TELUS will also release the Samsung ATIV S on December 14th, but “quantities are limited”


  • adam

    You mean December

  • malek

    November or December

  • Guri

    you mean December 14 NOT Nov 14

  • rama

    November 14 or December 14??
    I think mobile syrup reporters need vacation…lol

  • Ian Hardy

    Whoops, was dreaming it was a month ago as originally expected… changed.

  • AL

    Due to the popularity of the device there will be limited quantities? I am a bit surprised by that to be honest, I did not know there was that much demand for Windows Phone 8.

  • DMan

    Huge demand, no. But they are an easy sell to people who aren’t looking apps upon apps upon apps mess that is iOS, or the way-too-many-choices-and-options on android. Good option for people who just want email, check their bank balance and text their grand kids. Of the OSs, Windows 7-8 is the easiest to pick up and use. Plus. Apple’s market-the-hell-to-make-it-popular is working, and all I see is windows commercials these days! There will no doubt be some people wanting these because of that.

    • Graeme O’Brien

      I’ve got to say, I am a power user and I like to use the OS. you know what I like most.. no crashes! Plus the OS is so functional that there is no need for me to install modified roms. nor is there a need for crazy UI overhauls.

      I will admit there are some things I miss from android, but the amazing day to day usability of windows phone far out weighs the super customizability of android.

  • Alen

    “Due to the popularity ”
    lol…bull$hit. Believe me I want WinPhone to succeed but I don’t see any traction with this just like WinPhone7. Windows 8 isn’t seriously being considered and their tablet is a fail. MS needs to figure something else out and before we get fanboys and girls here just remember – everyone already got the OMG super amazing Nokia 920 right?…right?

    • Steve

      No, everyone doesn’t have the 920 yet, it’s only available on 1 carrier in Canada so far. I’d have 2 in myhouse if I could. As it is, my carrier will onlyhave the ATIV S for who knows how long. They only had the LG Quantum and later the Radar for WP7’s so their selecion is piss poor. They have 10 different Blackberries but 1 or 2 Winphones at most? Ridiculous.

  • oldschool

    What a disaster of a launch, not just for this phone, but for Windows 8 in general. Sadly, I see this platform in a very distant 4th place behind BB10 in 2013. Shame, because it’s got endless potential, just godawful marketing.

  • Paul Adare

    My comment seems to have been deleted and I have no idea why.

    • Groofin

      Probably because you touch yourself at night.

  • LJC

    If I had been exposed to the type of EXTREMELY unprofessional handling of the ATIV S Phone before I had purchased any of the other 15 Samsung products that I own. I would NEVER have had any faith in the Samsung Brand and would not own any of them.
    Samsung …… If you are listening….. or reading.

    “Marketing” is Everything You say & Everything You Do !! It’s either GOOD or BAD! I don’t know who is in charge of hiring in the Samsung marketing department but who ever hired You, should be fired.

    • Graeme O’Brien

      umm why so angry?

  • nathan

    I don’t understand what is good about this phone.

  • ToxicTaZ

    This phone is so awesome!…..goto a store and try WP8 and you will see how smooth and fast the OS is!

    I’m upgrading my 3 year old LG IQ “WM6.5” to Samsung ATIV S “WP8” 🙂

    ATIV S is my next phone! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Do we know if it will be coming to other retailers, like Best Buy Mobile?

  • Graeme

    apparently telus is happy to rip off customers with a $50 dollar premium on the ATIV S vs anyone one else.