Nexus 4 is shipping to Canadians again (still sold out online)


  • Dones

    I still can’t even place an order for the damn phone. This is ridiculous!

    • peters~

      You can have mine. I get it end of Jan !

  • money and sex are everything

    No thanks, I’ll wait for bb10.

    • Tyco

      I agree.
      Anyone would be crazy to buy in the next couple weeks with BB10 launching Jan.30th.
      You want to see demand? Wait til you see fans clamouring for the BlackBerry phone.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    No thanks LG. I’ll wait for the X phone by Motorola instead.

  • skullan

    I find this humorous 🙂

    On the other hand, in my opinion, Google and LG should be both upset and embarassed respectively. Actually, Google should be both, as it should have understood the type of demand out there and should have also made sure its hardware partner would have been capable enough to deliver higher production capability.

    Ah well, by the time the Nexus 4 issues are likely to get resolved, it will be time for its successor.

    • Jeremy

      How should they have known? The last time they sold direct it was an awesome phone (the Nexus One) but people wanted to see and touch and buy it in stores only.

      Every post about the N4 has i****s whining and thinking Google is doing something terrible. If so, quit your whining and buy a different phone.

      No, wait. Just whine on the internet. That’s a better use if everyone’s time.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      That’s what I meant to say. Another company can release to market a better phone faster than these clowns can ship an existing product.

    • COBwiggy

      Yah they should have known, but they haven’t even made enough for a normal demand, as a prior article stated there has only been 400 000 made, that is an extremely small amount

    • skullan


      They have enough experience from the Nexus One and the Nexus S to tell them there will be a demand.

      The Nexus S 4G sold over 500,000 units on Sprint alone, within a 1 year period starting in 2011.

      The Galaxy Nexus’ reception was very poor.

      Then there’s the second side of the equation, not only should they have been aware that the product they were releasing had the potential to sell like hotcakes, they should have made sure their production line would not leave them in the position where they had to struggle.

      I remember the last time they had it on sale in Canada, it was a Monday….


      I think it’s only Google’s up. Because Nexus 10 is out of stock as well, they don’t know how many to order and when to start selling.

  • Thomson

    If they can’t keep it in stock, then I don’t want it.

    • Mark

      That is obviously not how capitalism works 🙂

  • Pascal B

    Don’t worry guys… The SGS4 will be avalaible soon 😉

    • poopypants

      If Samsung put unlocked vanilla android on their phones and a SD slot I would go for it even if it was $200 more.

  • nexus

    The new nexus is one nice phone. Better than my s3. fast updates here I come. Have fun with your Motorola x phone. Lol

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      You can buy a Nexus S or a Nexus and get updates faster than the Nexus 4 ships. Motorola X phone (Nexus 5) and LG Nexus 4 are both phones on the horizon and not available yet.

  • Cmarenburg

    Ok so that means their two -three weeks ahead. That’s some good new right?

  • Zoomus

    Yes I agree it is ridiculous this waiting game and no availability online bla bla, but go ahead get something else, cancel your order so there might be more stock available and maybe jut maybe I can get mine faster, go and enjoy your S3 or what ever, than in a few months when the N5 comes out I will get it as well and you can wait for months or years for the updates as I will be enjoying Key-lime Pie mmmmm

  • andy c

    Mine showed up yesterday. Really nice phone

  • Epic fail

    So glad I have my gnex, was gunna order a nexus 4 on launch day but couldn’t then tried again on the second order day but couldnt. After seeing a lot of the reviews, I realized the phone want much different from my gnex and have decided not to bother with it anymore.I’ll wait till the nexus 5 hopefully from Sony or Samsung.

