Update: Nexus 4 is once again sold out


  • w00t

    Need to grab 2 16GB today! Must!!

    • arnie

      i just bought 3! up now!



    • Chillin

      Got mine. 1-2 weeks!! 🙂

      Woo Hoo!!!!!

    • l forgot my meds

      More Sumdung junk

    • kris

      What about Nexus 10???????

    • Rio

      If this were Apple you would see 200 post saying that it is a marketing gimmick lol

    • wes

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but if an item is not in stock, they can’t legally sell them. I’m not sure if this only applies in Quebec, but I’ve heard of something along these lines. Therefore, if Google is selling an item that isn’t in stock, couldn’t they get in trouble? Anyways, not sure if I’m right on this, or whether my “source” is wrong, though his partner is a lawyer.

    • some guy

      @wes. It is a marketing gimmick. Difference being Apple are massive douche-bags and as such, people rip on them.

    • some guy

      Sorry… not @wes…

  • Nicholas Doucet

    What about the ones that have been ordered last time but haven’t been shipped yet? FML…

  • jjdigitized

    Fingers crossed for reasonable shipping times. I’ll be bummed out if the shipping estimates are 6-7 weeks.

  • CheddarFart


    I wonder how much stock they have for Canada…

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Sorry folks it’s already sold out.

    nothing to see here..

    move along… move along…

    • Fluxman

      Yep, went on sale early. Already all gone. No need to go there >.>

    • nely

      idk why ppl are disliking… they don’t get the semi-sarcasm, this is funny as hell. lol

  • Jay

    if im unable to get one, i will be a sad man…

  • Plan Shopper

    I down for two. Both Christmas gifts. One for me and one for a special someone in my family.

    • Plan Shopper

      Why 4+ people downed me I don’t know.

      Anyhow, 1st order arrives in 3-4 weeks and second 6-7 weeks.

      Soooooo, maybe not Christmas gifts afterall. LOL

  • your face

    I wonder if Americans will be trying to buy this using a Canadian proxy.

    • jjdigitized

      If so, they’ll face the same restrictions we do trying to buy from a US proxy in the US store.

      “At this time, for the availability of devices on Google Play, the country of your credit card must match the the country to which you’re shipping.”

    • oh yeah?

      I bought 2 from the US play store last Tuesday. Used US DNS, my Canadian credit card with my CDN street address, but a US city, state and zip code. No issues processing at all. They haven’t shipped yet, but it said 1-2 weeks 6 days ago. Shipping to a US reshipping service. Will still likely be cheaper (or close) and quicker.

  • trev

    Gonna be a long wait. If the States have to wait 2 months can’t see it being better for us. Plus its gonna be another sh1t show. Have fun all

  • Johnny

    YAY!!! Get your auto-refresh ready!

  • Justin

    now if i order one, will it take 3 years to ship?

  • nely

    It’s gonna be a photo finish.

  • andy c

    i’ll try and score one today.

    i have not kept a smartphone for longer then 10 months in the last few years. hopfully this one will change that trend

  • Dalex

    I was excited for it last time, but after checking out the reviews, it doesn’t seem to be worth the money. Not much of an upgrade from the One X which can run 4.2 with CM no problem.

  • Kyle

    There is a good chance this sale is essentially a ‘pre sale’. Just like the last time they went on sale in the US. I doubt we’ll see the phone before the new year.

  • Ed Hark


  • DT

    Time to warm up the F5 finger…

    • nely

      What are you stock in 2005? get a freaking script to do it for you!

    • Whoo Daat


      Maybe you should think before giving people u r advice.. I think you need to take ESL classes “Mr. STOCK” before creating scripts..

  • EvanKr

    That’s 12:00 PM PST, 1:00 Mountain, 2:00 Central, 3:00 EST, 4:00 Atlantic and 4:30 in Newfoundland.

  • Randy – 1

    Hopefully there’s separate stock assigned to Canada and we won’t simply get handsets shipped once the US orders are fulfilled. They’re already over 2 months back-ordered.

  • SC

    Going to cancel if I find out it’s a preorder after I order it

  • haxor99

    Great news! Now should I buy one?

  • Jay

    Still holding out for a 32GB version.

    • Orillian

      I have the 16GB Galaxy Nexus and I can’t fill it up, for me 16 is plenty!

  • Mr4

    I have the 8gb one and I’m going to buy another 16gb! Word of caution… the phone doesn’t work with certain WiFi router/configuration. I am have a lot of trouble connecting to my WiFi (while everything else: laptop, desktop, ps3, xbox, iPhone 3GS, iPad, Sony Xperia Ray, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… works), it will connect, but I can’t get it to download/upload with reliability.

    • Brian G

      Did rebooting your router not fix that? What type of router is it?

  • ily

    I will have to cancel my lunch plans just to get this bad boy!
    Hopefully it’ll arrive b4 December 24th !!!

  • pat

    Would have bought one on launch, tried to. Now I feel like my galaxy nexus will be just fine for a while… Wonder how many other sales were lost this way. I’ve also had every nexus to this point

  • mark paisley

    whoever sent this in is a complete i***t…. why!!!!! keep it to yourself!

  • Big 3

    im gonna make a guess. thanks to scalpers and computer auto purchases, itll get sold out within…..10 mins

    • jjdigitized

      Hopefully not – Google has limited it to 2 devices per account now. Not a perfect solution, but better than a complete free-for-all like on the 13th.

