Update: Winners announced in our “Win 1 of 5 pairs of Glider Gloves” contest


  • Anthony Quan

    hurray.. first one?!


      What you do with this wear them before using the iPhone so you don’t shorten the signal??????

    • Gene

      Love the site, Digging the new logo. Congrats on all you’re success thus far

  • Mr Mystery

    Sweet! I could enjoy more Mobilesyrup this winter while waiting on the TTC

  • Brandon Liedke

    Want to win this!

  • Informatique VP

    I visit this site several times a day, It helped me go from iPhone to Android. Very happy to be here !

  • new1

    First! I want these, as its always a problem in winter to use touchscreen((

    • new1

      ohhh I am actually far away from the first( more like 10th lol

  • Beau

    Could use a pair of these for my new nexus 4.

  • Edmond Tse

    Didn’t know that this company is Canadian! Support local products!

  • christian

    i refresh this site probably 50 times a day at work :S

  • David D.

    I’ve been a frequent visitor to Mobile Syrup. I have to admit, it is one of the more informative sites with regards to mobile content. I personally work for wireless carrier myself and a lot of the content will be posted on Mobile Syrup before I hear about it internally. Keep up the great work and keep us informed.



  • Jeff

    Thanks for maintaining a great site! I only found it a few months ago, but it quickly became my primary source of news and information about smartphones.

  • Neil Sarginson

    Great site, my number one daily stop for updates on all things mobile. Love the gloves.

  • thisguy

    Yay for improvements!

  • Bray

    Been on this site for two years, since my job as a sales associate for a telecom company. You’re site is a valuable tool I use every day, so thanks for that.

    Keep up the good work..

    And those gloves are mine!


    thanks for doing this contest!!! i definitely need a pair so i can use my phone the freezing weather!

  • william

    i like this glove, give me one plz, thank you!

  • Guillaume T Beaumont

    Thanks for your hard work! Were it not for you, we’d be stuck with nothing but official sources (which are too tight-lipped) and international (read: US-centric) sites.

  • softwareden

    Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • Stéphane

    Moi, Moi !!

  • Marcus

    Been reading mobilesyrup everyday for my phone news. Keep up the great work!

  • Lori

    Love this site!

  • Foxman

    I love this site, always great news and reviews!

  • Mike

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  • Jacey

    Yes please thank you!

  • Tam

    Thanks for the awesome reporting

  • Brad F

    Doh!! No more Brad F or Brad F(anboy) impersonations any more.

  • Mikey

    need to keep my fingers attached in this weather

  • Dave

    You guys rock! The chance to win free stuff is even better!

  • Carlo

    These would make a great addition to my next nexus 4 🙂

  • Concon

    Amazing site!

  • Reginald

    These actually work quite well. I’d love to get a pair. Tested them out at a store.

  • Steve

    Love this site. Can’t wait for the changes.

  • Steve

    Can’t go wrong with warm winter gloves that still let you use your devices!

  • Nicolas

    Really good site! Il recommanded it to everyone,:-)

  • hurric

    you guys are doing an awesome job…keep it up.

  • Jeremy

    I hope I win! Love MobileSyrup 🙂

  • andy c

    your logo is still behind the times…. when was the last time you mentioned a phone that only had a number pad?

  • Khristopher

    Looking forward to the upgrades to the site! (And possibly winning a pair of awesome gloves)

  • Graham

    Thank you Mobilesyrup for giving me the ability to hold forth in discussions with friends about what phones to get, and where the industry is at. I see this as a trusted source for views on all sides of the spectrum (i.e. not a bunch of psycophants).

    I work outside often, and use my smartphone for sending emails and snapping pictures from the jobsite. Just this morning I was losing feeling in my fingers trying to take pictures of a construction site. These gloves would be a godsend. And made in Canada too!

    I have my now-thawed fingers crossed!

  • Derek Vipond

    Great idea for Canadian winters.

  • Dalex

    Avid reader of your site here. Keep up the great work. You are the first feed I go through on Flipboard when I wake up.

  • Sheldon

    I have been wanting a pair of these gloves for so long!!

  • R. M.

    Thanks Mobile Syrup team for bringing us (especially Canadians) with great news about the mobile world.
    May the force be with you!!

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    I want that!

  • ExcessDan

    I could really use a pair of gloves. My hands are actually still frozen from being outside as I’m typing this at my desk!

  • Josh Cameron

    I love this website and it was the resource that helped me the most in selecting my first phone ever (a Galaxy S3). The (mostly) unbiased insight you give into the ever-developing phone community is greatly appreciated.

