Sony says the “The extraordinary is coming”


  • BuckiiR

    Nexus from Sony…

    • Piff

      It’s too late for that. LG is now and Motorola is next.

    • IceScream

      The Extraordinary is coming:
      -More phones with Ice Cream Sandwich in 2013.

      No thanks Sony!

  • Eric

    I really like Sony, just different from Apple and Samsung. The design looks really nice on the Xperia Z, much better than Samsung’s flimsy plastic. Going to get it when it releases!!!

  • BuckiiR

    I was just kidding bout the Nexus but yeah never know though… now more so that google opened the Nexus program to more then one hardware maker

  • Tom

    Please let it be a high-end Android with a screen 4″ or less…

    Currently, all the smaller Android’s are throw-away devices meant for consumers who don’t care about getting updates.

  • DrBadass

    Playstation 1 Hell yea!!!!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    That’s nice, Sony. Tell us when you actually have shipping date.

    • Kumpf Drive

      When is BB10 shipping? It isn’t Jan 30, that is just the announcement.

  • Jake

    I hope you’ll make something good for once Sony

  • baconeater

    An extraordinary 5″ 1080p, quad-core phone with 2gb of ram…hmmm never seen that before. Maybe Sony will throw in a white pixel to really mix it up.

    Hopefully the new releases are water resistant at least

    • Iwasjustwondering

      Why? Do you take your phone into the bathroom a lot?

  • willy

    “the extraordinary is coming” thats what she said..

  • Michael

    All these company always send out these email and invites saying the same thing, “get ready for the next big thing” , “something extraordianry is coming” then it turns out to be just a regular phone with features some other phones already have, bet they are going to promote it being water rsistant as extraordinary. Funny thing is that phones have been doing that since 2011. Case in point Windows Phone 7.5 fijitsu model.

  • SC

    the extraordinary slow OS updates are coming

  • screamer

    I don’t need build quality because put a case anyways. So and than I wish they were a clean software so that they are notnlooked. I also don’t need a 2 ghz quad core phone only one that works. So for now I have a galaxy s3 and that just works for me and when the new update comes it’s good for another year.

  • nexus

    More great phones the better. Wish I could try them all.

  • Slappy

    Oh boy, oh boy..I hope it’s another rootkit.