  • kyle

    how much does shipping cost?

    • Samuel

      16.99 $

  • replytonew

    I bought them all, sorry!!
    Please dont hit thumb down button. Thanks.

  • Ben

    It will be mine! If I don’t get one this time, I will be disappointed. I am refreshing frequently in the case that it is available early (as it was before).

  • Jaffna Guy

    I’ll wait until BB10 comes out

  • ToniCipriani

    Damn me for working for a US-based company… the proxy makes Google Play think I’m in US.

    Though strangely I COULD add a 16GB to the cart and check out in the US store, except it won’t take my Canadian CC through that one.

    • jjdigitized

      Similar here – do it from your phone though!

    • ToniCipriani

      Can’t, won’t load.

      There IS however an Apple Store nearby… 😀

    • oh yeah?

      Try the US store and use your CDN street address with a US city, state and zip. Issue is that you actually have to have a US address to ship it to. Try a reshipping service. Some are as low as $5 (+shipping). You can choose cheap USPS shipping too.

  • hoo dat

    GSMarena and Mobile Magazine (amongst many others) are reporting that the back of the N4 is cracking due, it seems, to minor temperature changes.

    After reporting on complaints of a buzzing earpiece in the N4, GSMarena goes on to say:

    “But by far the biggest pain point is the glass back on the Nexus 4, which has an affinity to crack when the device is dropped. However, it seems that dropping may not be the only way to break the glass. It can also break with something as simple as temperature change.

    One of the editors at Droid Life happened to break the back of his Nexus 4 just like that. He had been using the phone, which resulted in the back getting warm from the heat of his hand. Then when he gently placed the phone on his room temperature countertop (I’m assuming the room temperature was quite low), the glass could not bear the sudden drop in temperature, resulting in the rather enormous crack you see in the picture above.”

    Mobile Magazine goes onto to say:

    “This isn’t a freak incident either, it has happened to several tech journalists and many everyday LG Nexus 4 owners as well. The same problem is said to occur with the LG Optimus G.”

    You think that LG and Google would have learned from Apple by now; glass breaks!

    • Fluxman

      That’s why I have already ordered a back skin from Best Skin Ever. It adds slight protection (rubberized coating) and traction while holding. Have it on my Nexus S and love it. Should work well for this phone too.

  • uberuser

    T-40 minutes until the Google Play store crashes again.

  • mike

    I hope they don’t sell out before I get home

  • Baconeater

    Can anyone confirm if they preauthorize a $1 charge and then charge your CC when the item ships?

    • uberuser


  • LeDerp

    I broke my galaxy nexus. now im scared of getting this one. Id like to be able to replace glass plating with something different ahaha

  • Jordan

    Is there a Canadian website or do you buy it off play.google.com?

    • jjdigitized

      Yep – play.google.com. Based on where you are, it gives you the right market for your location.

    • k

      you buy it off play.google.com

  • Ed Hark

    For some strange reason I am uncontrollably salivating. 30mins till the gate drops!

  • Marc

    Can’t wait! Hope to get one!!

  • AtomicRooster

    20 mins until the stock is scheduled to become available. I bet they’re sold out already & I’m wasting my time refreshing the webpage.

  • Ev

    Too little too late. Ppl have moved on. I black listed android personally just because of that. iPhone might not be the best phone, but google plays games. So F u google. Get your money some where else

  • RichieRickardo

    To be or not to be?… that is the question!!

  • dodoman

    Does anybody know if the bumpers are going on sale too? Couldn’t nab one last time!

  • Joe

    I was not successful in ordering a Nexus 4 from Google Play during the initial offer, never recevied confirmation of order. BUT YESTERDAY, UPS delivered me a shiny new Nexus 4 from Louisville Kentucky!

    It’s a nice phone, I’ve got it running on Wind Mobile.

    • Christian

      It seems you were successful in ordering, but Google was unsuccessful in notifying you about your success.

  • haxor99

    3 minutes left!

  • alex



  • holler back girl

    sold ooout

  • pats

    sold out already.

  • Mike123

    it id 3:10 EST, and nothing. still say SOLD out……

    • jjdigitized

      your comment was posted at 3:01, so no, it wasn’t 3:10.

  • alex

    rofl… bought 16gig first try.

    I win.

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Told you so…….

  • Justin

    12:00pm, and it’s not even available for sale. Mind you, I’ve been refreshing the page for the past half hour.

  • James

    Got one! 16 GB!

  • dodoman

    well thats interesting………go google!

  • terence

    still nothing……….

  • alex

    Ships from Google in 1 – 2 weeks.

  • 13LAZE

    still sold out.. false rumour

  • Mike Horton

    I just spent the last 10 minutes refreshing the page and it never changed from being sold out. You gotta be kidding me. 🙁

  • N,

    how is that possible?…. 3:02 and it is sold out…?

  • jjdigitized

    Just got a 16gb! 1-2 weeks shipping.

  • MC

    Managed to grab a 16gb just now 🙂 shipping is 1-2 weeks!

  • ile2010

    Order placed 🙂

  • Ben “B-Mack” McEvoy

    GOT IT!!!

  • Bruno

    Done, 16GB Nexus ordered!