    Suggestion: Could you make a separate section of the website for tutorials on various things such as

  • Josh Cameron

    rooting phones, back-ups of devices, etc.?

  • Felix

    Keep up the good work… Love your website!

  • CAH

    Love the site, keep up the good work.

  • CraigC

    Very glad you decided to make the site back in 2007. I pretty much sit at work refreshing throughout the day for new stories. I think these gloves are awesome, and even better they are a Toronto company. I love to support local companies!

  • DavidN

    Enjoy Mobilesyrup. Gloves will come in handy when out in the cold.

  • Neal Delaney

    Discovered this site after switching from a BB to Android. Have made it a daily visit must for 2 years!

  • mamasb0y

    keep my finger licking fingers warm this winter!

  • Jacky P

    I need these for my cold hand 🙂

  • Sia

    Cool. These are something I really need.

  • JoshP

    As a daily lurker, thanks for adding the ‘eh’ to mobile news.

  • gg


  • LW81

    you’ve been tabbed since tabs became available.

  • jonathan julio

    Have had fights with the wife for being on your website all the time checking out what’s new in the mobile world.

  • morritz

    Absolutely the best mobile infos of canada! Keep the good work guys!

  • malek


  • Cluett

    The site has turned me on to many great Android apps. Keep up the good work.

  • Martyb

    Love your website, very Professional!

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    These would be nice when I go snowboarding

  • David Harding

    Thank you Mobile Syrup.

  • lone

    Great site for Canadians.

  • Daria Nowell

    Thanks for the contest!! I live in “winterpeg” and need these!!

  • Phandangle

    Redesigns are fun!

  • Myles L

    Awesome site guys, recommend it to all our customer wanting in-depth reviews on any phone.
    These gloves are awesome!

  • David

    I’m happy I found this site. It’s great to have a mobile computing news site meant for Canadians.

  • Dawn

    Awesome! Could definitely use one for this winter.
    Thanks for the great contest!

  • Leo

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • {JPM}

    I like the logo, but it isn’t personal enough. Maybe make the shape into more of a cell phone (avoid rounded corners, just in case)

  • Tim

    Love the new look. Keep up the great work.

  • HH

    MobileSyrup has become my goto site for mobile news. Keep up the good work!

  • Mac

    Now something all canadians can use 🙂 Thanks guys.

  • Simon Blais

    These gloves look great!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I love mobile syrup. I love gloves. I love touchscreens and I love giveaways that I won.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been frequently checking this site since I decided to get my first real smartphone in March and it was the most helpful site I found (big thank you to you)! I’m continuing to follow to keep up to date on mobile news. Great work on the site!

  • Grace

    New logo looks great. Look forward to more good stuff coming from Mobilesyrup.

  • Mariam Nadri

    Mobile syrup has been amazing with all the new and upcoming devices. I wish everyone at Mobile Syrup a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Walter

    Gloves look perfect for a cold Canadian winter.

  • chall2k5

    🙂 i like free stuff

  • dive4ever

    Keep up the good worj and heres to the next 5 years.

  • Craig

    Love this site and nice to see the support for Canadian companies! Also, I’ve never seen a site give away more stuff! Keep up the great work!

  • dive4ever

    Damn autocorrect

  • Joel

    Love the logo and all of the articles! Keep up the great work.

  • Jason

    Could definitely use a pair for the chilly Ontario days!
    Thanks Mobile Syrup…hope I win!

  • Cruzer

    Love this site, keeps me in the loop with all the new tech. Good call on the new logo, looks sharp!

  • Jonathan Smith

    Thanks for all the contests!

  • Tom S

    by far this has to be the best accessory for any Canadian smartphone/tablet user, especially during the winter. Who else would understand the need for staying warm and connected than a company in Canada. Good luck to all that enter.

  • CoreyB

    Looks great! Keep up the great work!

  • Max the Moose

    I’m interested in determining whether or not the gloves can keep my pinkies warm in a *real* Canadian winter (i.e., Saskatchewan). Can I glide at -40C?

  • Hugues

    “I needs me some gleurves” hehehe

  • Taylor

    I live in Winnipeg. I need these.

  • Greg

    MobileSyrup is the best!
    Always keeps me up to date with what’s up.

  • James

    Love the site! Keeps me updated!

  • Scott

    Will take a pair 🙂

  • Huiyi

    Congratulations 😀 I recently started using this site as a news source. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Rethgaal

    Woohoo! Prize draws are fun!

