T-Mobile will start selling Apple products in 2013: what this means for Canada


  • Adam

    Won’t happen.

    T-Mobile is deploying 1900mhz HSPA+ throughout the USA.

    However, this is still good news for Canadians, that means your unlocked phone has a good chance of working in most places now. You don’t need an AWS phone to get a T-Mobile prepaid SIM anymore. Previously, AT&T was the only option, which used to be fine, but they changed their prepaid plans so even a 500MB data plan requires a minimum $50 investment.

    Sorry Wind/Mobi folks, not going to happen.

    • vn33

      When this happens, I’ll change my T-Mobile pre-paid from the $2/day to the $3/day plan !!

    • Gene

      1900 upgrade has already happened, in New York at least. My wife gets full 3g with her TMO sim.

    • Adam

      The trouble is the USA extends beyond New York. Lately their 1900 coverage is improving, but still leaves many markets without coverage. I wish they’d give updates as to what the current coverage looks like

    • S S

      For those planning on going to the States, just a couple things for T-Mobile:
      – $3/day unlimited talk+text+data.
      – Even if your phone doesn’t have AWS, you can still use EDGE (decent for everything except streaming)
      – In addition to the above, 1900 frequency is active now, so you may still get 3G in some places.

      AT&T has Robelus compatible 3G, but they don’t do per-day data. Avoid, unless you’re staying for a while.

      I have a T-Mobile SIM to use with my iPhone; it would pick up 3G frequently (I-5 corridor).

    • DroidFTW

      Why sorry? It means less iPhony

  • skazzers

    Who needs Iphone when you have BB10?

  • jeff


  • Sam

    Means more sheeps in 2013

  • Kody

    Good discussion article.

    Apple products don’t really match well Wind/Mobi/VT. With no 3 year contracts to subsidize the phones, who’s going to want to pay $700-$900 for an unlocked iPhone, when the superior Nexus 4 is available for $310-$350?

    • Scott

      Koodo, Virgin Mobile and Fido figured all out a way to make it work. If they got the opportunity, I’m sure Wind et al would also find a way. But for the reasons described by @Adam I believe they will not get the chance unfortunately.

    • Jon

      WIND’s tab system is just a 3 year contract. Also Koodo and Virginlets you buy an iPhone on their tab, so I don’t think tat’ll be a problem. The more important issue is that there’s still no evidence of an AWS HSPA iPhone that’s comaptible, despite today’s announcement.

  • Boris

    Let’s hope Mobilicity will also get get BB10 phones since they already sell flagship Android devices!

    I’m sick of bleeding money for 1 Gig of LTE data in a limited phone plan …

  • henry

    won’t happen to canada at least in the next year or so. T-mobile is only alternating their frequency to match the iphone’s spec. For wind/mobil to work on iphone they would have to alternate their frequency too, which i don’t believe will happen in the next 2 years. maybe in iPhone 6s

  • Nathen

    Uh ok who Cares ?

    Also anyone who has 1/2 a Brain would just ORDER a Nexus 4 and VOILA !! you never have to worry about CARRIERS again.

    Frankly this BS about how certain phones only work with Certain Carriers is more reason everyone EVERYONE should buy a Nexus 4, this would send a STRONG and CLEAR message to Companys that we consumers dont want to be played as fools anymore.

  • Therm0

    I’m on the T-Mo prepaid as well, and while I did use my Milestone for GSM and voice/sms, data was useless at 2G speeds (it was enough to use GTalk which was useful in itself). Looking foward to being able to swap a sim and get LTE on both sides of the border on my next device. Contract’s up in July so will be going to LTE then. Hoping for a nice high-end handset around then.

    • Therm0

      Might wait for the next Nexus too.

  • coxon

    It will use 1900 for LTE data and T-Mobile’s 2G GSM for voice. Genius move by T-Mobile.

    • Adam

      They’re using AWS for LTE, not 1900(PCS) PCS will cover HSPA+, 850 is still used for GSM

  • andy c

    there are already rumours that Tmobile plans to roll out LTE on the same band the Nexus 4 supports. I would suspect if apple were to include LTE band 4 on the next iphone (if it is not included already) they could justify putting the iphone on T-mobile without having to create another sku.

    hopfully the above is true. Then the Nexus 4 would “officially” support LTE

    • T1MB0T

      Since wind is n the record saying NO LTE and they are for sale again,right nuke, might as well just throw in the towel. When is Howard going to change the ” Powered by Globalive ” since we all know Orascom was, is and always will be running it.

      come to the gym and get your workout on. not you waren or johnn you 2 twinks stay home and play hide the repeater

  • Cody

    So it’s like Verizon all over again, iPhone 5S will come for Tmo and push the iPhone 6 off a few months.

  • Jon

    T-Mobile already converted many of their 2G 1900 to 3G (liek in Las Vegas), so they are compatible both 3G and 3G/4G. Plus they are rolling out LTE on AWS which the iPhone 5 is already compatible with.

    No need for Band 4 HSPA for the phone to work, so no guarantees that Videotron/WIND/Mobilicity will get the iPhone.

  • DMele

    maybe it will be the CDMA version that you can get on spring as T-Mobile just acquired metro pcs and now has compatible technology.

    • Adam

      TMobile wont’ turn into a CDMA(note: Dead tech) carrier.

    • T1MB0T

      LOL CDMA is as dead as AWS! uselesssssssssssssss

  • AWSGuy

    So what happens to AWS HSPA? Wind/Mobi are SOL?

  • drone

    Fellow fandorks, please don’t turn this into yet another iPhone vs Android piss fest. The iPhone, whether you like it or not, has a strong market demand and will continue to sell profusely; save yourself the trouble and just stop commenting if it’s yet another meaningless ad-hominem attack.

    • T1MB0T

      drone you are correct the phenomenon knows as the Iphone makes or breaks networks. Everyone wants the iphone phone, but you need a real network to make it work.. oops sorry wind!

  • Gman

    t mobile and wind and mobilicity are not quite the same. Same reason why T mobile got their jelly bean update for the S3 but samsung still fail to update the one for Wind and Mobi, because they are not the same thing. Different modem.

  • Dave

    Robelus & CRTC will do anything and everything in their power just to make sure that WIND and Mobilicity are not going to have it in Canada. welcome to the stone age!