LG Optimus G Jelly Bean upgrade starts rolling out to 50 countries this month, Canada still on track for “early Q2”


  • Eric

    Hope the company benefits from their partnership with Google!

  • joe

    Looking forward to getting the update! Love the optimus g. Will unlocked versions on non supported carriers still get the jelly bean update as well?

    • EvanK

      If it’s the unlocked international OEM version, then yes, it’ll be the first to receive the update. If it’s from another carrier that’s been unlocked, then it will eventually, but not immediately.

  • random72

    Sorry Canada- only real countries, like Singapore (!), will get the update in a timely fashion. By the time it finally trickles out here, Jelly Bean will be almost a year old. For the record, I got 4.1 for my S III in early December. Flagship device, eh LG? Uh-huh…keep talking.

    • Darknut

      Yet the Optimus G with ICS is superior to the S3 on JB. Flagship? Hell ya. Looks nicer than the S3 by far is smoother performance wise across the board even without Project Butter, It can do pretty much everything much better. And feature wise isnt lacking in the least.
      Anyways once the update makes its way to Canada in 1-3 months the Optimus G will be head and shoulders above the S3. Its not even competition.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I will wait until someone manages to root it. I dont want to lose root. It is too special.

  • ianguy92

    Got rid of my s3 a while ago i wasexcited for jellybean then i got it on the s3…still slow as hell compared to my lg optimus g, that being said YES FLAGSHIP DEVICE .Good work lg very impressed that this phone is still faster than the s3 even with ICS 4.0.4..The jokes on you S3 fan/owners!

  • Bond

    The Optimus G is available only in 4 countries and not 50 countries. The title should have read – “LG Optimus G Rolling Out to Global Markets With Android 4.1 Onboard” or something along those lines. Gross inaccuracy in the title alone. *smh*

  • Eluder

    Looking forward to this update. The phone is already super smooth and fast, I can only imagine how much better it’ll be after the update.

  • roman

    Welcome to last year.

  • nickn

    Great news. Looking forward to getting the update!

  • Caden

    i have an LG optimus G. i think it SUCKS!!!