  • Tom

    Order has been placed. 🙂 16gb Nexus 4.

  • Jay

    i have it in my cart!!

    but i keep getting:
    “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.”

    haha XD

    must keep trying!!

  • CorranHorn

    Just got one… try opening a new page instead of refreshing

  • DT

    It’s one per user now, from what it looks like. Just ordered one, 1-2 weeks shipping! 😀

  • Kyle

    It’s live….

    Ships in 1-2 weeks.

  • fgdgds

    Still says sold out and it’s 3:05pm

  • PewZ

    Got mine bithcessssssss

  • Jeff

    got one too!

    ships 1-2 weeks though…never saw as “available now”…but still bought it on the 5th try…yay!!!

  • David N


  • CH

    “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.”

    Thanks. Awesome.

  • George Jia

    Just got it! hopefully it ship soon

  • NK

    16GB still available… 8gb hasn’t gone up yet >_<

  • Johnny 2 Shoes

    Just got mine!

  • k

    the 16gb is live now btw

  • dodoman

    Apparently only the 16gb is available

  • Matt

    Bought my 16GB, now the waiting begins.

  • Alex

    16Gb is available 1:06mountain

  • Reginald

    Got my order for a 16GB through with lots of clicking!
    1-2 weeks to ship it says.


    Done…says ship in 1-2 weeks.

  • CB

    Got it!!!

  • haxor99

    Looks like the buy limit is 1 per account.

  • Paulman

    I just scored ONE Nexus 4 16GB, guys! I think the Google Play store alternates between showing SOLD OUT and occasionally shows you the blue “Add to Cart” rectangular button.

    So I would advise keep trying, at least for a little bit. I think it releases the option to add to cart randomly / a bit at a time.

  • alex

    LOL went from 2 weeks to Ships in 3 – 4 weeks. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout.


  • Canucks4Life

    Thank you. Your order has been placed, and you will receive an email shortly with the details of your purchase.


  • Justin

    Alright… ordered it

  • in Calgary


  • Radaplpe

    YES! I managed to snag one (16gb)! WWWWWWWOOOOOOOO!

  • Kurt

    After refreashing between the 8 and 16 GB versions, I was able to get a 16GB one added and paid for. Just got the confirmation!

  • Jason

    well I have one in my cart. Wont let me check out though…. bloody hell.

  • Shuter

    They are only selling the 16gb. No 8gb or bumper case…

    lol of course I had to grab a 8gb off of kijiji for $500 last week…

  • Paul Stevens


  • Kyle

    Now it says ships in 3-4 weeks…

  • Paulman

    Also: it took A WHILE for me to be able to proceed to checkout, too. High volume on Google Play meant that I had to keep hitting Proceed over and over again while it was in my Cart until finally it brought me to the next stage of checkout/payment.

  • pats

    Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.

  • MC

    now says “LIMIT REACHED”. hopefully most of you were able to get one

  • YSM

    all 8gb versions sold out

  • dodoman

    now it ships in 3-4 weeks HAHA

  • bummy

    BOOYEAH! looks like no line-ups in Canada 🙂
    16gb come here baby!

  • Orillian

    Order went through.

  • Paulman

    Oh, wow. I think 1 is the limit this time, guys! (Which is a good move on Google’s part, I think)

    After completing my one Nexus 4 checkout, refreshing the Nexus 4 16GB page shows “Limit reached” 🙂

  • jeff wilson

    They limit you to ONE phone… tried to get two could only choose 0 or 1. finalised the sale and tired to get another one… nope. One 16G it will have to be!! 🙂

  • witman1

    Yeah got a 16gb one, only took 8 minutes!

  • Chris

    Ordered one!

  • Peebos

    Sweet.. got a 16GB one 🙂 Once I got in into my cart it took about 20 clicks on “proceed” to get to the payment area. From there it was one click and done.

  • Dan

    Any idea when the bumper will go live? I already ordered an N4 from the US Play Store, I just couldn’t get the bumper…

  • terence

    16 GB on the way!!!!!!

    • terence

      1-2 week wait 🙂

  • dodoman

    now it ships in 5-6 weeks

  • John

    yay! just purchased mine 🙂 16GB

  • flin

    I got mine! i started to order it at 12 pst. and it didn’t go thru. finally at 12:06pm my order was processed! 😀 i got the email confirmation saying it will ship in 1-2 weeks from the google office in toronto. the total cost for the 16 gig was $419.07 (cost of the device, shipping, tax) I am so happy 😀 i was using the galaxy nexus and now i can get rid of that now lol keep trying everyone. maybe they have a lot of stock? i was using firefox

  • Geoff

    I got one! Finally! A 16gb, of course.

  • Alex

    5-6 weeks for delivery…

  • Jason

    Finally got through. Hopefully shipping wont be crazy. Is it crazy to hope I get it by weeks end?

  • haxor99

    I got one.. said shipped in 1-2 weeks. Now under a different acct I see they are updating the ship dates. As I refreshed it was saying shippment 3-4 weeks, now it’s saying 5-6 weeks.. maybe it’ll be sold out soon

  • Paulman

    I just bought my 16GB Nexus 4 a few minutes ago, but refreshing the page in Incognito mode, it’s showing a consistent “Add to Cart” option for the Nexus 4 16GB. So I think the rest of you should be able to order one easily, if you do it right now.