    • Jake

      Keep telling yourself a lie. Like I said people who do not own a nexus 4 will tell themselves over and over again that I bought the right phone. Deep down they want the Nexus 4. But they can get it. I’m happy that sold out it makes the phone extra exclusive and keeps the price high on Craigslist. I’ve sold 3 of them and made 700 dollars profit. Now I have 1 of my own and I love it. The phone does everything correctly and perfectly. I don’t care what anyone says the Galaxy s3 lags even with jelly bean. No matter what Samsung does touch wiz will always destroy phones

  • Jake

    Its funny. People criticizing the phone don’t even own it that’s why they’re so pathetic. Trust me if you have a nexus 4 there is no way in hell you’re going to keep your Galaxy Nexus or galaxy s3. The nexus 4 puts Samsung galaxy s3 and note to shame. Keep Telling yourself you made the right choice when you bought your iPhone or galaxy s3. You know deep down the Nexus 4 is the best phone. I sold 3 of them now I own. The profits from the first 3 I sold were able to get me a nexus 4 and note 2 for my dad. He’s better off with a note is older and the phone is garbage

    • hoo dat

      Why would I own this phone? No removable battery, no expansion slots, no Workable LTE and complaints of chronic buzzing earpieces and glass backs that crack after minor temperature changes. This is by far not a perfect phone and the short cuts LG and Google have taken to bring it in at a price point that works for them are glaringly obvious and make the phone pretty much unusable for a many.

    • Michael McGuinness

      How the F** does the N4 put the S3 and Note to shame? Tell us. The Galaxy series has many more features. I have all three and sold the Nexus 4 to some fanboy who wanted to pay too much for it. The nexus program is a joke. Timely OS updates? Does anyone remember the Nexus S and how several other devices were updated to ICS before the Nexus S itself? Yawn. These nexus fanboys are no better than Apple fanboys.

    • Pascal B

      The shame is on the Nexus 4 for mixing 2 great features :
      – No removable battery
      – Pathetic battery life

    • Jake father

      I’m so disappointed in you son.

  • mike

    I received mine yesteday. Had ordered on 3rd jan.. was estimated to be 7-8 weeks.

    • mike

      sorry, I meant 3rd Dec.

    • til-bar

      Same as me…seems like it was a treat since I didn’t expect it for a couple weeks still.

    • peters~


  • Nick

    Atleast the S3 is LTE right out of the box.

  • ActivesiN

    I got mine and I love it
    but buying one was one of the most frustrating purchasing experiences ive ever had

  • til-bar

    Ordered my Nexus 4 16GB on Dec 3 and received it via UPS yesterday (Jan 4). It was supposed to ship “7-8 weeks”, so I should feel lucky 😉

    Beautiful phone. I already had the 8GB version and love it, but need more storage.

    • hoo dat

      So you had to spend an additional $419 to get an extra 8GB? The lack of a micro SD slot is inexcusable.

  • @hoo dat

    Or…because it is in such high demand he sells his 8gb at near retail…

    • skullan

      Probably above retail to be honest.

    • hoo dat

      In such high demand? 400,000 now equates to high demand?

  • Sam

    If the 7-8 week wait orders are already getting theirs then it is likely they will be on sale again soon, as it has been rumoured they will be on sale around the 7th

  • @hoo dat

    It is limited by supply not demand…..all the people bitching they can’t get one are potential purchasers of his extra 8gb phone…. this is not a difficult concept is it?

  • Sal

    Order Date: December 3, 2012 12:33:40 PM UTC-8

    I still have not received a shipping notification and was in the 6-7 week time frame. Still impatiently waiting!

  • jonny

    why are my comments not appearing anymore?

  • J

    Was hoping to get this phone but with this ridiculously low supply issue, it has left me so annoyed. I have no interest in this phone anymore, Luckily, my phone plan expires later this year.. Hopefully the next Nexus,BB10, GS4 (maybe even the next iPhone) arrives by that time and impresses. Having choices and competition is great.

  • sum_guy

    hmm strange i havent recieved any notification yet and i am 6-7 weeks

    • rairai

      same here

  • deltatux

    I’m in the 7-8 week window, still no emails, not sure what Google’s doing on their end. I want my phone lol.

