TELUS’ LTE network now live in Sudbury


  • Don Johnson

    Ya been reading for months that we were going to get LTE in Grande Prairie by the end of the year. so unles it happen New Years eve, Telus dropped the ball.Guess Telus figures Grande Prairie can be last because they have no competition here.

    • Boss

      Nobody knows where you hicktown is. Stop crying.

    • 2c

      RIP RIM!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

    • EvanK

      Stop crying, the Big 3 have bigger priorities than Grande Prairie.

  • jnrbshp

    So wait, does this mean that telus and bell don’t share their networks anymore?

    If they did wouldn’t the post be about the both of them?

  • aregularonhofo

    Sorry, guys, for not being more active on this forum. Me and my boyfriend Steve are having TOO much fun this holidays season, if you know what I mean.

    To all the same-sex couples out there, keep on doing what you’re doing! Join the revolution, and Happy Holidays!

    Wind is the best, and Mobilicity is bankrupt. But you already know that.

  • Stranger Pete

    You mean over 1/2 of Canadians robbed. WOW!

  • Crank

    And yet LTE still doesn’t work indoors. And the spectrum auction could very well go to a second-rate provider because they’re more motivated (aka desperate)

    Hey MobileSyrup, where were you before LTE became popular to let us know that LTE is s**t indoors?

    Oh, I forgot, that would get in the way of you doing the advertising work for shiny Samsung and Apple baubbles.

    Bang-up journalism all around.

    • Gooby Pls

      What crawled up your a55 today, you cranky old geezer?

      “Get off my lawn, kids!”

    • skullan

      MS is far less biased then any other site I read. The reason there is so much Samsung press? Because Samsung is active in Canada.

      If you want someone to report about how poor the LTE is in your area, then take it to MS’s forums, HoFo or

      This is about reporting news, not about reporting subjective results.

    • Juliia

      I’ve had luck getting LTE indoors at work.

  • Grant

    @ Vincent….The issue isn’t with The Telus Network, the issue is with your sh*ty Iphone 5, get a real smartphone and then you won’t have any problems.