  • Narf

    Got it! Thank God! 16GB shipping in 3-4 weeks. Confirmation in my inbox 🙂

    A tip – if you add it, but can’t check out hold your mouse cursor over “Process” and press and hold enter – that did the trick for me

    Doesn’t look like 8GB is available today

  • ehoustoun

    Got a 16GB!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Got one! Will smash and deficate on it or trade for an iPhone 5 64 GB 😀

  • General Tao

    it’s now showing ships from Google in 5-6 weeks…Arrggg

  • Gary

    Got the 16GB 12:11PM PST….
    Anyone know where can i get its accessories?

  • LW81

    got one. looks like their still available if you sign in under a different account.

  • Iphone guy

    Save yourselves some money and get an Optimus G on a 3 year Term, I owned the device before I got an Iphone 5, and it was an amazing device I just couldnt handle that the top of the screen is slightly darker then the bottom of the screen, which made reading white pages like eBay or news annoying. Most of you wont even notice the problem but if you do and your OCD with your phones like me, it will bother you.

  • NK

    lol 5-6 weeks for the 16gb… but why no 8gb yet … >_>

  • Shmomo007


  • Marty

    Got a 16GB!! It is crazy how quickly the shipping dates changed.

  • dodoman

    make that ships in 6-7 weeks this basically just a pre-order!

  • Tim

    Now it says 6-7 weeks :o(

  • SL

    Woohoo…just brought myself a device!

  • Hammad

    16 gb :D. 1 – 2 weeks

  • Joel

    Bought. Shipping in 1-2 weeks.

  • ily

    what the heck, the 8GB model is still unvailable, google only made the 16 GB version available for purchase… smart asses!

  • Jeremie

    I managed to get one. Got stuck at the Add to Cart screen for 4 tries with an error message. Then I got one in my shopping cart and it took about 20 clicks on Proceed before it went through to my wallet.

    I already got a receipt in my gmail account. It said 1-2 weeks for the 16GB version on the side of the screen. Under the item in the shopping cart it said “ships when available” so I have my doubts on the 1-2 weeks, but we will see.

  • Fluxman

    Got mine. 3-4 weeks. Don’t really care, as long as I was able to get one period lol

  • Campbell Soup FTW5555

    Caught one!!!

  • ily

    what a fiasco !

  • Charles

    Order placed and confirmed for a 16gb model. Estimated shipping 1-2 weeks.

  • haxor99

    This is shipping from Google Canada on Dundas St. in Toronto… should arrive quickly!

    • Tom

      It will actually ship from the US. When I ordered my Nexus 7 , billing was through Google Canada and stock came from the US.

  • iberry

    bought one 😀

  • Michael

    I hesitated when I saw 1-2 weeks, now it is 6-7 Weeks…
    CES will be in that time and new awesome phones will surely be launched then… I wouldn’t buy now with those wait times.

  • Pat-t

    I just got one. Sends in 1-2 weeks. Total $393.94. Ordered it at 12:02. Only crashed on me once.

  • Olivier Champoux

    Yeahhhh got one
    1-2 week!

  • Danny

    Got mine about 8 minutes in. Showing 3-4 weeks ship time in the email

  • alex


  • Campbell Soup FTW5555

    I noticed that every 5 mins the ship gets pushed back from 1-2 to 3-4 and now its 6-7….

    Starting to look like a pre-order situation

  • pats

    how much was it with tax?

  • OmegaJimes

    I got one! My email says “Delivered in 3-5 business days”!

  • hmmmm

    hahaha 6 to 7 weeks now….would never exchange my Note 2 for this!

  • Orage

    I got one that will ship in “3 to 4 weeks”, order placed and e-mail received from Google. It’d be too good to be true to receive it by Christmas.

  • mark paisley

    got 2!!

  • LeDerp


  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Do I hear $400! $400 for my 16GB Nexus4…

    I have $400! Do I hear $425?! $425, I need $425!! for my immediately available N4!

    I have $425! I want $450!…

  • flin

    did some of you get an email confirmation saying it will ship 3-4 weeks or 6-7 weeks? my email confirmation said 1-2 weeks lol. i hope its 1-2 not 6-7. i need a phone now, not in february.

  • Hai Tran

    Working, order goes through with email confirmation 16GB version. Shipping is CA$16.99. Hopefully will get it soon.
    Limit quantity only 0 or 1, can not order more than 1.

  • haxor99

    I wish they had the bumper case available… I don’t want to buy it seperately and have to pay shipping again

  • dodoman

    Have fun getting the phone when they release the nexus 5 🙂

  • mahd

    yeah, just ordered the 16g but have to wait 3-4 weeks for shipping, then say goodbye to my iphone!

  • AYu

    Just put through an order.

  • Philippe

    I am a canadian but currently out of Canada, how can i buy this?

  • Marty

    In BC, including shipping and tax it was $419.07.

  • Jason

    My confirmation says 3-4 weeks. Sucks cause while I had it in my cart it said 1-2 weeks. Oh well.

  • Nexer

    Got one :). They limited it to 1 per customer.

  • haxor99

    7-8 weeks shipping now!

  • nathalav

    Yes got myself one!!! 1-2 weeks confirmed email by Google

  • Code

    Ordered fast and got it while it still said 1-2 weeks. Hopefully that’s all it is!