  • Pouya P

    Congratulations on your great success and your new logo.

  • Lina

    always enjoy reading mobilesyrup, keep up the good work 🙂

  • AT

    I want one.

  • Erran

    This is one cool site. I’ve been enjoying for the past couple weeks. 🙂

  • Sandeep S

    I would definitely love to get those..Send one to me right now.

  • Sean

    Woot seems awesome 🙂 looking forward to the new site

  • Sy

    Always love coming to mobile syrup. The thing that amazes me is that I don’t just come here because it has Canadian news but also the info posted is often more up to date, relevant and objective than most other people popular sites such as Engadget.

    Anyways a pair of these gloves would make the cold weather a little more bearable.

  • venodan

    This would be very nice to have…finally I can get better gloves other than my $1 gloves 😀 I love the website. I check your reviews and posts even though I still have a crap phone but it’s all good1

  • Greek

    Great job guys

  • Chris

    These would be perfect for my note 2.

    Happy holidays

  • Jay

    Me Please! 😀

  • Stanley de Leon

    Glider please

  • Candido

    Me! Me! Me!

  • Vinsane

    I absolutely love this website! Get all my mobile info from it and you guys are absolutely great for holding these contests

  • Edward Tan

    This will cool for the cold winter

  • Tkavil

    I’ve been looking for a pair of touchscreen gloves but the ones I see at the retail stores look tacky. Would love a pair, and the site has come a long way!

  • Rich

    Nice new logo.

  • Jonathan Asfaw

    Looks stylish plus its nice to see something come out of Toronto. Go Canada!

  • Andrew

    Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • Yve

    These would be amazing for us IT girls in the Canadian winters!

  • David

    Gotta keep my fingers warm in Winnipeg this winter.
    Thanks for putting the Canadian spin on mobile news for us. We’re often forgotten and/or neglected on other sites.

  • DarkisFever

    I like having warm hands 🙂

  • The J-man

    Mobile Syurp, my favourite and only used cell phone news aggregator! These gloves would go well with the new Nexus 4 I have coming since I was able to wait to buy it at restock from being notified ahead of time by Mobile Syrup on twitterrrrr!

  • Manny

    I could definitely use a pair! I read your site every day since I’m in mobility at my current job. It saves me from having to go to multiple sites to read stories that actually matter.

  • Leon

    Been visiting Mobilesyrup for almost three years now! Glad you guys are updating and I can’t wait for the comment system

  • Mike M

    Thanks Mobile syrup, your update and also the users of this site have been invaluable. I first started using maple syrup when Windows phone 7 came out. I know use this site for all my Canadian mobile needs. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Nataku

    Thx to this site I was able to keep myself updated 😀 and got my sister and dad the nexus 4…

  • outburst

    What’s that? Five years? Congrats!
    Gloves would be great for the winter.

  • John Wang

    Love the site! Merry Christmas!

  • Kevin

    Always checking my news feed to see anything pops up on Mobile Syrup. Thanks for the great work.

  • Amanda

    Great site, great contest!

  • Veda R.

    Awesome! Congrats

  • Mike P

    I had bought a pair of Glider Gloves last year and I absolutely loved them, my friend’s dog destroyed them one night though =/. They work super well and protect your hands from our darned harsh windchills.

  • Ankur

    Keep it up!

  • mat88

    It’s Canada outside.

  • OY

    Congrats on the changes 🙂 been reading since your launch. Keep up the good work 😀

  • mattprime86


  • AllanVS

    Man I would love to win these for my 72-year-old uncle who needs to be warm in the winter, if I don’t win a phone for my 65-year-old Aunt these will do and the y can share. Thanks Mobile Syrup.

  • Zefoutch

    cold winter day with out having to take of my glove to unlock my phone =) i want one

  • Brandon Klimchuk

    great for police and security applications when needing to uses a touch phone in the Canadian winters

  • EmperumanV

    It would be nice to win this for my dad’s 61st birthday.

    Keep up the great work Mobile Syrup and thanks for this plus past/current contests.

  • bdely

    Can’t wait to see more of the changes to come.

  • Matt

    My favourite site for staying up to date with the mobile world. Keep it up!

  • Zak

    Love this site and frequent it on a daily basis. Congrats on these past 5 years, and here’s to many more to come!

  • Fluxman

    Yay for new comment system! And Yay for giveaways! And Yay for gloves that allow me to still use my phone outside (especially given Ingress)!

  • Kevin

    Be nice to win this!

  • Karbeau

    These would go very nicely with my new Nexus 4 when it arrives in 1-2 weeks.

