2012 MobileSyrup Award Winners!


  • 45

    I laughed when I saw Wind won the top carrier. Awesome.

    • ron

      Why laugh at Wind?

      Even if you don’t like them, or don’t use them, they are helping to bring down prices.

      Do you think the bastard children called Virgin, Chatr and Koodo would still be around without Wind?

    • 45

      Pretty sure KOODO and Virgin were around before Wind. They have their place in the market, that’s for sure. I wasn’t laughing AT Wind… I was laughing at them being voted as the top Canadian carrier of 2012.

    • ron

      Even if the bastards were around before Wind, I don’t think that they would still be around today without Wind.

    • Sam

      Come on what about apple map!

  • Matt

    I smell some bias

  • AllanVS

    No surprise that Apple isn’t even listed … I am surprised about Wind though.
    Also, not surprised about Samsung or Nexus 7.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I think this says a lot more about MobileSyrup’s audience than it does about the competitive landscape of the Canadian mobile industry.

    • briggs

      Would you expect anything else really? These are only awards in the most divided sector in Canada.

    • Mark

      Absolutely true. This is more representative of MobileSyrup readers than the overall country. However, MobileSyrup readers tend to be mobile enthusiasts who are more knowledgable, experienced, more technically proficient, and more well researched that the common mobile user. So to me this poll represents the best as voted by those who know best.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Mark I think you give MobileSyrup’s readers far too much credit.

  • ActivesiN

    Wind as top carrier hahahaha

    • Leaf Nation

      Why not Wind can be carrier of the year? Here is how much canadian saved by switching to Wind…. (Big 3) charge $95- (Wind) $40= $55x 600,000 users = $33 m/month.
      Wait CID Voicemail charge extra by big 3.

  • Raddik

    “Best Overall Customer Experience”

    That’s a trick question!

  • EvanK

    Good job, WIND! Keep bringing more competition to Canadian soil!

  • Kid.Canada

    @Matt well it can’t be Apple or the iPhone 5 obviously since there’s nothing great about it. Any if you ask anyone besides the Apple fanboys, they’ll tell you the S3 is light years better including myself. Truly an awesome device.

    • Jon F

      I wouldn’t call the GS3 light years better, and I’ve used both phones extensively.

      The GS3’s advantages: OS flexibility, removable battery/storage and a bigger screen for those that want it. However, the iPhone 5 has a better camera, a higher-quality display, a more hand-portable design, faster performance (especially for graphics) and a deeper media ecosystem.

      Most of the GS3’s software tricks tend to be gimmicks few people actually use. Smart Stay only sometimes works, many of the hand gestures are switched off by default, and S Voice… well, there’s no beating around the bush: S Voice was a copy of Apple’s Siri, and not even a good one. It’s a great phone, but it’s mostly winning through timing and sheer ubiquity, not some kind of innate superiority.

    • jellmoo

      While I am not a big fan of the S3, I do agree that it deserves phone of the years honours.

      That being said, your statement seems somewhat unfair. There are plenty of viable reasons to prefer the iPhone 5 to the S3, and those do not make one a “fanboy”. I am not an iPhone user, but I can many scenarios where the iPhone is the better choice.

      While I get that Mobile Syrup has an Android slant, it really doesn’t do any favours to anyone to continue with the us vs them mentality.

  • Threecube

    Cool. A carrier I can’t even use is the top carrier… WTB Wind in Victoria.

    • EvanK

      +1 from Winnipeg

      It’s too bad that they weren’t able to keep their promises and launch in Halifax, Winnipeg, Victoria, Regina, and Saskatoon. Maybe 2013 will be our year…

  • np

    I’m not a fan of the s3. It was mostly a letdown and didn’t live up to the hype. HTC one X+ is a better device imo being quad core and it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic.

    • EvanK

      I’ve tried both the S3 and the One X+, and honestly I still prefer the S3. IMO Sense 4+ still isn’t quite there in comparaison to Touchwiz, and even though it boosts the CPU to a quad core best, the S3 is still quicker. The One X+ is still an awesome phone, don’t get me wrong. Its design and build quality trump the S3’s plastic, but if I had to choose one it’d still be the S3.

    • np

      For me I always root and flash on cyanogen mod because I can’t stand touchwiz or sense, which is another reason I prefer the one x+ because it’s just a faster device.

  • Matt

    @Kid.Canada what makes it light years ahead of anything else?

  • gjeff12

    I don’t think you can say that wind is the best carrier. Sure, they might have great plans, but they only have coverage in a few cities. Overall I think it would have been nice to see a n/a in best carrier cause they all suck.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • 2c

      I RIPped my anus with my Android phone.

  • Homestar726

    Brought to you by Wind…. I mean….. Hmmmm….. Maybe a bit Bias

    • Jon F

      “Biased.” And I don’t think MobileSyrup is!

  • Netguru

    It would be interesting to see the voting breakdown for each category. How close (or not) were the second and third place winners?

  • hoo dat

    The Nexus 7? How soon people forget:

    Severe light bleed, ill fitting screens (some as much as 1cm proud to one side), page ghosting, missing and untightened screws, etc. I sent mine back within hours of getting it. Once bitten, twice shy, I will never buy another Nexus branded tablet as long as I live.