  • Jas

    Ordered 2. One under my account and the other under my uncle’s.
    My estimated shipping time is 1-2 weeks while his is 3-4 weeks. Purchased from Google Canada in Toronto. Does that mean it will be shipped from Canada?

    Also, the total came up to 429.75$. I live in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Baconeater

    Scored 1-2 weeks!

  • trow

    shipping 7-8 weeks now 🙁

  • SikCee

    7-8 Week wait now!

  • Teddy

    Got mine, shipping estimate at order was 3-4 weeks. Wondering when I’ll get it.

  • ryan

    Got it! I was clicking proceed over and over and it kept faling. Damn you Play store! Finally it went through but I missed the 2 week shipping window, and got bumped to 3-4. Ugh, this is gonna be the longest 3 weeks ever.

  • ky

    Wow… It’s a good start that google restocked N4 for Canadians and everyone so far managed to grab one. However, 7-8 weeks(2 months) shipping…Phone would have already obsoleted by then; a taste of bittersweet feelings.

  • Julio

    Got me a 16 GB. When I placed the order it said it will ship in 1-2 weeks, but the email confirmation stated it will ship in 3-4 weeks. What the hell is wrong with you Google? Why don’t you just say at the beginning that everyone will get their phones in 2 months!

    • Geoff

      You know that 3-4 weeks is not 2 months, right?

    • kris

      google isnt making the phones, blame LG as they need to ramp up production. google is doing what they can selling in batches. as time goes on more units will be available

  • Blair

    I was so close to placing an order for this phone, but seeing shipping times of 7-8 weeks now has made me decide to wait. That way Blackberry will have finally announced BB10 and I can get the phone I want at that point.

  • Geoff

    Wow, and the 8gb is sold out again. Or did it ever go back in stock in the first place? I have to admit that I didn’t even look at it since the 16gb is the only one worth mentioning IMO.

  • Rod

    I have a feeling by the time I get to order one, the nexus 5 will be out.

  • Ed Hark

    For those with those ridiculous shipping times, I read from the first launch and the US re-launch last week that you might actually receive it earlier. Google is just covering their bums in the odd chance you don’t receive it earlier!

  • PhoenixP3K

    Mine got in the 6 to 7 weeks with a purchase around 3:20.

  • paulpoco

    Got my confirmation email at 12:10 pst saying shipping 3-4 weeks.

  • Luke

    Got my hands on a 16GB with 1-2 weeks shipping! All thanks to the nexus 4 app! Best day ever! Hope most of you were able to get one!

  • LeDerp

    Im guessing the earlier you placed the order, the shorter your wait will be. i got 3-4 weeks. but as mentionned elsewhere, there were reports of people getting it sooner than the time announced.

  • Cyrano

    damn, i dont check google or mobilesyrup every single minute….

  • gagan

    shipping 8 weeks now, sucks..

  • GreenTea

    There were no 8GB models on sale today it seemed
    Only the 16GB, also no bumper case

  • new_tradition

    Damn it, I caved. Ordered the 16GB. Even though it said 7-8 weeks ;A;

    I hope the waive the shipping fees, but I doubt it…

    And yet again, no notification email. If I hadn’t come to mobilesyrup this moment, I wouldn’t have known. Though I guess that’s good news about stock-I managed to buy one even 4 hours into the sale.

    • new_tradition

      Owait, it was just an hour. Still better than last.

    • new_tradition

      Oh whoa, egg on my face, I DID recieve an email for the Nexus 4 going on sale today. My bad >.<

  • amir

    Got one at 3:28 but 6-7 weeks for shipping 🙁

  • deltatux

    Got it as well, finally. 7 – 8 weeks wait for shipping though…

  • Hani

    mine says 3-5 business days. I doubt it’s accurate. (Purchased right at 3pm)

    • haxor99

      I think 3-5 days will be accurate for those who got the first batch. They are probably holding these phones at Google Canada on Dundas St. in Toronto. If they sent it out today it would get to you in a day or two.

  • jonny

    Got one finally!!! Tho there were so many errors that my shipping got bumped to 3-4 weeks 🙁

    I had to click the proceed button about 50 times before it actually would proceed.

    At least this time, if you could get past an error, you would stay at that level, not get bumped back to the begining again.

  • Mike

    6-8 weeks for shipping? Yikes, I’ll wait till they have something to sell.

  • iFizzle

    just bought one, I’m getting 10-12 Weeks 0.0

  • skippypaccino

    I was able to grab 2 16gig models. The first will ship in 1 to 2 weeks and the second will ship between 3 to 4 weeks. I win!!! except now my wife wants the first one. 🙁

  • Daniel P

    Got mine order at 12:00:31, hopefully get a quick shipping time hah. I am incredibly excited to get this phone.

  • Home

    completed sale, but 13-16 weeks shipping? comon google!

  • TheOtherSide

    6-8 weeks better than sold out…


    Yes! I will expect to receive mine June 2013! lol. Lets face it Google was more interested in providing hype more then anything and having us nice devoted fan base to focus our attention on this Nexus 4 phone during the Christmas shopping bonanza instead of another competitor (such as Samsung G Note II or LG Optimus G. Their inventory of this thing is next to nil to begin with. But non then less a great deal. Still, Google didn’t provide a good customer experience.

