Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android delayed, should be ready “by the end of next week”


  • Adam

    I might invest in a bluetooth controller just for this game.

    • S2556

      just get a ps3 controler for cheap somewhere.
      That’s what I use and it works awesome.

  • dez

    a wii remote would be perfect!

  • Tobey Cook

    They already released it to the play store yesterday, and released an update today unless something changed.

  • Adam

    if you read the article, you’d know something changed.

  • TrickyD

    Awe disappointing news, was looking forward to this.

  • John

    I already bought vice city years ago, ill just torrent this one.

  • Ron Mexico

    Ya and rob developers of income, this is why devs prefer ios. Buy the game cheap a*s!

  • bharath


  • Adewoyin munirudeen

    I like samsung galaxy ace

  • drone

    $4.99 is a rip; I’ll just wait for a sale price of <$1——if not then I'll just torrent.

    • drone’s dad

      That’s what I told your mom.

  • iOS guy

    I have it on my iphone 5. It’s well worth the $4.99.

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