HTC 8S accessories find a spot in Bell’s inventory system


  • Sean

    Glad to see this coming out in Canada. Though I was hoping that telus would see more then one windows phone device.

    • EvanKr

      What do you mean more than one? TELUS will also be carrying the ATIV sometime in the near future.

  • mmm

    this news is HUGE

  • doug

    I already have my 8x. Such a great phone. Needs some more apps but in time.

  • Al

    Loving the mark up on the items…

    $3 turns into $20!

  • Keith

    Not interested Bell–where is the Lumia 920 you amateurs.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    basically an article about nothing…

  • Len

    I get for most of us its Highend/flagship devices or nothing, but what I think most of us forget is that the majority of people don’t buy flagship devices…

    Yes I personally use a 920, but at the same time I am always on this site…

    My mom or my sister… they would never need a 920 or 8x… The 820 or 8s would be perfect for my mom…

    Mid range phone is where the majority of people buy there phones.

  • jefflw

    If the 8x superphone is $0 how much is this phone going to be?

  • bilzkh

    Most Windows Phone users (24%) are on the Lumia 710, a solid mid-range device, and 16% are on the 610 (low-end). It’s clear that the pick-up for Windows Phone is in the low and mid-range segment, much more so than high-end.

    IMO the HTC 8S and Lumia 82x-series should be cheaper, e.g. $300 and $350 tops, respectively.