  • DrewVL

    Got mine, ship 1 – 2 weeks 🙂

  • Mike Y.

    Not sure if it’s shipping from Canada… A friend of mine was able to order one from the initial release and it shipped from Kentucky USA. Your credit card was billed in Toronto but it may be coming from the States.

  • Alex

    got my Nexus 16 GB at 3:01, shipping in 1-2 weeks. Shipping is 17$ however , i bit pricey but i should get it a day after it ships.

  • rich

    going…going…gone (again)

  • haxor99

    Site shows they are sold out again!!!

  • Greg

    Ordered mine at exactly 12 p.m. PST when it went on sale. Shipping is 3 to 4 weeks. Can’t wait!

  • Randy

    got mine. Ordered at 3:04 and shipping in 1-2 weeks

  • Uncle Bobby B

    Was able to buy the 16 gig Nexus 4, it’s gonna take a while for shipping but at least, now I got this part over with 😛

  • Winston Bull

    Talked to a lady at google after my first order was cancelled due to Google not shipping to P.O. Boxes (Doh!). Was at 1-2 weeks for first order. Second time I got the order through it was 5-6 weeks.

    Lady said that between my first time ordering and my second time ordering there were approx. 83,000 orders for the 16 gb version. That’s a period of 5 minutes folks. Wow. That’s demand.

  • Jasper

    JUST WHEN I GET HOME…Sold out 🙁

  • Markk

    ahhh f*** this bs. The only freakin day i failed to check for availability because i was forced to go down for a University project. Here i am now 30 minutes late cause it’s sold out.

    Seriously, F this cause it’s a pisser. Guess it’s best to wait for an other phone release and i’ll stay yet again with the HTC Desire

  • screamer

    What happened if you have to work? So the shipping time is 10-12 weeks? Than the galaxy s4 will be out to kids some a!@ !!!! But even the iPhone only have 1-2 weeks. Wow nexus sells good. Still a galaxy fan.

  • Woodwork

    I sold my GNex for this device about 4 weeks ago. Have been trying and trying. I am sick of this B.S that google is pulling. screw Nexus 4. Google screwed up big time. This is pathetic, and when u get the device, it has many issues.

    Gonna get Galaxy Note 2..

    • DJ

      I’m shifting from iOS over to Android with this device because it’s pure Android, but I don’t understand why people think it’s of any concern to Google that you’re going to buy another Android device. If you really wanted to impact them, wouldn’t you get an iOS or WP8 device?

      The only way that getting an Android phone other than the Nexus really hurts Google is that you’re telling the carriers that you’d rather go into a contract with them than wait for the phone, thereby weakening Google’s attack on the carriers that they’ve been promising since the Nexus One.

  • Josh

    mine 1-2 weeks shipping bought it at 3:05

  • Carlo

    YAY!!! Managed to get one through the process, since the first one didn’t land in my cart. Now to wait the 1 to 2 weeks. Got my fingers crossed that it’s even sooner, since i count battery time on my two year old phone in minutes. 🙂

  • Android user

    Got an email from Google Play store that my credit card won’t be charged until the phone ships. In it Google says it’ll be 7-8 weeks till the phone ships.

    However, I just checked my online CC a few minutes after placing the order, and Google already charged me the whole amount for phone and shipping.


    • DJ

      It’s possible that your card company is just putting a hold on the funds as a pre-authorization technique. This sometimes happens at gas stations or in restaurants.

  • Tiago

    i had the option to buy a few hours ago but with 7-8 weeks shipping i decided not to

  • KyoKeun

    YAY! Finally bought one for myself! CELEBRATION EVERYONE 😀

  • Jeff

    By the time I am able to order one I could probably order the next nexus device.

  • TheOtherSide

    I actually got a notification mail (at 10:30 PST) this time but I missed it; I saw that the Nexus 4 was available by checking mobilesyrup first.

  • Johnny

    I hesitated for some reason before clicking confirm…..and BAM! 6 weeks…fml

  • Baconeater

    Anybody notice that some people are being charged for the full amount upfront and some will be charged when the item ships? What’s up with that?

    • Carlo

      Have to wonder what credit card these people have. None of my cards post the transactions online instantly. Personally, I think they’re full of BS.

  • rantnrave

    Second week in and I’m loving my Samsung Galaxy Nexus! Yep, you read that right; it’s a beautiful device.

    I actually got the gmail today around noon, went in right at 3:00 and it was available. I checked about 3 times about 5 mins. apart til about 3:15 when it was up to 6-7 weeks delivery.

    I simply had no interest any longer! Funny thing. However, it was fun to watch. Hmmm…

    • Carrefour

      How do you get on Google’s email list to be notified when they’re going on sale?

  • daredeshouka

    Yes I bought, so no need to win the contest anymore, but it wouldn’t hurt 😛

  • gg

    if it takes 2 months to ship im NOT buying it.
    will get s3 instead for christmas

  • Jeremie

    For those being charged the full amount, check back tomorrow or in a couple of days and the charge will be gone if it is a similar process to the Nexus 7 orders.

    They charged my credit card the full amount when I ordered the Nexus 7 then refunded it shortly after, then charged me again when it shipped.

  • Mark

    No LTE no buy

  • Mark Ciesluk

    3:06PM 16G 1-2 weeks 😀 thanks Mobilesyrup for the heads up!

