Press is a beautiful, approachable Google Reader app for Android


  • Brad F(anboy)

    Finally! It’s about time people start making some beautiful apps for Android.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Tom

      BB10 supports 90% of Android apps, and that probably includes this app. So hopefully this app will come to BB10 soon too.

      Whoops. I forgot, BB10 only support Android 2.3. Okay, hopefully RIM will update that, and THEN apps like this will come to BB10.

  • tendenzi

    I can’t believe it took this long for someone to rip-off Reeder on iOS for Android.

  • Psy

    Does Press have widgets as well?

    I’m using Minimal Reader Pro for my Reader needs right now and it’s a beaut as well. Such an underrated app.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing what else is on the market, but a nice widget is something I need.

  • Mitchell

    The only glitch in this application is on the start screen. It says no label but in the video they clearly show labels…

  • Michael

    Guess Google realises all the beautiful apops on Windows Phone, in the last few months many of Android and iOS apps have suddenly been going for beauty and simplistic design, pretty much following in Windows Phone Modern UI apps. They are still not as beautiful as WP apps.

    • jeremiah

      form should follow function. sure an app can look pretty, but if it’s not as usable, it’s pretty pointless.

  • danifunker

    What’s ugly about gReader now? They redid everything earlier this year (I believe), looks and acts beautiful, plus it’s fast and does 2 way server sync.

  • Dave

    I have been using NewsRob. I have downloaded Press to see if it is better.

    One issue, how do you move from one post to next, NewsRob is very good at that, seems more swipes on Press, maybe I just need some time with app

  • Kevin Thom

    Wait. Bring back Google Reader? Where did it go? I use it every day on my Nexus 7 and Motorola Atrix and it works just fine. This one looks a little slicker, but I found that simple is best. Unless my Google Reader goes away like the author’s, I’m going to keep using it.

  • Guile

    I would agree that gReader is not ugly and a step ahead of Gogle Reader app, but lately I am discovering Feedly. It’s much more beautiful it’s also free. Maybe a little less convenient, but I love the interface.

  • Duplex

    I personally use Feedwall. It’s pretty basic but it can show the full article and not just summary (most feeds I read only have summary)