  • jrfox87

    Great site, come here everyday as one of my goto tech news sites!

  • Rohan

    Hmmm. These would be very interesting to try out and doesn’t hurt they’re Toronto-based. Would be pretty cool to grab one of these!

  • Phil

    I need these gloves to deal with Ottawa weather!

  • Cody Taylor


  • LN

    Been following this website for a few years, keep up the good work!

  • matt fikes

    these would be nice to keep my hands warm during the Upstate NY winter!

  • Larry M

    What a great way to stay warm in these harsh Toronto winters.

  • Sid

    whoa canadian based? that’s awesome! love reading what you post. sweet gloves too, perfect for the weather in Canada.

  • 932

    I check mobilesyrup at least once a day to get my fix on phones and tablets 😀 keep up the good work!

  • Jose

    HOPE I WIN!!

  • Guy

    Mobile syrup is the reference for cell phones…….Keep up the good work guys & girls!

  • Schyler

    I would really enjoy a pair of these. I need to replace the pair of gloves I lost last year 🙂

  • Peter

    Would love to win a pair of these! Being a technophile, I check your main site and facebook constantly to keep updated on all the new phones and what not.

  • Jordan

    Bought 2 pair of these for me and the lady and they are fantastic!

  • SZH

    Wow, so many great giveaways 🙂
    I actually live in the US, but I still love MobileSyrup.
    I hope I win!

  • manpreet

    Finally my hands will not freeze while using my galaxy s3…Hope I win

  • tdee

    pick me please!

  • d11

    Love the site. Keep it up guys.

  • Tommy B

    Would love to win these. My gloves are falling apart that I currently own.

  • anona

    I have to wait for the bus everyday in this cold. Having these would allow me to not freeze my hands off to the point they are stinging! I hope I can win a pair!

  • Sean

    Whats the new logo gonna be? Gotta be viscous at least.

  • Marc-André

    Continue the great work!

  • Wasif

    I would appreciate it if I was picked!

  • Dao

    Keep up the good work Mobilesyrup. It is nice to have a site that is gives us Canadians information that actually applies to us.

    Would love to try the gloves. Are they actually warm enough as stand alone gloves?

  • Bojan


  • Tim Dowker

    I’d love a pair of these 🙂 perfect for when I’m walking the dog and have to fire off a quick txt message.

  • abc


  • Victor C

    Me, please! Playing ingress is very uncomfortable in this cold weather. Pick me and I promise to send you an invite as soon as I get one 🙂

  • Carlos V.

    Oh how I love free stuff! Thank you.

  • Curious

    Want want want these gloves!
    Love your site! Keep up the good work!

  • Dave M

    New to the site but I like it a ton. Could use those gloves down here in cold Detroit as well.

  • Rich

    And great technological resource for all Canadians!!!

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    Keep up the great work guys. I would love a pair!

  • Gere

    Cool! I can’t believe how much free stuff this site gives away!

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    Still no snow here in Montreal.
    Could still use these gloves though =P

    Great job on the site, keep it up!

  • Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    great gift idea for someone I love..

  • Dwayne

    It’s so nice to see some Canadians actually making it in this world but also for us Canadians to have a website like MobileSyrup to go to where we can learn about mobile information that is relevant to us.

    Oh yeah, and a place for us to win cool prizes too!

  • Greg

    My source for all gadget news is Mobilesyrup.com

  • Justin

    Keep up the great mobile Canadian coverage guys!

  • Chris H

    Cool, keep up the contests!

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    Great new logo! Those gloves look awesome, gimme a pair! (please) 🙂

  • Shane kalafut

    Do these come in extra large? I’ve got big mitts!

  • Louis Quintal

    Congratulations on 5 years! To another 5 and beyond! Thanks Guys, keep up the great work and Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, to be more politically correct =P

  • Sujeethan

    I would love to try those out!

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    You guys are probably one of the only bias free mobile blogs around. Keep up the good work!!

  • Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    Perfect gift for someone I love

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    Thanks for the chance MobileSyrup!

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    Good for winter

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    Love it! Helped me get my plan!

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    Nice contest !! Good luck everyone !!

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    Thanks for keepin’ us up to date Mobilesyrup! These gloves look awesome.

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    useful for those cold cold winters

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    Thanks guys!

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    Keep up all the great work! Been following the news since forever!

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    Like the new logo.

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    I’m in Toronto AND I have a phone! !

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    Logo looks dope.

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    Sweet~! Thank you for the contest!
    Would love one for this winter~!