  • Blinke One

    Can someone just manage the supply chain PLEASE. It is no wonder LG has such a low marketshare, next time G pick Samy-samsung.

    • Carlo

      I am SO GLAD that Google went with anyone OTHER than Samsung this time around.

  • el

    I am windows phone user, I do not like android or apple, but this seems really some kind off jokes when it comes to order a phone it get sold out within minutes. How many did they have in stock 100 or 200???? seriously just think about how many they were there???

    look at this:
    Update #2: Shipping has already changed 5 minutes in… now 3-4 weeks.
    Update #3: 6 minutes in, shipping has slipped to 5 – 6 weeks.
    Update #4: 10 minutes in… Nexus 4 16GB has a shipping date between 6 – 7 weeks.
    Update #5: Going strong now for 40 minutes, shipping is a long 7 – 8 weeks.
    Update #6: 5pm and the Nexus 4 is once again sold out.

    • Jeremy

      They sold 83,000 in 5 minutes alone. There’s physical limits to how fast these things can be made and shipped. Relax.

  • Paul

    It’s not sold out now.

  • Paul

    Grabbed a 16GB unit at 345pm EST and was given a shipping time of 7 to 8 weeks.

  • Frank

    YAY! Thanks MobileSyrup, I missed the email but knew thanks to ur post. Sucessfully ordered the 16GB at around 3:04pm (from my Nexus 7 in class) took a bunch of refreshes and like 30 clicks on the “proceed” button before it let me thru, but I got it!! woo!

    Bye Bye Galaxy S2 i9100, it’s been a slice.

  • Phyllis

    By the time I found out about this, they were sold out again.

    How can I be notified in advance of the next time they go on sale in Canada?

  • Eric

    I also was to purchase one @ 3:06pm and luckily everything was working properly as the entire purchase was made on an iPhone!!! Like other people I had to click the Proceed button more than 15 times in order to checkout successfully!

  • simian

    DAMMIT. I *just* went to sleep when the store opened. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.

  • kevin

    well by the time the phone is finally back in stock, the Nexus 5 will be out. LOL

  • Hello

    I guess I am one of the few who had a relatively smooth purchase. My order went through at 3:03PM. I was already prepared. I set up my Google Wallet account in advance. I only had to do 1 time refresh as well.I also got 1-2 weeks shipping time.

  • Cornelius Talmidge

    Got one!!! Yes! 1-2 weeks
    I wonder if that actually truly is supposed to mean 1-2 weeks *for me*; or if that’s fluctuating just like the timeframe did as the minutes went by

  • Joshua Richards

    got mine!

  • wmchen

    So I ordered my N4 on the day it was released, and on the 27th of Nov, I got a shipping confirmation. UPS says it would have been delivered today. I waited all day long, but no one came to my door. At 7pm MST, I decided to track my package. UPS site tells me that my package was delivered at 6:09, left at the front door by the driver. I literally ran to my door because I was so excited! I looked for it every…. my phone was no where to be found. So I call UPS to ask what’s up. they said to call Google. I called Google. They said they’ll call UPS to see what’s up. Google rep tells me I’m gonna get a refund if they find out that it was lost/ stolen.

    The thing is, I don’t want my money back… I want a N4!
    Google rep basically said that I’d have to wait until the N4 went back on sale and buy it then.

    tl;dr: UPS lost my phone/ facilitated it’s theft. I have to wait another month for an N4

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    I successfully placed an order this afternoon. After some thought, I decided to cancel my order just few minutes ago. Reason, because I am pretty sure I will drop the phone one day and the glass back will shatter. so I don’t want to waste $393.94 on a brand new phone with broken glass.

    I have a brand new Galaxy S2 that I got for ~$190 so that is a way better deal.

    Also, I don’t want to encourage Google to make stupidly designed phones. From which genius they took the idea of putting more glass on a phone? It just does not make sense. If it was trasparent and shows electronics inside or it can be used like a scanner, then that would make sense, but for looks! no thank you. Also, If I got it, it would mean I support their design. I don’t so I made my point. I will keep my money.

    I am sure there will be lots of people here (Idiots) that will say I am a moron and I that I wasted a great phone or I could have sold it… I don’t think this effort is worth the $100 profit on it I potentially may make. I checked prices on Kijiji/eBay. and I am sure prices will drop after 3 weeks from the influx of phones to the market. Also, I don’t want to feel guilty selling a crap phone to some one.

    So Google, uoy kcuf
    For people that think I like Apple, uoy kcuf Apple
    For people that think I like Microsoft, uoy kcuf Microsoft
    For the administrator that will delete my post, uoy kcuf
    For the people that will give me a thumbs down, go ahead, thank you, I don’t care

  • Benjamin

    Will someone please tell me how to sign up for the notifications of when it is going to be on sale again. Or do they only send them to press?

  • g2

    Anyone who’s giving up on the N4 and would like to purchase the Galaxy S3? I have a brand new untouch galaxy s3 if anyone is interested. Located in Scarborough 🙂

  • ImjustJealous.

    For someone like “GlassBackBadIdea” to write dumb comments like that, one can clearly imply jealous. I honestly don’t believe this guy ‘actually’ ordered the Nexus 4, probably got too pissed that it sold out. Beauty comes at a cost, what makes you think the glass iphone is so popular? Simply cause it’s pretty though they easily shatter. Hey, Im not an apple fan nor google but I’d rather have a premium feeling phone than the traditional plastic(samsung; I had the galaxy s2, k?)phone, and I take good care of my phones.