    Seeing how the person in the screenshot ordered his phone near the time I did, I hope I’m getting mine from the next batch.

    • Greg

      Same here too. I ordered mine on Dec 3, and received a confirmation saying that I’m in the 7-8 weeks order but when I checked the order status on Google Play Store it says it’s still under pre-order.

      I emailed Google 3 weeks ago, but didn’t get any reply from them on the status of my order.

    • Jake

      Even if you were 1 minute of the time that this screenshot is you are automatically pushed to 7 to 8 weeks. Can you not read you i***t it is for the 6 to 7 week time frame. Why would Google email you if you’re in the 7 to 8 week. Are you stupid

    • hoo dat

      Wow, Jake, relax and quit being a Google apologist. What got tangled up in your craw?

  • PXY

    7-8 Week area. No email. Still have to wait. The arguments that I keep reading about production and N4 vs _____ are all interesting but i think I’ll keep my hopes up for Nexus 4.

  • OhDatNerdyKid

    MobileSyrup is full of RIM fanboys. And just by saying that, I’m going to have a bunch of downvotes.

    • rairai

      When often when one makes such a generalized statement a vote down seems inevitable. Not to mention it has nothing to do with this article.

  • phreezerburn

    The Nexus 4 is the best advertising device Google has yet came up with. It pays for itself and keeps their name in the headlines so I’d guess that it’s mission accomplished. No Nexus 4 handsets to be found and yet LG’s own version exists en mass? Yeah it’s production capacity that’s at fault…

  • hoo dat

    @ @hoo dat (incidentally, cloned IDs are nothing more than lazy, insecure ways of responding. Try living up to the courage of your convictions and posting under you actual ID).

    So is it “high demand” or “supply not demand” that’s the issue here? Sorry to say neither have anything to do with each other and both don’t offer an adequate excuse as to why LG/Google have only produced and distributed 400,000 after about 6 weeks of sales with people still waiting 6 to 8 weeks for reserved phones.

    If it’s “high demand”, like you originally suggested, then why have there only been 400,000 released to date?

    If it’s “supply not demand” then why is it that 2 “titans” of industry can’t come up with more supply to satiate demand, especially when the number supplied to date has been so pathetically low?

    None of your excuses hold up. This is not a difficult concept to understand, is it?

  • OhDatNerdyKid

    BTW, I blow goats.
    RIP Android 🙂

  • Karl

    I just got my Nexus 4 on Friday night; it’s definitely worth the wait! The interface has yet to hang and the device itself is quite sturdy and beautiful. My only gripe was paying the $18 for UPS standard shipping, took a full week and the package only weighs one pound. All up it’s a great buy, and I’d certainly recommend holding out for it if you aren’t hyped up about the coming 1080p phones.

  • Cmarenburg

    I am not sure why LTE is a major issue for every one. Seeing as it is still limited to a lot of cities. For any one that lives in the country and can only get 3G this would make a decent phone

  • Rob

    I had money burning a hole in my pocket for this phone in November. Now I’m bored of it and I’ll probably just hang on to my god old HTC Desire that doesn’t break no matter how many times I drop it (which is lots). Of course, I bothered to log on and comment about it because I’m so over it. ====

  • Rob

    *good old

  • deli

    my 2-3 weeks order is going to arrive tomorrow. WTF> How are people on the 6-7 weeks list get it before I do? WTF!?!?!?

    Galaxy S3 definitely better than the Nexus 4 in so many ways.

  • coyote748

    still can`t order it makes it easy to order a bb10 in a few weeks

  • mariam

    does anyone who ordered the nexus 4 and getting it soon not want it?

  • EnviroTO

    How can so many people quote the production numbers and use that to question high demand? Supply is not demand!! If I have a one gold bar and I sell it for $20 the demand isn’t low because only 1 was sold and the value consumers are willing to pay is not only $20. Only once Google is able to have unsold supply sitting on shelves will we know what the demand is at the price point they are selling at.

  • ~peters

    the SG3 bitc* slaps this phone