    • AhCup

      Forget what? Those who got a perfect condition of Nexus 7 that’s out voiced by people like you? You Jelly?

  • Steve

    I voted Wind, just because I like what they are trying to do. I can’t even use them though because of where I live. I hope that they can force the big three and their subsidiaries to rethink their plans and pricing.

  • Miko12

    I returned my S3 and signed up with the One X+… Its by far a better device.

  • Rainman

    Anyone use the browser on their phones much?

    If so, yes, the GS3 kicks a$$! Test it against anything. Well, except the Note 2…that browser really smokes!

    • OgtheDim

      “Anyone use the browser on their phones much?”

      On this site, I’d think most of us download a browser.

  • DrBadass

    I have wind and love them, but top carrier??? Say What???

  • dv

    I’m loving the android love mobile syrup!

  • Tal

    I would love to believe Wind is on the top.
    But that is so silly … that you loose your credibility here at least with me.
    I live in the core of the GTA. I switched to Wind. I left after 3 weeks! I am willing to pay the device penalty and was just running away as quick as I could.
    Horrible call reception. Horrible data availability and speeds.
    I lost calls. Had even once a Dr. not being able to reach me and almost got into medical problem. While being in house.
    Whenever I got into the washroom at work the phone turned into “Roaming”!. Amazing fail.

    So having them as top carrier is crap, pardon my French.

    • havy

      First of all the winners are based on reader poll, not Mobilesyrup review.
      So maybe Wind won because people liked unlimited calling, lower monthly fees combined with Windtab that made handsets affordable. I’m not even a subscriber since Mobilicity works for me.
      Unfortunately Wind’s cell spectrum(higher frequency) does not penetrate buildings as well as the lower frequencies owned by the big 3. They are also still adding cell sites to fill in coverage holes.
      My recommendation is test Wind or Mobilicity before you commit to make sure they cover your needs. Some stores might be able to arrange a loaner phone or sim, or ask a friend.
      The benefit might be hundreds of dollars saved per year!

    • just no

      You may have had a point, Tal, but I stopped reading at “loose”.

    • skullan

      You are blaming MobileSyrup for the results, when it was the commentors and readers of MobileSyrup that provided them.

      This was not blog post, this was a user opinion poll.

      Anyone says they disagree with it, then adjust your comments to us, not to MobileSyrup.

    • STY

      @Tal When you are a Robelus shill, you have to lie better. For those who know, the handset would never say “roaming”. Proof you are telling falsehoods. Obvious social media smear attempt.

    • MrBriggs

      Right, because it couldn’t possibly be that your case was an exception, right? If it didn’t work for you, it must mean that it didn’t work for everybody.

  • dave thans

    All that matters here us that Apple made it nowhere near the whole list because they are overpriced garbage. Mobilesyrup have the most intelligent readers, wish the rest of the country were as smart as you guys! 🙂

    Happy new year my fellow informed tech ‘geeks’. All the best for 2013!

  • Matt

    I want to see the runners up in each category!!!

  • dave

    Gotta love Wind. On my Nexus 7, HotSpotted to my Nexus S. $35 a month for a year and a half or so.

    Yep. They are the best, at least in my town. They forced the dog to give my wife and her iPhone a $56 monthly deal. Getting there.

    Anything you guys got from the other companies, well you owe Wind a bunch of a*s smootches.

  • Harry c

    Wind with S3

  • David

    I beg to differ, but at least it’s not iPhone any more. Lumia 920 is definitely the best phone of the year for me.

  • Get. A. Clue.

    LOL @ Wind being Carrier of the year.

  • Sam


  • kaveh

    I think galaxy note2 is better than s3 because its creative and have new idea

  • Sasha

    David I’m with you, S3, a fine phone i will admit, is nothing more than bigger screen thinner body blah, blah, blah. This is something you expect of the next generation phone but nothing that the other phone does not have already.

    Lumia 920 is the phone that brought most innovation in to the mobile ecosystem in 2012. Image stabilization, image quality, improved screen sensitivity etc.

    Ultimately their decision was based on total sales and to be able to match even dethrone iphone at certain times is an achievement in its own right. I rather be working for Samsung than Apple right now;)

  • blueJaysslugger

    Hey everyone great input on which phone is better and why, if anything let’s have a vote on it. Oh SNAP we already did and the S3 won.

  • K Shah

    Wind is making an effort in providing services at a lower cost, they’ve made the industry more competitive. I find them to be ok.

    $29 for a lot more that’d cost at least $60 with the others.

  • Moe

    I think Wind deserve to be TOP. I just switched from Rogers to Wind, and that’s the best decision I ever made. I travel from Oakville to Hamilton to Niagara falls I never had any issues and I can’t believe I get everything for 40 bucks.

    If you live in GTA area, one should get Wind. Trust me you won’t regret.

  • Dave

    Everything is right on the dot excepted the Telus joke. LOL

  • Dave

    Way to go Wind!! Love your unlimited wish plan. No other carrier comes even close to your rates. Keep spreading the love. The others that try to knock Wind are all stuck in contracts. 🙂

  • Jebus

    The WIND store promoted this poll to me and made me vote for them for a deal while I was in their store. (I have since cancelled). I wonder how many store did this hmmmm?