  • 2ezzz

    Lol this was too ez. I was so prepared for this after i received the email. i was sleeping, the email notification woke me up. I jumped and turned on my computer, warmed up my fingers, then opened up chrome along with firefox; dual browsers for maximum efficiency(in case one gets unresponsive). refreshed over 500x in 30mins and grabbed the N4 within 5mins that will be shipped in 1 week. This all ended when i realize i was Just A Dream. kidding, it was real 😛

  • ActivesiN

    Got a 16gb with 1-2 week shipping 😀

  • gg

    GG, feel sad for those 7-8 weeks people….NOTT!

  • s

    Why google so sneaky!? Damn you googies!!!

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    To: ImjustJealous.

    Not I am not jealous. I ordered one today and I cancelled it same day. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, not trying to convince anyone. And for what? to wait four weeks for a phone with a glass back that will shatter if you drop it? Tell me what is it sooo special about the nexus 4? is it because it is unlocked? So what? or cause it cost me $393 to buy? you think that is cheap? no it is not. Heck even if I wanted one, I can get one for $450, which is ~$60 premium over the original price. I guarantee you you can get one at that price for the 16GB one on Kijiji or eBay, and lower in 4 weeks when there will be a flood of them and dumb people like you will realize that there is nothing beautiful about a broken a*s phone. so screw you and screw Google and LG. I hope you drop your phone and break the glass so I laugh at your dumb a*s

    • Mark

      Uhhgg, no you didn’t, you can’t cancel it the same day. Google has explicitly stated that they can’t cancel the order until the shipping label has been created, and by then it is gone so all you can do is refuse delivery. Spin another one.

  • Pierre J.

    Got the nexus4 at 3:03pm !
    For once, I was lucky enough.

    I wanted the 8G but only the 16G was available.
    I won’t complain.

  • Chris

    I ended up cancelling my purchase. I want one, but I don’t need one now. I’ll wait until stock availability is better.

  • Imjustjealous

    First of all, kijiji/craigslist= mostly secondhand, no warantee,full of scams and good luck when your phone’s hardware fails. Last but not least, if you’re one of those clumsy one that tend to drop your phones a lot; stick with dumb phones with plastic front and back. Seems to suit you well, perhaps plastic screen too Lol.

  • Sean

    At the rate Google seems to be able to keep up with demand, the nexus 5 will be released before they ship the nexus 4. I really want one, but with the lack of instant gratification, my intrest is becoming frustration.

  • Yassine

    i got my 16GB 1or2 weeks shiping at 3h04pm

  • viren

    What is Shipping Cost and Tax in Canada On top of the Price Tag of 359$

    • Eric

      It was 16.99 for shipping, the tax depends on the province you live in or are ordering from.

  • GlassBackBadIDea

    Mark, I cancelled it same day, after like 8 hours. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I actually saw the same warning and I thought I am screwed I can’t cancel the order, but I clicked cancel and within two minutes I received two emails from goolge saying order was cancelled and that I will not be charged, so I was happy about that. I don’t want stupid designed product by stupid people from Google, thank you very much. Bunch of inbred i****s in Palo Alto. you people are i****s. NOTHING IS SPECIAL ABOUT NEXUS 4. you i****s are doing exaclty what those Apple i****s do when a new iphone comes out. they buy it blindly just because it is the latest.

    and for that i***t “ImjustJealous”, I will not try to reason with you, you are obviously a moron. I hope you ordered a phone cause I know it will break on your sorry a*s.

  • Alex

    I purchased the Nexus 4 and i got an email saying the estimated ship time is 1-2 weeks and that my credit card wont be charged till it ships. However i just checked and my credit card was charged does that mean that it shipped?

  • hahah

    HAHAHAHA people that went for the 7-8 weeks N4 will probably get it in 4 months instead of 2. Why? Evil backorders WAHAHAHAHA.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Alex, it means you got screwed. Buwahahahahahahhaha

    Suckaaaa, hope you break that shitty glass phone

  • tman

    So happy to get my order in and to know it’s coming eventually and that I don’t have to have to the death to get one.

  • MissingAThumb

    Thumbs up if you think I deserve one(I’m a girl, please be gentle). 🙂

  • GlassBackbadIdea

    Im gey and Im proud. Im one of a kind, sucka!

  • technathan

    Sold out AGAIN in less than a day? Very glad I went for a One X+…

  • Kathy

    OMG. Missed it!!!

  • Nexus 4 for sale

    Mine will arrive in a week or so, anyone interested? $600. Preorder from me, i guarantee you’ll get it sooner than google 🙂

  • spicytofu

    anyone that got 1-2 week estimate receive notification theirs shipped yet? Supposedly the UK shipments have already been sent out, even with 5-6 waiting times.

    • Nathalie

      Nothing yet!!! 1-2 weeks and order still at pending status
      Will it ship from Toronto or United States?

  • cplus

    My first android phone, I can’t wait for mine to arrive. 😀

  • Paul Q

    3-4 weeks, still not shipped 🙁

  • Kurt

    Just got notice today that my N4 has shipped.