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    Looking forward to updated site!

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    El tabador is our employee of the month. I could give him a pair.

  • Scott Robertson

    Nice – new ideas always help

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    Glider glove? I like gloves, and gliding.

  • Will

    these look cool 😮

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    Great gift for the winter!Hopefully I’ll win, I specially need gloves!

  • Tom

    Thanks for all the holiday contests!

  • 45

    Check this site all day from work and often enough at home. Mobile Syrup is lovely, but not great on pancakes.

  • Benyamen

    I’m just glad there is a site like this with mobile device news and info for Canada. The market is glutted with American and European sites, so thanks for existing.

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    Well done! I love this site, and it’s the best place to get news about mobile tech in Canada. I thank you.

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    Yay contests!

    Also, I’ve very much enjoyed following your site. Keep it up!

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    Thanks for the research

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    I keep saying I am gonna buy one of these but never end up doing it.

    Awesome job on the site so far, keep up the good work 🙂

    Mobilesyrup has moved from #5 of my daily site to #1 in the past few months

  • SaltiMoPho

    They will keep my fingers warm while I kick some evil pig butt!

  • Adam

    Living in the cold northwestern Ontario makes these gloves a necessity. The alternative is just not using my phone outside. Would love these, been reading the site for close to 2 years now, and don’t plan on stopping.

  • Russie Tselentis

    Hope I win 🙂

  • WJ

    Thanks for all the awesome work you do, you’ve made Canadian tech news relevant!

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    Can’t wait to see the new site.

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    Go ahead and pick me. I won’t mind.

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    I wanna win I need gloves

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    Keep up the great work, guys!

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    As someone who sells mobile devices, this site has been a HUGE resource for me and many of my customers! Love to see how the site has evolved and, as always, excited to see where it will go from here!

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    Hook me up please

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    Tocuh-screen friendly gloves!! I WANT THIS! 😀

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    Been enjoying this website for a few weeks now. Really love the work

  • Test

    I would love a pair of these gloves.

  • trash

    Mmm, my current gloves are slowly falling apart and aren’t terribly warm but they do have some metallic wires in a few of the finger tips so I keep using them. Please save me from their cruel abuse!

  • Justin

    My source of information!

  • josh

    I think you mean Arial font. 🙂

  • Al

    You have one of the simplest contests to enter, even IF a person does not see a contest, they are automatically entered since they have entered in the past.

    (LOL, except for this one that is)

    Thank you.

  • Fub

    Good idea. Now let’s win them gloves…

  • Billy Chan

    Love your new logo. You guys have such great blogs with the cellular related news! 😀 Thanks for always updating me with the canadian related news! Hopefully I can get a pair of these sick gloves!

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    Yay for Canadian companies! Awesome site, great information. Thanks!

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    this is my one stop shop for all news related to phones and canadian carrier plans (really wishing i had known about this site before i bought my first phone)

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    Heeeey! I would like a pair, for my cold hands 🙁

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    I’m tired of using my nose to unlock my phone or answer a call.
    I would love this glove.. please

    Thank you

  • Anna

    This would definitely be helpful. Trying to text with over-sized gloves are the worst. Theses will keep your fingers nice and toasty while texting, Tweeting, and Facebooking.

  • Bob Weil

    As the resident smartphone “geek” I in my group of friends and colleagues, I have often sent people to Mobilesyrup as a reference tool and info source. Hands down the best and friendliest of the many sites out there. Keep up the good work!……. (and gimme some gloves!). 😉

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    You guys are doing great…Its great to have an informative tech blog north of the border…. 😀

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    Looking forward to the changes! This is probably my most visited site. I trust you guys to help me keep on top of everything mobile =).

    Also, may I add that I really prefer this method of contest winning? Having to actively do SOMETHING is a much better way to handle contests.

  • Mike C.

    This site has been my go-to for everything mobile in Canada. Keep up the good work!

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    Cold fingers while walking the dog and trying to text. The gloves look like the solution I’m looking for.

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    Would be nice to have while watching Netflix on my 7″ tablet and waiting for the bus!

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    Thanks Mobile Syrup!

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    It’s rough living in the arctic. I need these so I can use my phone in between fighting off polar bears.

  • Benjamming

    I never understood the purpose of those hooded-fingerless-Thinsulate gloves until I got a touchscreen device. And since my fingers are very sensitive from cold (always have to put lotion and stuff) these Gliders could be quite helpful!

  • Natalie

    280 comments already. darn. Well, here’s my entry!

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  • Malcolm

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