4 out immediately. That glass back wouldn’t last two seconds on one of my business trips either.

      So to suggest that peoples’ negative reaction to the N4 is purely one of jealousy is highly dubious. There are plenty of people out there who would consider the N4 nothing more than an amusing paperweight. Myself included.

    • Mark

      Lol @ hoo day…N4 “an amusing paperweight”. Uh huh. If you’re really filling your 16 gigs in “miuntes” maybe you should consider reading a book instead of watching movies on your phone. Glass back wouldn’t last “two minutes”? Learn not to drop your s**t, son. It’s a great phone and you can’t buy it so neener neener troll on.

    • hoo dat

      LMAO! You obviously have no understanding about actually USING your phone, do you?

      16GB for movies? I should be so lucky! One day when you grow up and start using your phone like a big boy does, maybe you’ll understand.

      But I doubt it.

  • Just me

    Removable battery and expandable memory are a thing of the past, the only company still living in the past seems to be Samsung look at every good phone on the market HTC oneX+ LG optomas G iPhone all are pointing users to the future which is cloud storage and the benefits of internal battery much out way the few people that carry around an extra battery I have a little juice pack that can fit in a breast pocket and gives 3 full charges and sure as hell cost less then 3 battery’s I use my phone for business too and if your going through battery’s that quick you don’t know how to use your phone properly

    • hoo dat

      You have absolutely NO idea what I use my phone for, do you? None. So how can you judge how I’m not using it properly?

      Your battery solution doesn’t work. Having a back up charger is too slow and ponderous. Battery swaps take seconds and I don’t have to wait around for them to work.

      Your cloud solution also doesn’t work. Again, too slow and certainly not reliable enough for certain areas I find myself in.

      Face it, the N4 is as useless as t*ts on a bull to me. Why is that so hard to accept??