Samsung Galaxy Camera now available in Canada for $599.99


  • KimJong-iil

    FAIL !!!!

    • ComPete

      That’s what you call the worst of both worlds!
      For $600 you can get a decent DSLR.
      99% of the market interested in something like this already have a decent phone.
      It could work but the prices kills it; strange since its coming from Samsung; if it was Microsoft you would expect that.

      Oh well, FAIL for the Samsung camera, but at least Samsung makes great phones.

    • Pruowd Canadadian

      More cheap chinkese knockoffs.
      Back to hongkong with you.

    • cheenachatze

      Why does it cost $100 more than in the states? How does Samsung Canada justify it?

  • yannickwolfe


  • Matt

    ****, what a steal! It’s cheaper than an iPhone AND I the camera is a lot better!

  • Alex


  • Matt Pringle

    “So you can quickly share pictures of your food” lol!

  • David

    600$ is too much. It’s entering DSLR territory which this is not.

    • EvanKr

      It’s way overpriced. A similar camera costs about $200, and it costs about $30 for an LTE card, another $5 for WiFi, plus another $100 for touchscreen, CPU, storage, etc. This should be $400 absolute maximum.

  • Victor Leman

    Never too late to put this beauty in the Christmas giveaway!! 😉

  • ELNY

    Great idea, although I wouldn’t buy this for its sheer size and weight, this will certainly open up the market to more of these cameras. Kudos to Samsung for innovating

  • Terry

    What!?!!? Too expensive…

  • greg

    It’s not enough of a camera (the market is flooded with lots of cheaper cameras that beat its photo specs), and it’s not as usable as a Galaxy S3 (it’s too similar to the SG3, and it can’t even make a phone call).

    I work at a photo store, and I don’t think we’ll sell more than 2 maximum this Christmas.

  • Kid.Canada

    It’s not that I’m against innovation its that 4G on a camera. Is completely pointless considering it’s a bit pricy let alone the $600. Plus there’s wifi everywhere we go nowadays so I don’t see a big market for this data enabled expensive camera. I hope that this does not become a trend with the kind of data caps we have today where LTE enabled phone are struggling to get along with.

  • MC

    $300 would be a better price point for this

  • Peter

    Samsung just don’t have their photo division up to speed with the rest of the world. I love their innovation and thought process for this camera but it stopped at pricing, not going to get many sales as the heart of the product is a P&S camera. I’ll wait to see image quality results, they better be more than spectacular at this price point.


    even at half price I wouldn’t buy

  • Tom

    What the hey, are they in drugs?!

  • Jose

    make it $350 n ill buy…..

    • WTF?

      I would consider it for $99

  • Dave

    Maybe the next time these guys want to sell a $600 camera, they should look into developing the PHOTOGRAPHY aspect of it. I was looking forward to this too, such a good idea… next time, right?

  • stan

    I’d rather get that combo: Samsung NX1000 and Galaxy tab2 for $499. You get a much, much better camera and a tablet.
    I like Android but it’s not meant for cameras(not yet). It’s also pretty clear that this camera won’t go anywhere after jellybean. Galaxy camera shouldn’t be more than $200, cause that’s how much it would have been if there wasn’t Android on it.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Just got that today at Source… honestly the NX1000 is a 400 dollar camera, but the free tablet makes it a good deal.

  • D

    Apple prices?

  • andy c

    this would be a nice vacation device…. at half the price.

  • John

    Ill go buy a Rebel T3i for that price…

  • trytofa

    Pay 600 for sending crappy pictures any time u want….

  • Josh

    Guys when I first saw this I thoughht it was genius. If Apple had come out with this they would call it iCam and everyone would call it revolutionary etc. This camera will open the market to smart cams and in the future all the cheap $200 point and shoots will be able to connect to wifi, have dropbox etc which is very useful. Great idea from Samsung.

    • Bergkamp

      Nikon introduced “Smart Camera” in August this year, Shamesung just copied it as usual.

      So, this idea is not from Samsung or Shamesung

      Btw, how much does samsung pay you? I want to earn some easy money


    Da fuq?

  • Mike

    That’s a 100$ increase over what was announced what a shame

  • Sam

    At that priced this thing is doomed. Very stupid. Why did they even bother.

  • wildspin

    The Galaxy camera is basically a glorified WB850F which already has WiFi connectivity albeit not Android. Future Shop had the WB850F on sale for only CAD$199 during Black Friday weekend.

  • roman

    It’s $499 down south, and the reviewers pointed the image quality is of a $200 point and shoot. Samsung must think we’re stupid up here.

    • Screw u Samsung

      Yes. I find the price point rather insulting.
      Samsung can go f themselves.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    it would have been an ok price if it was also a phone or atleast an HSPA modem

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    i meant in addition to the hspa modem

  • JP

    16MP only??? What a waste!

  • Food Pictures

    Too expensive! I always like to share my “Food Pictures” tell me this article wasn’t written on a touch screen.

  • leo

    wait for price drop, soon or later

  • Dylan D

    I am liking the new modern-esque mobilesyrup logo! 🙂

    I can tell its the new stand point, seeing as the bookmark icon has changed to match. 😉

  • hmmmm

    Nikon already had the Coolpix S800c with Android but it’s slow they say…oh well…my D300s and my Note 2 is a good mix.

  • Gman

    we are at the point that samsung thinks they are apple. Even if this was released by Apple it will still probably fail. I read some impression on engadget, quality is mediocre.

  • realitycheck

    Who actually takes photo now a day?…cam whores and w***e else where

  • Bigruss8

    Samsung is following the price high for early adopters, then lower price for mainstream buyers scheme. If you want the camera wait till spring, and you’ll get for $300 bucks on sale.

  • lukeiphone

    You can just use your high end android smartphone to do all what this camera does. Most high end phones have a decent camera in it anyways.